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Bod-Inc: M-244


Missale Cartusiense.


Analysis of Content

[*2r] 'Excerpta ex dictis sanctorum doctorum de diuersis defectibus et negligentiis, necnon dubiis casibus qui committi et contingere possunt in missa'. Incipit: ‘Si sacerdos in missa ante canonem aliquo casu deficiat . . .’ Explicit: huius sacramenti’

[*4r] ‘Benedictio amoris sancti Iohannis'. Io 1,1-14, followed by Kyrieleison, Pater noster, and [Benedictio vini novi] for which see Franz, Benediktionen, I 284-5 no. 1.

[**1r] ‘Registrum missalis Carthusiensium'.

[***1r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 7 Mar. ‘Thome de Aquino cf'; 1 Apr. ‘Hugonis ep et cf'; 19 Oct. ‘Commemoratio Cluniacensium'; 21 Oct. ‘Hylarionis cf'; 8 Nov. ‘Festum reliquiarum' (red); 9 Nov. ‘Commemoratio fratrum nostrorum'; 19 Nov. ‘Hugonis ep et cf' (red); See B. Lambres, ‘Le calendrier cartusien', Etudes Grégoriennes, 2 (1957), 153-61 and Emmanuel Cluzet, Particularités du Missel Cartusien, 5 vols, Analecta Cartusiana, 99:26-30 (Salzburg and Lewiston, NY, 1994).

a1r [Proprium de tempore.]

n3r [Ordinarium missae.]

n5v [Woodcut: Crucifixion.]

n6r [Canon missae.] The Ordinarium is inserted between Holy Saturday and Easter day.

v4v ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'.

v5v [Proprium de sanctis.] From S. Silvester to S. Thomas ap.

F6r ‘Commune sanctorum'.

F7r [Missae peculiares.] See M‑267 nos 1-3; ‘De passione domini'; 4-5; ‘Pro familiaribus'; 20-21.

G7r [Collectae speciales.] See M‑267 nos 7; 10; 46; 18; 10; ‘Pro viuis et defunctis'; ‘De omnibus sanctis'; 27; 34; 31; 30; 29; 12; ‘Pro episcopo'; ‘Pro prelatis'; 16; ‘De sanctis et reliquijs ecclesie'; 15; 36; ‘Pro principibus'; 48; ‘Contra Theucros siue paganos'; ‘Pro famulo'; ‘Pro famula'; ‘Pro reconcilia[tione?] peccatoris'; 24; 23; ‘Pro castitate'; 13; ‘Tempore mortalitatis vel pestilentie'; 17; 49; ‘Dominicis diebus oratio generalis'.

H8v [Missae pro defunctis.]

I5v ‘Speciales collecte de quibusdam sanctis'. It includes: ‘De tribus sanctis regibus'; ‘De s Ioseph nutritio domini'; ‘Dorothee v'; ‘Appolonie v'; ‘Marie Egyptiace'; ‘Decem milium mm'; ‘Elisabeth vidue'; ‘Otilie v'.

K1v [De capitulis, antiphonis, versiculis et orationibus ad tertiam per circulum anni.]


Imprint: [Speier: Peter Drach, not after 1496]. Folio.

Remarks: Copy known with owner's date 1496 (note in BMC reprint).


Collation: [* **4 ***6] a–m8 n4 [1] o–z A–H8 I–K6.

Illustrations: Woodcuts.


ISTC: im00634000

Hain: HC *11276;

Goff: Goff M‑634;

BMC: BMC II 500;

Proctor: Pr 2398;

Others: BSB‑Ink M‑423; CIBN M‑395; F. Geldner, ‘Probleme um den Speyrer Druckherrn und Buchhändler Peter Drach', Gb Jb (1962), 150-7, at 156; Geldner (Drach), 28; Heitz, Kanonbilder, 36; Meyer-Baer 33; Rhodes 1205; Sack, Freiburg, 2464; Schramm XVI p. 14; Schreiber V 4680; Sheppard 1736; Weale 230; Weale–Bohatta 1728.

