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Bod-Inc: J-100

Johannes XXI, Pont. Max.

Summulae logicales (comm. Georgius Bruxellensis, ed. Thomas Bricot).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.] ‘Expositio Georgii super Summulis magistri Petri Hyspani'.

a1v [Letter addressed to] ‘N.’ Incipit: ‘Tue mihi sunt reddite littere mi .N. humanitatis et beniuolentie plene . . .’

a2r ‘Prohemium.’ Incipit: ‘Expositio diui magistri Georgii . . . textus magistri Petri Hispani: nuper opera magistri Thome Bricot emendata incipit. [C]irca initium Summularum magistri Petri Hyspani . . .’

a3r Petrus Hispanus [Johannes XXI, Pont. Max.]: Summulae logicales. Incipit: ‘[D]yalectica est ars artium scientia scientiarum . . .’

a3r Georgius Bruxellensis: Commentum. Edited by Thomas Bricot. Incipit: ‘Circa hunc textum notandum est primo quod iste terminus dyalectica capitur dupliciter . . .’ The commentary alternates with lemmata of the text. See Mullally no. 98.

G3r Quaedam sophismata. Incipit: ‘[V]iso de proprietatibus paruorum logicalium practicanda sunt queadam sophismata ut prius dicta appareant lucidiora. Et sit prima sophisma tale: Omnis asinus hominis currit . . .’


Imprint: Paris: Andre Bocard for De Marnef, 29 Aug. 1491. 4°.


Collation: a–d8 e6 f–q8 r6 s–v8 A–G8 H6.

Types: Types: 92 G, 64 G. Capital spaces.

Leaves: 218 leaves.

Line number: 31 lines of text and headline; 2 columns (a7v).

Type area: Type area: 143 (151) ×93 mm (a7v).

Remarks: Leaf a1r, title: ‘Expoſitio Georgii ſuper ſum/ | mulis magiſtri Petri hyſpani.'; a1v: ‘¶ Tue mihi ſūt reddite lr̄e mi. N. hūanitatis [et] beniuolētie plene . . .'; a2r: ‘Expoſitio diui magiſtri | Georgii preſtantiſſimi no | minaliū opinionuƺ recita | toris interpretis et expoſi | toris textus magiſtri petri | hiſpani: nuper opera ma/ | giſtri Thome bricot emē | data Incipit.'; H6r, colophon: ‘¶ Expoſitio magr̄i Georgij ſu[per] | ſūmulas Petri hyſpani vna cū qui | buſdā queſtionibus in fine cuiuſuis | tractatus addit': nouiſſime [per] magi= | ſtrum Thomā bricot ſacre theolo= | gie feſſorē diligēter examīata: Pa | riſiuſqƺ 4° kalend' ſeptembris. An= | no 1491. ad finem [per] ducta feliciter | Finit.'; H6v: device of Marnef (Polain, Marques, no. 133a).


ISTC: ij00236376

Proctor: Pr 8150;

Others: Sheppard 6382-3.

LCN: 14878622


Copy number: J-100(1)

Bound with B‑555; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 197 × 137 mm.

Leaves c3-6 and e3,4 transposed in binding.

Three- to seven-line initials are supplied in red with reserved white decoration. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q 7.58(1).

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