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Bod-Inc: L-166

Lucarus, Nicolaus

Oratio in synodo generali Fratrum Minorum. Petrus Offredus: Carmen.


Analysis of Content

[a1v] Lucarus, Nicolaus: [Letter addressed to] Lancellottus Decius. Incipit: ‘Et beniuolentia tua in me, Lancellotte Deci humani diuinique iuris doctor eminentissime . . .’

[a2r] Lucarus, Nicolaus: Oratio in synodo generali Fratrum Minorum. Incipit: ‘Miramini fortasse, reuerendissimi et sapientissimi patres, quod inter tot summos, orationes . . .’

[a8v] Offredus, Petrus: Carmen. Incipit: ‘Enthea Francisci sequeris qui castra sacerdos | Grande decus sacri dat tibi fama ducis'; 9 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: [Pavia?: Johannes Antonius Birreta and Franciscus Girardengus?, not before 1492]. 4°.

Remarks: As dated by BMC, from the reference to the capture of Granada on [a6v]; Sheppard dates [not before 1488], from the fact that the synod in question was held at Cremona in 1488 (with reference to Annales Minorum, ed. Luke Wadding, XIV (Rome, 1735), 443); CIBN dates [c.1480].


Collation: [a8].

Types: Types: 86 G [Haebler 3]; Gk; the letter N with scrolled shank on [a2r] belongs to a heading type, but is not 160GA.


ISTC: il00313800

Hain: R 1559;


Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: CIBN L‑243; Tullia Gasparrini Leporace, ‘La società tipografica Beretta-Girardengo (1479-92) nei documenti inediti coevi', Bibliofilia, 50 (1948), 24-52, at 37, no. 5; Sheppard 5844.

LCN: 14503559


Copy number: L-166(1)

A fifteenth-century woodcut has been mounted on [a1r]. It shows S. Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata. In the foreground, two monks, the one on the left holding a book on his knee, and the one on the right, S. Francis (identified by a nimbus) kneeling and receiving the stigmata from a winged, crucified figure; in front of Francis is an open book. In the background, on the top of a hill behind the monks is a church with a tower and dome, in front of which are two monks, the one on the left sitting, the one on the right standing and gesturing; to the right of the church is a tree. Not identified in Kristeller.

Binding: Twentieth-century(?) parchment.

Size: 212 × 152 × 6 mm.

Size of leaf: 208 × 146 mm.

Provenance: Purchased from B.H. Blackwell, Ltd, Oxford, in 1961 for £60: see pencil note on the inside of the upper cover, dated 25 October 1961; also BLR 7, 2 (1963), 71.

SHELFMARK: Don. e.573.

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