LCN: 14514541


Copy number: M-244(1)

Wanting the blank leaves [*1] and K6.

Binding: Seventeenth-century German blind-tooled leather over wooden boards, with remains of metal clasps marked ‘WS' and catches, red-edged leaves, and leather index tabs. Triple fillets form a triple frame. Within the outer and inner frame, a foliate roll; within the middle frame a repeated floral stamp. The inner rectangle of the upper cover is decorated with the oval stamp, now badly worn, of the Carthusians of Prüll: to the left, a prior (S. Brunus) holding a book and a branch of a palm; to the right, S. Vitus in the cauldron; above, the arms of Bavaria and Lorraine; the whole surrounded by an inscription: ‘Patroni Monasterii in Pruell prope Ratisbonam Ordinis Carthusiensis 1591'; see Siebmacher, I/1, Tafel 8, p. 9; this stamp was in use until 1626; ex informatione Dr Rosa Micus. On the lower cover, the inner rectangle is decorated with an ornamental centre-piece. For a similar binding see Bod-inc. J‑197(2).

Size: 318 × 240 × 68 mm.

Size of leaf: 305 × 209 mm.

In the calendar, the following entries have been added in a sixteenth/seventeenth-century German hand, in black ink: 10 Jan. ‘Pauli primi heremitae' (red ink); 18 Jan. ‘Cathedra s Petri Romae'; 22 Feb. ‘[Cathedra s Petri] Antiochia'; 7 Mar. ‘[Thome de Aquino cf] capitulum non conuersis'; 19 Mar. ‘Ioseph cf, solennitas'; 20 Mar. ‘Ioachim patris dei genitricis cf, xii lectiones'; 2 Apr. ‘Francisci de Paola cf, xii lectiones'; 29 Apr. [Petri m] xii lectiones'; 6 May ‘Catherinae v Senensis, missa'; 13 June ‘Antonij de Padua cf, xii lectiones'; 8 July ‘Kiliani et soc., xii lectiones capitulum'; 13 July ‘Silae apostoli'; 14 July ‘Bonauenturae ep et cf, xii lectiones'; 31 July ‘Ignatii cf, xii lectiones'; 6 Aug. ‘Transfiguratio domini, solennitas'; 25 Aug. ‘Ludouici regis cf, xii lectiones'; 10 Sept. ‘Nicolai de Tolentino, xii lect.'; 19 Sept. ‘Ianuarii et soc., xii lect.'; 20 Sept. ‘Eustachii et soc., commemoratio de vigilia'; 23 Sept. ‘Lini pp et m'; 5 Oct. ‘Placidi et soc.'; 6 Oct. ‘Brunonis cf, solennitas'; 13 Oct. ‘Octaua s Brunonis et qa[ ] Dedicatio Ecclesiae Almbacensis(?) eadil(?). in euad(?). diem octaua anticipatus'; 4 Nov. ‘Vitalis et Agricolae mm'; 12 Nov. ‘Didaci cf'; 19 Nov. ‘Elisabeth viduae, xii capitulum'; 7 Dec. ‘Ambrosii ep et cf, capitulum non conuersis'. Marginal notes, providing additions to the text and references to the supplement at the end of the book, in the same hand. Three manuscript leaves bound at the end of the book, in the same hand, containing ‘Supplementum eorum quæ in hoc missali, tum immutari, tum simul obseruari ac dici debent'. It includes masses for those entries added to the calendar and referred to in the sanctoral. Bibliographical notes, in pencil, on the front endleaf.

Principal initials in the Canon supplied in red.

Provenance: Regensburg, Bavaria, Prüll, Carthusians, S. Vitus. Purchased in June 1862 from Charles J. Stewart, for £10. 10. 0; see rectangular label on the front pastedown and Library Bills (1862-4).

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 1.21.

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