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Bod-Inc: J-073

Jacobus de Voragine

Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia [Italian] Legendario di Sancti.


Analysis of Content

a1v ‘Prologo.’ Incipit: ‘[E]l se distingue tuttol tempo in quatro parte ouer tempi . . .’ Following ed. Graesse, 1-2.

a2r Jacobus de Voragine: Legendario di Sancti. Translated by Niccolò Malerbi. Following ed. Graesse, nos i–ii, ccii (ending imperfectly), iii, clxxxix, iv–xlv, ccxiv, xlvi–xlvii, xlix–li, liii–lxiii, lxv, lxvii–lxx, lxxii–cv, cvii–cxix, ccxxxvi, cxx–cxxiii, ccxiii, cxxiv–cxxxi, cxxxiv–cxxxviii, cxxxii, cxxxix, cxxxiii, cxl–clxxxii, ccxix, cxcv, ccxxii, ccxxxi. ‘Zenone' and ‘Syro' inserted between clxxxix and iv; ‘Come fu trasferito el corpo del(!) sancta lucia virgine in venetia' inserted between iv and v; ‘Mauro abbate' between xix and xx; ‘Ioseph' (the text differs considerably from ccxxv) between ccxiv and xlvi; ‘De la translatione del corpo del beato marco euangelista' between lxii and lxiii; ‘Antonio confessore del ordine minore' between lxxxii and lxxxiii; ‘Romualdo confessore' between lxxxvi and lxxxvii; ‘Vigilio' between lxxxvii and lxxxviii; ‘Paterniano' and ‘Hermacora et Fortunato' between xcii and xciii; ‘Panthaleone martyre' between ci and cii; ‘Fantino' and ‘Alberto' between cv and cvii; ‘Maria dala neue' between cxii and cxiii; ‘Helena madre di constantino imperator' and ‘Ludouico episcopo et confessor' between ccxxxvi and cxx; ‘Zacharia padre de sancto Ioanne Baptista' between cxxx and cxxxi; ‘Lucia Geminiano et Eufemina', ‘Reparata', and ‘Miniato et compagni' between cxxxiv and cxxxv; ‘Petronio', ‘Magno', and ‘Iustina patauina martyre et virgine' between cxlix and cl; ‘Gaudentio episcopo et martyre' between clxi and clxii; ‘Santissima Trinita', ‘Tractato composto a honor et gloria del corpo et sangue del saluator nostro iesu christo', ‘Spinea corona del signore', ‘Sabba abbate', ‘Basso', ‘Proculo', ‘Stephano prete', ‘Columba', ‘Simeone propheta', ‘Fosca', ‘Ioseph' (the text differs considerably from ccxxv), ‘Nicheto', ‘Athanasio', ‘Iob', ‘Ubaldo', ‘Liberale', ‘Canciano' inserted between clxxxii and ccxix; ‘Iohanne' between ccxix and cxcv; ‘Abdon et Senen', ‘Transfiguratione del nostro saluatore', ‘Antonino', ‘Victore et Stephana', ‘Ianuario', ‘Terentio', ‘Maximo', ‘Archangelo Raphaele', ‘Prodocimo', ‘Parisio del ordine calmadolense', ‘historia del volto sancto di luca descripta per lebonio diacono' inserted between ccxxii and ccxxxi; ‘del beato laurentio iustiniano primo patriarcha de venetia' and ‘Nicolao da tolentino' inserted after ccxxxi. Racconti esemplari di predicatori del Due e Trecento, ed. G. Varanini and G. Baldassarri, 3 vols, I novellieri italiani, 4 (Rome, 1993), I 27-686, based on this edition of the text, with the exclusion of the ‘Venetian' additions introduced by Malerbi; see at 693-4 the criteria for the selection of the lives. On this edition in particular see V. Marucci, ‘Manoscritti e stampe antiche della ‘Legenda Aurea' di Iacopo da Varagine volgarizzata', Filologia e Critica, 5 (1980), 30-50, at 41-2.

dd6r Malerbi, Niccolò: [Letter addressed to all pious Catholic people.] Incipit: ‘[L]a summa charita et beniuolentia con laqual tutte le catholice et deuote mente . . .’ See J‑072.

dd6v ‘Tauola de tuttol libro per ordine di mese in mese'.


Imprint: Venice: Octavianus Scotus, 23 June 1481. Folio.


Collation: a b10 c–e8 f10 g–o8 p q6 r–z [et] [con] [rum] aa8 bb cc6 dd8.

Types: Types: 160 G, 75 G.

Leaves: 238 leaves.

Line number: 58 lines (a2r).

Type area: Type area: 215 ×151 mm (a2r).


ISTC: ij00176000

Hain: CR 6499;

Goff: Goff J‑176;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: CIBN J‑118; Pellechet, ‘Voragine', no. 133; Seyboldt no. 164; Sheppard 3633.

LCN: 14499071


Copy number: J-073(1)

Wanting dd8 containing the register.

Binding: Modern parchment stamped in gilt with the crest of J. P. R. Lyell (a dexter hand holding a sword erect, emerging from a torse) on both covers; marbled pastedowns; bound by J. Hains, London.

Size: 286 × 192 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 278 × 185 mm.

Inscription on a1r: ‘Adi' 18 di lugo 1587'. Manuscript foliation 1-237 on the upper right-hand corner of the rectos in a seventeenth/eighteenth(?)-century hand. Bibliographical notes on the book on the recto of the front endleaf in black ink, in Lyell's hand.

On a2r a 19-line initial is supplied in blue, green, and red on a gold ground (much damaged). A few other initials in brown ink.

Provenance: James Patrick Ronaldson Lyell (1871-1949); large white paper book-plate, with crest and motto, with the name heavily erased, but supplied in pencil below; see Lyell's own 'Handlist of Incunabula', Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. d. 2413, fol. 28r (the handlist is datable to the period when Lyell lived in Hampstead, so before 1927). Francis Edward Norris (1885-1966). Presented by Norris in 1952: see BLR 4, 3 (1952), 174.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. I4.1481.6.

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