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Bod-Inc: L-167

Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri

Somma di arithmetica, geometria, proporzioni e proporzionalità, et al.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Table of contents.] ‘Continentia de tutta l'opera.’

[*1v] Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri (Pacioli, Luca): [Letter addressed to] Marcus Sanutus. Incipit: ‘Non me preterit, magnifice senator, omnes quos aliquod virtutis specimen oblectet . . .’

[*1v] Pompilius, Fa: Epigramma [addressed to the reader]. Incipit: ‘Que fuerant mediis carie consumpta latebris | Restituit Lucas, lector, amice tibi'; 8 elegiac distichs.

[*1v] Summaripa, Georgius: Epigramma [addressed to] Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri. Incipit: ‘Chi douesse lodar tua nobeltate | La pratica teorica e doctrina | Per l'opra non humana ma diuina'; 17 lines of verse.

[*1v] ‘Registrum geometrie.’

[*1v] [Colophon.]

[*2r] [Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri: Letter addressed to] Guidubaldus I de Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino. Incipit: ‘[C]onsiderando, illustrissimo s. d., la immensa dolcezza e grandissima vtilita . . .’

[*3r] Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri: [Letter addressed to] Guidubaldus I de Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino. Incipit: ‘[Q]uom animaduerterem, illustrissime princeps, immensas dulcedines ac maximas vtilitates . . .’

[*4v] [Summaries.] Incipit: ‘Summario de la prima parte principale. [D]iuidese tuttta(!) la presente opera in 5 parti principali . . .’

[*5v] [Table of contents for part I.] ‘Tauola de la prima parte principale.’

a1r Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri: ‘Prefatio' [addressed to] Guidubaldus I de Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino. Incipit: ‘[L]a quantita, magnanimo duca, e si nobile e excellente, cosa che molti phylosophi . . .’

a1r Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri: Somma di arithmetica, geometria, proporzioni e proporzionalità: Tractatus arithmeticae. Incipit: ‘Dico adonca. La quantita essere immediate bimembre cioe continua e discreta . . .’ Partly edited (`Distinctio nona, tractatus xi: particularis de computis et scripturis') in Luca Pacioli, Trattato di partita doppia, ed. A. Conterio (Venice, 1994); see S. A. Jayawardene, ‘Pacioli, Luca', DSB X 269-72, at 269-70, and Barnabas Hughes, ‘Franciscans and Mathematics', Archivum Franciscanum Historicum, 77 (1984), 3-66, at 38-43, with the contents of this edition discussed at 39-40. Although the title contains four elements, the author seems to have covered only the first two in this work.

AA14v [First colophon.]

A1r Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri: Somma di arithmetica, geometria, proporzioni e proporzionalità: Tractatus geometriae. Incipit: ‘[O]ra col nome di Iesu segue la seconda parte principale dela presente opera in la qual . . .’

K5r [Table of contents for part II.] ‘Tauola de la 2a parte principale.’

K6r [Second colophon.]


Imprint: Venice: Paganinus de Paganinis, 10-20 Nov. 14[9]4. Folio.


Collation: [*] a–z [et] [con]8 [rum]10 AA14 A–H8 I K6.

Remarks: Gathering [*] numbered, but not signed.

Illustrations: Woodcut capitals, diagrams, and figures.


ISTC: il00315000

Hain: HC (+ Addenda) 4105;

Goff: Goff L‑315;

BMC: BMC V 457;

Proctor: Pr 5168;

Others: CIBN II p. 355; Derek Ashdown Clarke, ‘The First Edition of Pacioli's “Summa de arithmetica” (Venice, Paganinus de Paganinis, 1494)', Gb Jb (1974), 90-2; Essling 779; IGI 7132-3; Oates 2026-7; Sander 5367; Sheppard 4264-6; Smith, Arithmetica, 54-7. Facsimile: Budapest, 1994.

LCN: 14442018, 14442111


Copy number: L-167(1)

With the original setting of the variant sheets described by BMC, as in IGI 7132. Leaf a1r, within a strap-work border: (red) ‘Ad illuſtriſſimum Principem Gui. Vbaldum Vrbini Ducē Montis fe | retri: ac Durantis Comitem . . . Fratris Luce de Burgo ſan | cti Sepulchri . . . In arteƺ arith- | metice: [et] Geometrie. Prefatio.' [reproduced in Essling].

Binding: Seventeenth-century(?) parchment.

Size: 310 × 220 × 52 mm.

Size of leaf: 304 × 213 mm.

Occasional early annotations and ‘nota' marks.

Provenance: Purchased from C. J. Sweetinburgh for £0. 18. 0; see Library Bills (1829-32), no. 333 (1831), and Books Purchased (1832), 4.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q inf. 1.25.

Copy number: L-167(2)

Variant: gatherings a–c, and sheets d1-2, e1, and A1 are in a later setting (in type 83 G as used in Paganinus's edition of Euclid of 1509), as in IGI 7133. In the gatherings mentioned, guide-letters only, except historiated L (47 × 45 mm), O (white on black ground 46 × 40 mm), and S (15 × 15 mm) each used once. Leaf a1r, no border: (red) ‘Ad illuſtriſſimum Principem Gui. Vbaldum Vrbini Ducem fere- | tri ac Durantis Comitem . . . fratris Luce de Burgo ſancti Sepulchri . . . | . . . In arteƺ arithmetice. [et] Geometrie. Prefatio.’

Binding: Early seventeenth-century English (Oxford) blind-tooled calf; the front endleaf is a proof-sheet of James, Catalogus (1605), printed on one side of the leaf only, and without rules; and the back endleaf a leaf from a sixteenth-century(?) edition of Gratianus, Decretum.

Size: 312 × 220 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 301 × 211 mm.

Occasional pointing hands.

Provenance: Ralph Hutchinson (sixteenth/seventeenth century); William Hutchinson (sixteenth/seventeenth century); inscription on [*1r]: ‘A Guiglielmo Huchinsono appartiene hoggi [ ] il libro dal suo fratello Ra. Huchinson'. Sir Henry Savile (1549-1622). Savile Library; book-label: ‘Bibliotheca Saviliana Oxon.’ Transferred in 1884.

SHELFMARK: Savile P 8.

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