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Bod-Inc: M-243


Missale Benedictinum.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 8 Jan. ‘Erhardi ep'; 10 Jan. ‘Pauli cf'; 3 Feb. ‘Cunegundis v' (red); 2 May ‘Sigismundi m'; 4 May ‘Floriani m'; 8 May ‘Memoria angelorum'; 13 May ‘Servacii ep'; 15 June ‘Viti Modesti et Crescentie' (red); 4 July ‘Udalrici ep'; 7 July ‘[ ]ilibaldi ep'; 8 July ‘Kiliani et soc. eius mm'; 6 Sept. ‘Magni cf'; 28 Sept. ‘[ ]enczeslai regis'; 7 Nov. ‘[ ]illebrordi ep'; 16 Nov. ‘Othmari cf'; 12 Dec. ‘Otilie v Iudoci cf'.

[*4r] ‘Benedictio salis et aque'.

[a1r] [Proprium de tempore.]

[n10r] ‘Preparatoria ante missam'. ‘Ad exuitionem cappe'. Incipit: ‘[E]xue me domine veterem hominem . . .’

[o1r] [Ordinarium missae.]

[p1r] [Canon missae.]

[q1r] [Missae votivae.] See M‑267 nos 1-2; ‘De venerabili sacramento'; 3-5; ‘De patrono ordinis'; ‘De patrono monasterii relinquitur ordinatio officij vniuscuiusque loci rectori ad placitum'; ‘De sanctis quorum reliquie habentur'; 7; 27; ‘Pro petente oratione pro se fieri'; 10; 48; 39; 22; 47; ‘Pro pestilentia'; ‘Pro pestilentia et fame'; 53; 33; ‘Pro aduersitate ecclesie'; 17; ‘Pro prelato et subditis'; ‘In die conuersionis monachorum'; ‘Pro professis'; 46; 18; 27; 24; ‘Pro temptatione'; 19; ‘Pro sinodo aut colloquiorum tempore'; 21; ‘Pro benefactoribus'; 49; 12; 51; 50; 13; 55; 29; 30-1; ‘Pro amico vel fautrice'; 15-16; 11; 36; 41-45.

[s2r] [Missae pro defunctis.]

[s8r] [Commune sanctorum.]

[v7r] ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'. Followed by ‘In die consecrationis'; ‘In dedicatione altaris'.

[v9r] [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘Stephani prothomartiris' to ‘Thome ap'.

[B7r] [Sequentiae.] Including sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, for the common of saints, and for the dedication of the church.


Imprint: Bamberg: Johann Sensenschmidt, 31 July 1481. Folio.


Collation: [*4 a–n10 o12 p–z A10 B C8].

Illustrations: Woodcuts.


ISTC: im00631000

Hain: HCR 11267;

Goff: Goff M‑631;

BMC: BMC I 174;

Proctor: Pr 782;

Others: BSB‑Ink M‑421; CIBN M‑393; Meyer-Baer 207; Schreiber V 4676; Sheppard 574-5; Weale p. 222; Weale–Bohatta 1680.

LCN: 14455065


Copy number: M-243(1)

Wanting the first four leaves containing the Calendar, etc.; also the first two sheets of gathering [o]. The latter are replaced by two parchment sheets, of which signature [o1-2] supply the missing text in contemporary manuscript (Gloria, Credo, etc.) The blank [o11] is cut away, and [o12] contains on recto manuscript Orationes de passione Domini et De S. Katherina, and on verso a painting of the Crucifixion. Supplementary offices in manuscript on the blank verso of [p10] and [C8].

Printed on parchment. The division of the lines in the colophon agrees with BMC, not with H.

Binding: Nineteenth-century calf; bound for the Bodleian Library; yellow-edged leaves. At some time after the earliest additions had already been made, leather index tabs were fixed to the outer edges, including a large spherical knot marking the ‘Te igitur'.

Size: 365 × 275 × 80 mm.

Size of leaf: 353 × 245 mm.

Parchment leaves from the ‘temporale' of a thirteenth-century German noted (adiastematic neums) Antiphoner pasted inside both covers, with two-line initials supplied in red and other initials supplied in brown ink with red pen-work decoration.

[Most of the following information has been taken from the green folder entitled ‘Printed Books with MS. Additions', copy in Duke Humfrey's Library]. Probably added at the same time as the decoration: the two leaves replacing the original fol. cxxx–xxxi, [o1, 2], see above; musical notation on staves ruled in brown ink, similar to that added to BL C.13.c.2; marginal notes, mainly chapter references for Epistles and Gospels; on [o12r]: Mass ‘De passione domini' and antiphon and sequence ‘De sancta Katherina' (Chevalier, Rep. hymn., no. 18080). On [p10v], originally blank, preceding the votive masses, further masses, the first without rubric but perhaps for the Passion with sequence (Chevalier, Rep. hymn., no. 1842); the second is headed ‘De compassione gloriose virginis Marie'. On [C8r] the sequence for S. Elisabeth: ‘Gaude syon quod eggressus ad te decor est regressus . . . eruamur inferi' (Chevalier, Rep. hymn., no. 6958; AH 55 no. 120), masses ‘De sancta Katherina', ‘De s Adelario ep et m', ‘De s Francisco', ‘In festiuitate reliquiarum', ‘In festo presentacionis BVM', ‘De s Eobano ep et m', ‘De omnibus sanctis', ‘Ad s Bonifacium', ‘Ad s Barbaram', ‘In capella corporis Christi', ‘In capella beate virginis', ‘Ad s Michaelem', some notes on masses for St Jerome, and on feast days of Sts Onuphrius (11 June), Christina (24 July), and Theodosia (2 Apr.). On [C8r]: ‘mӯhenburg', perhaps the name of the scribe. The added masses for Sts Adalar, Boniface, and Eoban suggest a connection with Erfurt, or perhaps Fulda, though St Boniface is given less prominence. Adalar and Eoban are among saints added to the calendar in BL C.13.c.2, and cross-references in the text of the BL book suggest that it once contained at the beginning added masses, now lost, including one for St Eoban, similar to those added here. Possibly written by the same hand, but in a more cursive script, a paper bifolium, found loose between [g8] and [g9] and now bound in after [p10], containing a mass ‘De quinque vulneribus Christi', ‘Off[icium] de sancta cruce', ‘Missa de spinea corona', and a mass (for the priest himself?) with the rubric ‘Col[lecta] sacerdotis'. On [a1r]: ‘Liber septimus' in a large textura. In an early sixteenth-century(?) hand added in red in the upper margin of [B3v]: ‘In festo presentacionis BMV officium per omnia ut in eius concepcione'; there is an identical note at this point in BL C.13.c.2 , perhaps in the same hand. On [B6v] ‘De s Anna missa votiva' and mass ‘In festo divisionis apostolorum'; the text of the mass for St Anne is not the same as either of the added masses for St Anne in BL C.13.c.2.

On [a1r] an eight-line woodcut initial ‘A' is coloured in gold on a square blue ground edged in red, with red, pink, and green foliate extensions into the margin and red dots. On [o12v] a full-page miniature of the Crucifixion; on [p1r] a woodcut initial ‘T' coloured. Other six- to eight-line initials are supplied in red, green, grey, blue, and pink with white or yellow pen-work decoration on a square black, pink, red, or brown ground with yellow or white pen-work decoration. Other initials are supplied in red or blue. Capital strokes in red. One of the BL copies, C.13.c.2 (formerly IB. 2617), from the old Royal Library, has an identical added miniature and initials by the same hand.

Provenance: Date of acquisition unknown; other books with neighbouring shelfmarks were acquired between 1835 and 1862.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 1.9.

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