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Bod-Inc: J-254


Infortiatum [with the Glossa ordinaria of Accursius] (ed. Coronatus de Planca).


Analysis of Content

[a2v] [Preface on the printing of the book and on the contribution of Coronatus de Planca.] Incipit: ‘Cum plurimorum philosophorum sententia sit in tota uita constituenda . . .’ Explicit: ‘... Maioresque in dies suscipient fructus ad laudem Dei. Amen.’

[a3r] Infortiatum (books xxiv.3–xxxviii). Edited by Coronatus de Planca. [titulus] ‘Soluto matrimonio quemadmodum dos petatur.’ Incipit: ‘Pomponius. [D]otis causa semper ubique precipua est. ...’ [T3v] Explicit: ‘... qui in hostium potestate erat postliminio non sit reversus.’ CIC I 356-634: xxiv.3–xxxvii.7; xxxvii.9; xxxvii.8; xxxvii.10–xxxviii. With a brief addition to book 26: incipit: ‘Imperator Adrianus Britasio Poliani legato Lugdunensi . . . gerendam compellatur.’

[a3r] Accursius: Glossa ordinaria. Incipit: ‘Rubrica. Soluto matrimonio etcetera. Dixit supra de iure dotis...’ [T3v] Explicit: ‘... [note]q Apprehenderit ... here pe. l. illud in prinn. Ac.’

[T3v] [Verse colophon.] Incipit: ‘Idibus exactum est opus hoc aprilibus Vrbe | Roma quo princeps tempore Sixtus erat'; 5 elegiac distichs.

[T4r] ‘Sequuntur rubrice huius libri per ordinem.’ Incipit: ‘Soluto matrimonio quemadmodum dos petatur. Rubrice primi libri . . .’

[T5r] [Register] ‘Inchoationes quinternorum huius libri sequuntur secundum ordinem.’


Imprint: Rome: [Apud Sanctum Marcum (Vitus Puecher)], 13 Apr. 1475. Folio.

Secundo folio: ([a4], glossa) sunt socii ut factum unius (textus) potest habere. Quod si sui iuris


Collation: [a b10 c8 d10 e6 f–l8.10 m n6 o–r10.8 s t6 u–z A B10.8 C8 D–G8.10 H I8 K12 L8 M N6 O P10 Q8 R S10 T6].

Leaves: 358 ll. (blank the first and last one.)


ISTC: ij00555000

GW: GW 7678;

Hain: H *9563;

Goff: Goff J‑555;


Proctor: Pr 3535;

Others: BSB‑Ink C‑611; Sheppard 2820.

LCN: 14547319


Copy number: J-254(1)

Wanting the blank leaves [a1] and [T6].

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf over pasteboards covered with green cloth; probably rebound for Sotheby's. Green-edged leaves.

Size: 423 × 270 × 66 mm.

Size of leaf: 414 × 263 mm.

Chapter headings in brown ink in the outer margins in an early hand. On [a2r] an inscription in German in an early Bavarian hand. Early manuscript foliation: 1-355. Folio numbers have been added to the table of rubrics.

On [a3r] one eight-line and two four-line Italian initials ‘D' are supplied in gold on a green ground edged in blue; the area defined by the letter is pink with decoration of reserved white vine-stem and three white dots. At the beginning of each books is an eight-line epigraphic initial in red on a green and pink ground edged in blue with white vine-stem decoration touched with yellow; probably German in imitation of the Italian style. Other initials and running book numbers are supplied in red or blue with blue or red pen-work decoration, occasionally ending in pen drawings of human faces, dogs, a castle, and floral decoration. Paragraph marks are supplied in red.

Provenance: Unidentified coat of arms, probably German, on [a3r]: argent, two acorns between three roses, the stems issuing from a crescent gules; crest, a crescent between a pair of wings, gules. Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label; sale (1835), lot 2230; purchased for £1. 0. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 16.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 3Q 2.16.

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