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Bod-Inc: J-221

Josephus, Flavius

De Antiquitate judaica contra Apionem, et al. (ed. Ludovicus Cendrata).


Analysis of Content

[*1r] Cendrata, Ludovicus: [Letter addressed to] Antonius Donatus. Incipit: ‘Neminem excogitando inueni commodiorem . . .’

[*2v] Donatus, Hieronymus: [Verse addressed to] Ludovicus Cendrata. Incipit: ‘Hesperias non te uenisse pigebit ad oras | Iudaeae Phlaui conditor historiae'; 3 elegiac distichs.

[*2v] Pantheus, Johannes Antonius: ‘Panthei Veronaei Carmen'. Incipit: ‘Exis unde liber nitida sic fronte politus? | Quae domus est? nomen quod tibi? dic quid habes?'; 11 elegiac distichs. See C. Perpolli, ‘L'Actio Panthea e l'Umanesimo Veronese', Atti dell'Accademia di Agricoltura, Scienze e Letteratura di Verona, ser. 4, 16 (1915), 40-60.

[*2v] Ziletus, Innocens: Incipit: ‘Post haec noscere forsitan requiris | Qua impensa niteo nouis lituris | Hoc transibo neque Innocens Ziletus | Exortus puer Vrceis nouellis | Sed Veronae alitus diu per orbem | Dum praestat ueniam legendus auro | Exhausit simul assibus crumenam.' 7 hendecasyllables.

a1r Josephus, Flavius: De bello judaico. Edited by Ludovicus Cendrata. Incipit: ‘[Q]voniam bellum quod cum romanis gessere iudaei . . . [C]vm potentes iudaeorum inter se dissiderent . . .’ See J‑218.

A1r Josephus, Flavius: De Antiquitate judaica contra Apionem. Edited by Ludovicus Cendrata. Josephus, Opera: ex versione Latina antiqua, ed. Karl Boysen, CSEL 37 (Vienna, 1898), 3-141.

D5v Hieronymus [Stridonensis]: ‘Hieronymus ad magnum oratorem urbis Romae'.’ [Extract from Epistolae.] Incipit: ‘Iosephus antiquitatem approbans Iudaici populi duos libros scriptos contra Apionem . . .’ PL XXII 665.


Imprint: Verona: Petrus Maufer, 25 Dec. 1480. Folio.


Collation: [*2] a10 b8 c6 d–k kk l–x8 y6 A–C8 D6.

Remarks: Leaf a2 signed a1.


ISTC: ij00484000

Hain: HC *9452;

Goff: Goff J‑484;


Proctor: Pr 6918;

Others: BSB‑Ink I‑621; CIBN J‑313; Oates 2597; Sack, Freiburg, 2161; Sheppard 5697-8.

LCN: 14485403


Copy number: J-221(1)

Binding: Parchment, green leather label at the head of the spine, green-edged leaves previously coloured red; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 295 × 190 × 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 286 × 183 mm.

Some marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, a few pointing hands, and ‘nota' marks in a very faded humanist hand.

Provenance: Magister Franciscus de Savoldis (fifteenth/sixteenth century; fl. 1517). Brescia, Dominicans, S. Fiorano ai Ronchi; see D‑152; a fifteenth/sixteenth-century inscription on a1r: ‘Conuentus Sancti Floriani ex dono magistri francisi'. Purchased for £1. 1. 0 from Harding and Lepard, Catalogue (1830), no. 2248; see Library Bills (1829-32), bill no. 19; Books Purchased (1829), 11.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N inf. 1.4.

Copy number: J-221(2)

Wanting the blank leaf a1 and sheet y3.

Binding: Nineteenth(?)-century half brown morocco over pasteboards; red-edged leaves; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 277 × 200 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 268 × 193 mm.

On the front endleaf a manuscript title in an early hand: ‘Ioseph: De Bello Ivdaico'.

Some underlining in red ink.

Provenance: Joseph Sams; see ‘Catalogus Bibliothecae Novae', 109r; purchased for £2. 12. 6; see Books Purchased (1823), 6.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: Auct. O 4.4.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P 5.34.

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