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Bod-Inc: J-162

Johannes de Hese

Itinerarium per diversas mundi partes.


Analysis of Content

a2r Johannes de Hese: Itinerarium per diversas mundi partes. Zarncke, Der Priester Johannes, Zweite Abhandlung, enthaltend Capitel IV, V und VI, 162-71. Reprint: Der Priester Johannes (Hildesheim and New York, 1980). Scott Douglas Westrem, ‘A Critical Edition of Johannes Witte de Hese's “Itinerarius”, the Middle Dutch Text, an English Translation, and Commentary, together with an Introduction to European Accounts of Travel to the East (1240-1400)', Diss. Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., 1985.

b1r Divisiones decem nationum totius Christianitatis. Incipit: ‘[N]otandum quod gentes christianorum diuiduntur in decem nationes . . . Prima natio est Latinorum . . .’ Extracts in Zarncke, Der Priester Johannes, Zweite Abhandlung, enthaltend Capitel IV, V und VI, 178.

b2v Johannes Soldanus: Epistola Johannis soldani ad Pium II papam. Wilhelm Wattenbach, ‘Fausse correspondance du sultan avec Clément V', Archives de l'Orient latin, 2 (1888), 297-303, at 299-300. The anonymous letter is adressed to Pope Pius II in this edition, but must have been written at least a century earlier, as it is transmitted in MSS of the late 14th century; see Wattenbach, 298. In this edition the allusion to ‘Philippus [IV] rex Francorum' has been modernized and now reads ‘Karolus [VII] rex Francorum'.

b3v Pius II, Pont. Max. [pseudo-]: Epistola responsoria eiusdem Pii pape ad soldanum. Wattenbach 301-3. The letter is falsely ascribed to Pope Pius II (see above), probably because of the similar Epistola ad Mahumetem composed by the pope, which was first published in print in Cologne: Ulrich Zell 1469/70; see Douce 83(2), Bod-inc. P‑311. Later editions add a response by sultan Morbisanus ([Rome: Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck, c.1477], see BL IA 18101), which is not identical with the preceding letter in this edition.

c1r Johannes Presbyter: Epistola presbiteri Johannis. Friedrich Zarncke, Der Priester Johannes, Erste Abhandlung, enthaltend Capitel I, II und III, Abhandlungen der Philologisch-Historischen Classe der Königlich Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, 7 / Abhandlungen der Königlich Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, 17 (Leipzig, 1879), 909-24; repr. in Der Priester Johannes (Hildesheim and New York, 1980). Recension C. On the transmission of the text see Bettina Wagner, Die ‘Epistola presbiteri Johannis' lateinisch und deutsch. Überlieferung, Textgeschichte Rezeption und Übertragungen im Mittelalter mit bisher unedierten Texten, Münchener Texte und Untersuchungen zur deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters, 115 (Tübingen, 2000), esp. 150-8, 174-83, with the printed editions also discussed at 321-44.

c5r De adventu patriarchae Indorum. Zarncke 837-43.

d1v [Jacobus Philippus de Bergamo]: Supplementum chronicarum (appendix as in edition Venice: Bernardinus Benalius, 15 Dec. 1486). See J‑089.

d5r Alius tractatus de situ et dispositione ac statu Indie. Incipit: ‘[I]ndia orientalis est regio alia dicta sic ab indo flumine . . .’


Imprint: [Cologne: Cornelis de Zierikzee, before 1499]. 4°.

Remarks: As dated by Wagner; BSB‑Ink and Sheppard date [c.1500].


Collation: a6 b4 c d6.


ISTC: ih00145000

Hain: HC *8535;

Goff: Goff H‑145;

BMC: BMC I 308;

Proctor: Pr 1497;

Others: BSB‑Ink I‑437; Sheppard 1108; Voulliéme, Köln, 544; Wagner, Die ‘Epistola presbiteri Johannis’, 140-1, no. 6(6). Microfiche: Unit 6: Image of the World, Travellers' Tales.

LCN: 14487207


Copy number: J-162(1)

Wanting the blank leaf d6.

Binding: Ninetenth-century brown morocco for Bywater; his initials stamped in gold on upper cover; gilt-edged leaves.

Size: 208 × 144 × 9 mm.

Size of leaf: 199 × 137 mm.

A few marginal notes, extracting key words, in an early hand.

Initials, paragraph marks, underlining of chapter headings, and capital strokes are supplied in red.

Provenance: Nicolaus Alcmariensis (fl. c.1500); inscription in red ink on [a1r]: ‘Liber nicolao alcmariensi pertinet'. According to annotated cutting from a bookseller's catalogue, purchased in 1913 from ‘Gougy' by Ingram Bywater (1840-1914); book-plate: crest of I. Bywater, lettered ‘I. B.' Elenchus, no. 3893. Bequeathed in 1914.

SHELFMARK: Byw. U 9.25.

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