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Bod-Inc: M-249


Missale Dominorum Teutonicorum.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Epigramma.] ‘Missalis notulam dominorum teutunicorum imitantis epigramma.’ Incipit: ‘Nos castigati viciorum labe caremus | Non habet in nobis cretica lingua locum | Arte sua Georgius Stöchs nos pressit in urbe | Nurnberga celebri quem bene laudat opus.'; 2 elegiac distichs.

[*1v] [Table for establishing the golden number.]

[*2r] ‘Exorcismus salis'.

[*3r] [Calendarium.] 30 Jan. ‘Mathie ep comm[emoratio]' (Bishop of Jerusalem); 18 Feb. ‘Symeonis ep et m iii lc' (Bishop of Jerusalem); 16 Mar. ‘Gerdrudis v'; 18 Mar. ‘Alexandri ep et m comme[moratio]' (Bishop of Jerusalem); 2 May ‘Transl. Elisabeth du[plex]'; 4 May ‘Quiriaci ep et m comme[moratio]' (Bishop of Jerusalem); 8 May ‘Stanislai ep et m duplex'; 13 May ‘Seruacij ep et cf comm.'; 3 June ‘Erasmi ep et m iii lc'; 22 June ‘Decem milium militum martirum'; 1 July ‘Oct. Iohannis Baptiste ix lc'; 13 July ‘Margarethe v et m duplex' (red); 23 Aug. ‘Zachei ep comm' (Bishop of Jerusalem); 25 Sept. ‘Cleophe discipuli domini iii lc'; 28 Sept. ‘Wenceslai m ix lc'; 7 Oct. ‘Birgitte duplex' (red); 10 Oct. ‘Anniuersarius fratrum et sororum'; 15 Oct. ‘Hedwigis duplex' (red); 21 Oct. ‘Undecim milium virginum duplex' (red); 3 Nov. ‘Huperti ep ix lc'; 19 Nov. ‘Elisabeth vidue totum duplex' (red); 26 Nov. ‘Oct. Elisabeth ix lc'; 5 Dec. ‘Sabbe ab comm.'; 17 Dec. ‘Lazari ep et m comm'.

[rum]1r ‘Supplementum notule fratrum teutunicorum'.

[rum]4r ‘Ordo in presenti missali contentorum'.

[rum]5r ‘Cautele obseruande presbytero uolenti diuina celebrare.’ Missale Sarum, 647-51.

[rum]5r ‘Quid agendum sit circa defectus uel casus qui oriri possunt in missa'. Missale Sarum, 651-6.

a1r [Proprium de tempore.]

r5v [In dedicatione ecclesiae.]

r6v [Ordinarium missae.]

[**2r] [Canon missae.]

A1r ‘Commune sanctorum'.

D2r [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘In vigilia s Andree' to ‘Ottonis ep'.

M4r ‘Misse speciales quas votiuas appellamus'. See M‑267 nos 4; ‘De compassione BVM'; 1-2; 5; 3; 59; ‘De nomine domini'; ‘De passione domini'; 60; ‘De lancea domini'; ‘De corona domini'; ‘De transfiguratione domini'; 20; ‘Pro confitentibus'; 15; 24; 41; ‘Contra carnalia desideria'; ‘Pro rege nostro contra paganos'; ‘Pro salute cristianorum'; ‘Contra turcos'; ‘A tribulatione liberanda'; 10; 18; ‘Pro synodo tempore colloquij'; 29-31; 11; 16; ‘Pro prelatis'; ‘Pro amico'(25 or 26?); 27; ‘Pro benefactoribus'; 56; 12; 51; ‘Pro agonisantibus'; ‘Pro sterilibus mulieribus'; 13; ‘Pro febricitantibus'; ‘Contra pestilentiam'; ‘Pro tribulatione liberanda'; ‘De patrono'; ‘Oratio communis'; ‘Pro viuis et defunctis'; ‘Oratio communis'.

P3r [Missae pro defunctis.]

P8r ‘In festo decollationis sancti Iohannis Baptiste sequentia'.


Imprint: Nuremberg: Georg Stuchs, [not before 1499]. Folio.


Collation: [*] [rum] a–r [**] A–N8 O6 P8.

Illustrations: Woodcuts.


ISTC: im00643500

Hain: C 4124 = 4242;

BMC: BMC II 472;

Proctor: Pr 2283;

Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl., 566; Heitz, Kanonbilder, 33; Sheppard 1654; Weale–Bohatta 1936.

LCN: 14513050


Copy number: M-249(1)

Wanting [**1] containing the woodcut of the Crucifixion.

The Canon is printed on parchment.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with four circular metal bosses and a centre-piece on each cover, and two metal clasps and catches; remains of two metal corner-pieces on the upper cover, one metal corner-piece on the lower cover, the rest lost. Leather index tabs and three fabric bookmarks. Strips from a thirteenth/fourteenth-century German manuscript breviary visible in the binding. Triple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Within the inner frame, a foliate and floral roll and a circular rosette stamp at each corner. The inner rectangle is decorated with merrythought panels, made up from headed-outline tools, and each containing a fleuron, very worn.

Size: 378 × 265 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 362 × 248 mm.

On a1r a six-line initial ‘A' is supplied in grey with white and black pen-work decoration on a gold ground; the area defined by the letter is supplied in green. The pictorial initial ‘T' of the Canon on [**2r] cut away, the other woodcut initials painted in yellow, pink, and green.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 273

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