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Bod-Inc: J-042

Jacobus de Voragine

Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia. With texts relating to Marian feasts as J‑041, but with a different collection of the legends.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] ‘Prologus'. ed. Graesse, 1-2.

[a2v] ‘Incipiunt capitula feliciter. De tempore renouationis'. [Table of contents.]

[a4r] Jacobus de Voragine: Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia. ed. Graesse, nos i–xiv (ending imperfectly), xv–xlvii, xlix–lxiii, lxv, lxvii–lxx, lxxii–lxxxiv, lxxxvi, lxxxv, lxxxvii–xciii, xciv (with additional section on the name), xcvi, xcv, xcvii–cxxxi, cxxxiv–cxxxviii, cxxxii, cxxxix, cxxxiii, cxl–clxxxii (ending imperfectly).

[T1r] [Additional legends.] ‘Sequuntur festiuitates et legende adiuncte post Hystorie Lombardice finem'.’ ed. Graesse, nos ccxvii–ccxviii, ccxiv, clxxxiii, cxcv.

[T7v] Bonifacius IX, Pont. Max.: ‘Tenor bulle per Bonifacium Papam 9 transmisse ad diuersas mundi partes super festo visitationis beate Marie virginis ad Elizabeth'.’ Bulla ‘Superni benignitas conditoris' [9 Nov. 1389]. MBR 4, 602-4.

[V1r] Beda: Sermo. Incipit: ‘Beata dei genitrix virgo semper Maria templum domini sacrarium . . .’

[V2v] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, nos cxciii–cxciv, clxxxiv–clxxxv.

[V7v] Paulus II, Pont. Max.: ‘De festo presentacionis Marie ad templum in Iherusalem'.’ Bulla ‘Rationi congruit et conuenit' [16 Sept. 1464]. Incipit: ‘[P]aulus episcopus seruus seruorum dei ad futuram rei memoriam. Rationi congruit et conuenit honestati vt ea que . . .’

[V8r] Paulus II, Pont. Max.: ‘Bulla indulgentiarum prefati festi' [21 Jan. 1464].’ Incipit: ‘Paulus episcopus seruus seruorum dei . . . Ad id maxime versatur nostra intentio vt . . .’

[V8v] Adolphus, Archiepiscopus Mogonciacensis: ‘Institutio huius festi' [30 Aug. 1468].’ Incipit: ‘Adolfus dei gratia sancte Maguntine sedis archiepiscopus . . . rei memoriam. Ex specialis deuotionis affectu quam ad inclitam propugnatricem . . .’

[X1r] ‘De eodem festo'. Incipit: ‘Que est illa puella mater et virgo semper Maria . . .’

[X3r] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, nos clxxxvi–clxxxviii.

[X7v] ‘De sancta Barbara'. Incipit: ‘Temporibus Maximiani imperatoris erat quidam satrapa nomine Dyoscorus . . .’

[Y1r] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, no. clxxxix (part).

[Y4r] Anselmus [S. pseudo-: Extracts from Tractatus de conceptione Mariae virginis.] PL CLIX 301-5.

[Y4v] ‘Ex decreto concilii Basiliensis'. Incipit: ‘Sacrosancta generalis synodus Basiliensis in spiritu sancto legittime congregata . . . Elucidantibus gratie diuine misteria mercedem gloriosam repromisit . . .’

[Y5r] [Additional legends.] ed. Graesse, nos clxxxix (part)–cxc.

[Z1r] ‘Incipit tabula super legendas sanctorum secundum ordinem alphabeti collecta. Et primo premittitur prologus qui ostendit modum reperiendi materias contentas in diuersis locis huius voluminis'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam sicut dicit Ysidorus in libro De summo bono ad conuersationem et correctionem . . .’

[Z1v] [Subject index]. Incipit: ‘[A]bscondita diuinitus manifestantur. Legenda 82 capitulo B. In principio . . .’


Imprint: Ulm: Johann Zainer, [not after 1478]. Folio.

Remarks: A copy in the Newberry Library, Chicago, contains the date ‘1478' in a contemporary hand (see Goff).


Collation: [a–s10.8 t8 v–z A–Q10.8 R10 S12 T–Y8 Z6 aa8].


ISTC: ij00091000

Hain: C 6390;

Goff: Goff J‑91;

BMC: BMC II 529;

Proctor: Pr 2538;

Others: BSB‑Ink I‑71; CIBN J‑70; Oates; Pellechet, ‘Voragine', no. 67; Sack, Freiburg, 1974; Seyboldt no. 23; Sheppard 1812.

LCN: 14438720


Copy number: J-042(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [a1].

On [a4r]: ‘Incipiunt . . .'.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards; four corner-pieces and a central boss from each cover, and two clasps and catches lost. On both covers quadruple fillets form an intersecting double frame; within the outer is a repeated large rosette stamp and a lozenge-shaped lamb-and-flag stamp (Weale–Taylor pl. xix, no. 1); within the inner frame is a repeated foliate stamp. Quadruple fillets form the inner rectangle which is divided by further quadruple fillets into triangular compartments with a fleuron and a small flower-petal stamp. For a binding with similar stamps see Weale–Taylor no. 247.

Size: 301 × 200 × 102 mm.

Size of leaf: 288 × 185 mm.

Early marginal notes, including comments on the text, and pointing hands.

Two-line initials, some with extensions into the margins, are supplied in red, in gatherings [Z] and [aa] only; paragraph marks, some with extensions into the margins, running-numbers of legends, capital strokes, and underlining are supplied in red.

Provenance: Seemannshausen, Bavaria, Augustinian Hermits, S. Maria Magdalena; two inscriptions on [a2r] in seventeenth-century(?) hands: ‘Conuentus Seemanshusani ordinis Erem[itarum] s[ancti] p[atris] Augustini'; ‘Ad conuentum Seemanshusanum'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Dpl' in pencil on the front pastedown. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892; not found in Catalogus (1843), with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 4.13.

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