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Bod-Inc: J-111

Johannes Canonicus

Quaestiones in Physica Aristotelis.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Prologue.] Incipit: ‘  “[V]enite ad me omnes qui laboratis et a generationibus meis adimplebo uos”. Ecclesistici. c. 3. [Sir 24,26.] Quos et quantos fructus scientiarum noticia et cognitio . . .’

a1v Johannes Canonicus: Quaestiones in Physica Aristotelis. Incipit: ‘[U]trum substancia finita in suo conceptu communi . . .’ Part of book 8 is edited in Quaestiones de universalibus magistrorum Crathorn, anonymi O. F. M., Ioannis Canonici, ed. Johannes Kraus, Opuscula et textus historiam ecclesiae eiusque vitam atque doctrinam illustrantia. Series scholastica 18 (Münster, 1937), 57-63; see Lohr, 26 (1970), 183-4, no. 1. The authorship is ascribed to Petrus Casuelis, Franciscan, in the explicits of the first ([k7r]) and second book ([n8v]) of ‘quaestiones'; at the end of book 8.

[B8r] [First colophon.] ‘Expliciunt questiones super octo libris Phisicorum Aristotelis doctoris prudentissimi fratris Iohannis Canonici ordinis fratrum minorum'.

[B8v] [Utrum creaturae potuerunt esse ab eterno.] Incipit:`Quantum ad secundum articulum hic erat uidendum . . . At the end ([C3r]) Johannes Mabres [= Johannes Canonicus] is described as compiler of the whole work: ‘et sic finit questio et per consequens totum opus questionum phi[si]corum compilatum a domino Iohanne Marbr[e]s [ma]gistro in artibus Tholose et canonico Dertusensis qui natione fuit Cathalanus'.

[C3v] [Table of contents.]

[C4r] [Second colophon.] ‘Expliciunt questiones profundissimi doctoris Iohannis Canonici ordinis minorum super octo libris phisicorum Aristotelis Padue impresse.i.4.7.5o die.z.5 mensis aprilis.’


Imprint: Padua: [Bonus Gallus], 25 Apr. 1475. Folio.

Remarks: Pr and IGI assign to [Albertus de Stendal].


Collation: a–b10 c [d–m8 n6 o–x8 y10 z A B8 C4].

Remarks: Signatures stamped far down in the lower margin. The first three gatherings signed a–c; the 14th, 16th–19th signed i, l–o.


ISTC: ij00262000

Hain: H *4344;

Goff: Goff J‑262;


Proctor: Pr 6785;

Others: BSB‑Ink I‑335; Rhodes 1007; Sheppard 5592-3.

LCN: 14496894


Copy number: J-111(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century brown russia. Title along the upper edge.

Size: 304 × 202 × 48 mm.

Size of leaf: 295 × 195 mm.

Marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, by the rubricator in red ink and in another early hand. A few early manuscript signatures in the lower right-hand corner of the rectos.

Four- to six-line initials are supplied in red or blue with blue or red pen-work decoration. Other initials and underlining of chapter headings are supplied in red, paragraph marks in red or blue, up to [h5r], and [B8v] to [C1r] only.

Provenance: Regensburg, Bavaria, Augustinian Hermits, S. Salvator, S. Nicolaus Tolentinus; inscription on a1r: ‘Conuentus Ratisponensis Ordinis Eremitani Sancti Augustini' and ‘Ad Augustinenses Ratis.' Anonymous sale (London: Sotheby and Son, 24 Feb. 1834), lot 251; purchased for £1. 0. 0; see Books Purchased (1834), 6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 2.33.

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