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Bod-Inc: L-009

Lactantius, Lucius Coelius Firmianus



Analysis of Content

a2r [Table of contents.] ‘Rubrice.’

a11r Antonius Raudensis: [Errata Lactantii.] A list of errors in the works of Lactantius; see L‑002.

a12v [Montaltus] Genuensis, Adam: [Verse censuring Antonius Raudensis.] Incipit: ‘Hic male corripuit stolidis Antonius ausis'; 4 elegiac distichs. See L‑003.

b1r Lactantius, Lucius Coelius Firmianus: De divinis institutionibus. Lactantius, Divinae institutiones, ed. Brandt, CSEL 19, 1-672.

t4v Lactantius, Lucius Coelius Firmianus: De ira dei [addressed to] Donatus. Lactantius, De ira dei, ed. Brandt, CSEL 27, 67-132.

x6r Lactantius, Lucius Coelius Firmianus: De opificio dei vel de formatione hominis [addressed to] Demetrianus. Lactantius, De opificio dei, ed. Brandt, CSEL 27, 3-64.

z3v [Lactantius, Lucius Coelius Firmianus: De phoenice carmen.] Lactantius, Opera omnia: 2/1: Carmen de ave phoenice, ed. Brandt, CSEL 27, 135-47.

z6r Ovidius [Naso, Publius]: Metamorphoses [extract]. Ov. Met. 15. 391-402.

z6r Dante [Alighieri: La commedia: Inferno xxv, lines 106-11]. Incipit: ‘[C]ossi per li gran saui se confessa | Chella phenice muore e poi renasce'; 6 lines of verse. Dante, La commedia. 2. Inferno, ed. Petrocchi, 411-12.

z6r [Fortunatus, Venantius: De resurrectione Christi. Also known as Carmen de pascha; addressed to Bishop Felix.] Incipit: ‘[S]alue festa dies toto uenerabilis euo | Qua deus infernum uicit et astra tenet'; 50 elegiac distichs. See L‑003.

z7v [Colophon.]

z7v [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Arguit hic hominum sectas Lactantius omnes | Septeno falsas codice uera docens'; 5 elegiac distichs. See L‑005.

z8r ‘Registrum cartarum.’

[A1r] Lactantius, [Lucius Coelius] Firmianus: Epitome divinarum institutionum [chs 51-68]. ‘Nephithomon Lactantii Firmiani.’ Lactantius, Epitome Divinarum Institutionum, ed. Eberhard Heck and Antonie Wlosok (Stuttgart and Leipzig, 1994), 75-117.


Imprint: Venice: Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen, 27 Aug. 1478. Folio.


Collation: a12 b–m10 n8 o–r10 s–x8 y10 z [A8].

Remarks: Gathering [A] is unsigned, but the third and fourth leaves are numbered.


ISTC: il00009000

Hain: HC *9814;

Goff: Goff L‑9;

BMC: BMC V 233;

Proctor: Pr 4332;

Others: BSB‑Ink L‑7; CIBN L‑8; Oates 1728; Rhodes 1069; Sheppard 3498.

LCN: 14450159


Copy number: L-009(1)

Leaf a1 mutilated.

Binding: Eighteenth/nineteenth-century parchment with the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. Manuscript title at the head of the spine. Sprinkled red-edged leaves.

Size: 289 × 205 × 43 mm.

Size of leaf: 270 × 187 mm.

Early marginal annotations, including comments on the text, extraction of key words, ‘nota' marks, and pointing hands.

Provenance: Nicolaus [Sandonnino] (†1499), Bishop of Lucca (1479-99); mutilated inscription on a1v: ‘Dominus Nicolaus ex comitibus sancti donnini ciuis et episcopus Lucensis hunc Lactanti||[an entire line has been cut out] ||anno domini 1494 die xviii Junii 1494'. Giacomo Lucchesini (1753-1820); heavily erased inscription on the front pastedown: ‘Di Giacomo Lucchesini'; purchased in Florence via D. A. Talboys, Oxford, for £0. 5. 0; see Books Purchased (1832), 13, and Library Bills (1829-32), no. 446.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. N extra 1.8.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P 5.4.

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