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Bod-Inc: M-161

Mayno, Jason de

Epithalamion in nuptiis Maximiliani et Blancae Mariae.


Analysis of Content

a1r Mayno, Jason de: Epithalamion in nuptiis Maximiliani et Blancae Mariae [Addressed to] Maximilianus, King of the Romans. ‘Iasonis Mayni iureconsulti, equitis Romani, cesarei et ducalis senatoris, ac ducalem legatum in Germania gerentis, ad serenissimum Maximilianum invictissimum Romanorum regem, in auspicatissimis eius et auguste Blanchemarie nuptis Epithalamion.’ Incipit: ‘Credimus, serenissime rex et inuictissime Cesar, felici aliquo sydere processisse . . .’ a8r Explicit: ‘... quod divina maiestas tua imperaverit, non minorem tue incolumitatis, quam vite proprie rationem habiture.’ On the author and manuscripts of the text see Belloni 221-7, with this work at 227.

a8r ‘Actum Ispruch die xvi. Martii, anno a Natali Christiano Mcccc.lxxxxiiii.’ [Dated 16 March 1494].

a8v Raymondus, Bertrandus, bishop of Gurk, Austria: [Letter addressed to] Jason de Mayno. ‘Raymondus cardinalis Curcensis consumatissimo iureconsulto et oratori facundissimo domino Jasoni Mayno, nostro precipuo.’ Incipit: ‘Non possumus non summopere extollere, iurisconsulte et orator preclarissime, orationem . . .’ Explicit: ‘... id quod ex humanitate tua te effecturum confidimus. Vale cum salute. Ex pretorio Bononie octavo Septembris Mcccclxxxxiiii.’ [Dated 8 September 1494].


Imprint: [Milan: Philippus de Mantegatiis, Cassanus, after 8 Sept. 1494]. 4°.

Secundo folio: tius huius nominis imperator genitor tuus pientissimus


Collation: a8.

Types: Type: 87 G. Lombards.

Leaves: 8 leaves.

Line number: 34 lines (a1v), with 11 lines of printed marginalia on this folio only.

Type area: Type area: 148 ×86 (106) mm (a1v).

Remarks: Leaf a1r: ‘Iaſonis Mayni iureconſulti. equitis romani. Ceſarei [et] | ducalis ſenatoris: ac ducalem legatum . . . | . . .'; l. 5: ‘chemarie nuptis. Epithalamion. | CRedimus Sereniſſime Rex [et] inuictiſſime Ceſar fe | lici aliquo ſydere . . .'; a8r, l. 28: ‘rationem habiture. | Actum Iſpruch die. xvj. Martij Anno a natali Chri | ſtiano. Mcccc.lxxxxiiij.'; a8v: ‘Raymondus Cardinalis Curcenſis. Conſumatiſſimo iure | conſulto: [et] oratori facundiſſimo: domino Iaſoni Mayno: | noſtro precipuo. | NOn poſſumus nō ſummopere extollere . . .'; l. 27: ‘Vale cum ſalute: Ex Pretorio Bonōie octauo Septem | bris. Mcccclxxxxiiij.’


ISTC: im00402000

Hain: R 254;

Goff: Goff M‑402;

Proctor: Pr 6059;

Others: Sheppard 5028.

LCN: 14455298


Copy number: M-161(1)

Boxed with C‑167(2); see there for details of provenance.

Leaf a1r, l. 4: ‘ . . . Auguſte', not ‘ . . . Auguſtae', as R. Formerly no. ‘XX' of a tract volume: ‘XX' in black ink in the upper margin.

Binding: Pink paper wrappers.

Size: 215 × 146 × 3 mm.

Size of leaf: 215 × 141 mm.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 6.3(19).

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