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Bod-Inc: M-014

Magni, Jacobus



Analysis of Content

[a2r] ‘Tabula capitulorum'.

[a4r] Magni, Jacobus: [Preface addressed to] Michael [de Creney], Bishop of Auxerre. Incipit: ‘Serenissimi atque christianissimi principis Francorum regis confessori domino Michaeli diuina prouidente gratia episcopo Antisiodorensi sui preconii humilis capellanus . . .’ Explicit: iudicio castigandum dedicaui’

[a4r] Magni, Jacobus: Sophilogium. Incipit: ‘[D]icit Aristoteles x Ethicorum quod homo sapiens maxime felix est, et Seneca ad Lucillum . . .’ Explicit: scilicet nubere et loquitur vidue’ See M‑010.

[o10r] ‘Epigramma' [addressed to] the ‘conspector'. Incipit: ‘Istuc clarorum contendunt dogmata patrum | Doctos atque bonos vt faciant homines'; 5 elegiac distichs. See Walther, Initia, 9642.


Imprint: Lyons: Nicolaus Philippi and Marcus Reinhart, [c.1478]. Folio.

Remarks: As dated by Sheppard.


Collation: [a10 b–g8 h i10 k–n8 o10].

Types: Types: 121 G, explicit on [o9v], matter on [o10r]; 72 G. Type 121 G shows the earlier forms of d and o. Capital spaces.

Leaves: 120 leaves, the first blank. 2 columns, except on [o10r].

Line number: 46 lines ([a6r]).

Type area: Type area: 166 ×122 mm ([a6r]).

Remarks: Leaf [a1] blank. [a2r]: ‘Sequitur tabula capitulo ſo= | phologii. Et . . . ‘ [a4r], col. 1: ‘Doctiſſimi atq ƺ excellentiſſimi pa= | tris . . .'; l. 8: ‘SERENISSIMI atq ƺ christi= | aniſſimi principis . . .'; col. 2: ‘[D]Icit Ariſto. x. ethi | co / . . .' [o9v]. ‘Iacobi magni ſopholo | giū finit feliciter'. [o10r]. ‘Epigramma ad huius o[per] is conſpectorem. || Iſtuc claro cōtendunt dogmata patrum ! | . . . ||| Impreſſum lugdun̄ per Nicolaū Philippi de | benſzheym et Marcū Reinhart de Argentina.’


ISTC: im00046000

Hain: HC 10476;

Goff: Goff M‑46;

Proctor: Pr 8527A;

Others: Oates 3183; Sheppard 6579-80.

Remarks: Copinger's entry confuses this with another undated edition by the same printers, BMC VIII 243.

LCN: 14448618


Copy number: M-014(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [a1].

In the colophon the word ‘lugdun̄' has been printed on a separate slip.

Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) quarter parchment; marbled paper boards. Shelfmark ‘N3' on the lower edge, showing that this book was formerly stored standing on its fore-edge.

Size: 245 × 192 × 27 mm.

Size of leaf: 237 × 183 mm.

Some early marginal annotations, including extraction of key words. Running book numbers in black ink. Irregular early manuscript foliation: 1-115. Also nineteenth-century(?) pencil annotations.

Provenance: Scar of a book-plate on the front pastedown. Nice, S. Pons de Cimiez, Benedictines; sixteenth/seventeenth-century inscription on [a2r]: ‘Conuentus sanctæ Mariæ de Cimellis Niciæ'. Paulus Brea, OSB (presumably from S. Pons de Cimiez, sixteenth/seventeenth century); inscriptions on [a2r], and on [o9v]: ‘Fr. Paulus Brea, OBS'. Anatole Claudin; ticket no. 95458 attached to the front endleaf. Purchased from Claudin for 60 Francs; see Library Bills, 29 Dec. 1899.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. F2.1.

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