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Bod-Inc: J-214

Jordanus Nemorarius

Arithmetica (ed. and comm. Jacobus Faber Stapulensis).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Table of contents.]

a1r Gonterius, Guilelmus, Cabilonensis: ‘In laudem arithmetices et musices'. Incipit: ‘Tempore iam multo docte latuere sorores, | Quas retinet comites flaua minerua suas'; 9 elegiac distichs. See Rice 19, note 4.

a1v Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Johannes de Ganay. ‘Noua commentatio in Jordanum.’ Rice 17-20.

a1v ‘Argumentum decem librorum Jordani.’ Incipit: ‘Primus passiones numerorum communes . . .’

a2r Jordanus Nemorarius: Arithmetica. Edited and commented by Jacobus Faber Stapulensis. ‘Jordani Nemorarii clarissimi viri Elementa arithmetica, cum demostrationibus Jacobi Fabri Stapulensis, ad Johannem de Ganay senatorem Parisiensem.’ Jordanus de Nemore, De elementis arithmetice artis: A Medieval Treatise on Number Theory, ed. Hubert L. L. Busard, Boethius. Texte und Abhandlungen zur Geschichte der Mathematik und der Naturwissenschaften 22, 1-2 (Stuttgart, 1991); see Thorndike–Kibre 1600.

a2r Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: [Commentary.] Incipit: ‘Dignitates atque petitiones paucas vt disciplina se faciliorem . . .’ The commentary alternates with the text.

f1r Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Nicolaus de Haqueville. Rice 29-32.

f1v Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Jacobus Labinius and Jacobus Turbelinus. Rice 32-3.

f1v ‘Antiqui qui de musica scripserunt.’

f1v ‘Argumentum quattuor librorum musices'. Incipit: ‘Primus liber interualla musicis modulationibus . . .’

f2r Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: Elementa musicalia. Dedicated to Nicolaus de Hacqueville, ‘presidens Parisiensis'. Incipit: ‘[I]nteruallum est soni grauis . . .’

h7v Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: [Letter introducing the Epitome,] dedicated to Johannes Stephanus Ferrerius. Rice 33-6.

h8r Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: Epitome in duos libros arithmeticos Boethii. Incipit: ‘[I]nter disciplinas mathematicas quibus neglectis omnis obscuratur disciplina . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 767.

i6v Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Bernardus Vencarius, doctor. Rice 36-8.

i7r Faber [Stapulensis], Jacobus: De ludo arithmomachiae, sive Rithmimachiae ludus. ‘Bathillus / Alcmeon / Brontinus.’ Incipit: ‘[O] Alchmeon quam tempestiuus ades . . .’ This is not the work by John Sherwood; see John F. C. Richards, ‘A New Manuscript of Arithmomachia', Scripta mathematica, 4 (1943), nos 2-4.

i8v [Colophon] Incipit: ‘Has duas quadriuii partes et artium liberalium precipuas . . . Et idem quoque facit David Lauxius Brytannus Edinburgensis ubique ex archetypo diligens operis recognitor'.’ Proofs were read by David Lauxius of Edinburgh.


Imprint: Paris: Johannes Higman and Wolfgang Hopyl, 22 July 1496. Folio.


Collation: a–i8.


ISTC: ij00472000

Hain: HC 9436;

Goff: Goff J‑472;


Proctor: Pr 8137;

Others: BSB‑Ink I‑613; CIBN J‑302; Oates 3032-3; Rhodes 1039; Sack, Freiburg, 2153; Sheppard 6348-9; Smith, Arithmetica, 62-4.

LCN: 14451905


Copy number: J-214(1)

Binding: Nineteenth(?)-century half parchment over pasteboards; azure-edged leaves; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 283 × 210 × 18 mm.

Size of leaf: 275 × 203 mm.

A few marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, in a humanist hand. On i8v a marginal note in Italian, partly cropped: ‘avuto sabato nn. ottobre 1806. H(?): [ ] ital:’

Provenance: Purchased ‘At Wise's 1st auction of Thorpe's Books', lot 1084, for £0. 6. 6; see Books Purchased (1832), 13, and Financial Statements (1828-32, Library Records b. 4), no. 16, ‘Books purchased by the Librarian'.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q inf. 1.26.

Copy number: J-214(2)

Bound with J‑188; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 280 × 202 mm.

Wanting sheets a3.4, f3.4, and leaf f2.

Extensively annotated in a contemporary hand.

Initials are supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Savile Mm d.135(3).

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