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Bod-Inc: K-003

Ketham, Johannes de

Fasciculus medicinae, et al.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2v [Table.] ‘Similitudo complexionum et elementorum.’

a3r Ketham, Johannes de: Fasciculus medicinae. Incipit: ‘[U]rina est colamentum sanguinis et est duarum rerum significatiua proprie . . .’ Explicit: manducare et sanabitur a fetore’ See Johannes de Ketham, The Fasciculus Medicinae, with introduction by Karl Sudhoff, trans. Charles Singer (Milan, 1924), 42-5; VL IV 1150-4.

d3v Petrus de Tussignano: Consilium pro peste evitanda [dedicated to] Gian Galeazzo Visconti. Incipit: ‘[C]um omne animal per instinctum nature conetur defendere corpus . . .’ Explicit: similia vel maiora instarent’ See G. Mazzini, Vita e opera di maestro Pietro da Tossignano, Studi di storia del pensiero scientifico, 6 (Rome, 1926), 84-96.

e3r Mundinus: Anatomia. Edited by Petrus Andreas Morsiano, Johannes Jacobus Cararia and Antonius Frascaria. Incipit: ‘[Q]uia dixit Gal[enus] septimo terrapentice(!) Methodi auctoritate Platonis opus in aliqua . . .’ Explicit: excarnata ne aggrauet pedem’ The author is Mondino de' Liuzzi; see Ernest Wickersheimer, Anatomies de Mondino dei Luzzi et de Guido de Vigevano, Documents scientifiques du xve siècle, 3 (1926), 65-70. The editors are named in the colophon.


Imprint: Venice: Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, de Forlivio, 15 Oct. 1495. Folio.


Collation: a–f6 g4.

Remarks: Leaf e2 signed fii.

Illustrations: Woodcuts on a1v, a2r–v, a4r, b2r–v, c2r, c6r, d3r, e2v: see Essling.


ISTC: ik00014000

Hain: HC *9775;

Goff: Goff K‑14;

BMC: BMC V 347;

Proctor: Pr 4550;

Others: BSB‑Ink F‑54; Essling 587; Sander 3745; Sheppard 3903-4; Ernest Wickersheimer, Anatomies de Mondino dei Luzzi et de Guido de Vigevano (Paris, 1926), 90, no. 2. Facsimile: ed. C. Mancini et al. (Pisa, 1964). Microfiche: Unit 13: Medical Incunabula: Part III.

LCN: 12874363, 14451079


Copy number: K-003(1)

Bound with D‑063; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 268 × 183 mm.

The leaves which bear woodcuts have been doubled back and measure 295 mm in height. Cropped.

Provenance (of this item only): Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753)(?) (see William Poole, 'Francis Lodwick, Hans Sloane, and the Bodleian Library', Library, 7th ser. 7 (2006), 377-418, at 386, note 23).

Cropped early marginal and interlinear annotations, including comments on the text, corrections, and ‘nota' marks.

SHELFMARK: AA 21(1) Med. Seld.

Copy number: K-003(2)

Binding: Twentieth-century quarter brown calf with brown cloth boards; bound for the Bodleian Library.

Size: 328 × 223 × 15 mm.

Size of leaf: 317 × 214 mm.

Early marginal annotations, consisting mainly of the extraction of key words, also ‘nota' marks, pointing hands, and underlining in the text in black ink.

Provenance: Oxford, Radcliffe Library; acquired in Sept. 1840 from Rodd; see note on the verso of the front endleaf: ‘Rodd 28/9/1840'; interleaved Radcliffe Catalogue (1835), manuscript addition between pp. 286 and 287, with shelfmark ‘21.D.2.14/1'. Transferred to the Bodleian by the Radcliffe Trustees between 1861 and 1893.

Former Radcliffe shelfmarks: G.161.L.2/1-2; 79.C.25.1/2; 21.D.2.14/1-2.


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