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Bod-Inc: M-252


Missale Basiliense (Basel).


Analysis of Content

[*2r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 8 Jan. ‘Erhardi ep'; 29 Jan. ‘Valerii ep'; 30 Jan. ‘Adelgundis v'; 1 Feb. ‘Oct. s Pauli'; 11 Feb. ‘Desiderii ep'; 26 Feb. ‘Fortunati ep'; 6 Mar. ‘Fridolini ab'; 6 Apr. ‘Celestini pp'; 1 May ‘Sigismundi regis'; 2 May ‘Walperti cf'; 5 May ‘Gothardi ep'; 8 May ‘Reuelatio s Michaelis'; 11 May ‘Gangolfi m'; 16 May ‘Brandani ab'; 3 June ‘Erasmi ep'; 6 June ‘Claudii archiep'; 11 June ‘Onofrii cf'; 14 June ‘Basilii ep'; 20 June ‘Deodati ep'; 25 June ‘Transl. s Fridolini ab'; 1 July ‘Oct. Iohannis Baptiste, Theobaldi ep'; 4 July ‘Udalrici ep' (red); 7 July ‘Villibaldi cf'; 13 July ‘Heinrici imperatoris cf' (red); 15 July ‘Margarethe v' (red); 21 July ‘Arbogasti ep'; 5 Aug. ‘Osualdi regis'; 7 Aug. ‘Afre m'; 16 Aug. ‘Theodoli ep'; 29 Aug. ‘Adelphi ep'; 1 Sept. ‘Verene v'; 9 Sept. ‘Kunegundis'; 10 Sept. ‘Dedicatio ecclesie Constantiensis' (red); 22 Sept. ‘Hemerami m et ep'; 28 Sept. ‘Wentzeslai m'; 30 Sept. ‘Ursi et soc. eius'; 11 Oct. ‘Dedicatio ecclesie Basiliensis' (red); 12 Oct. ‘Allatio capitis s Panthali primi ep Basiliensis'; 13 Oct. ‘Burckardi'; 16 Oct. ‘Galli ab' (red); 26 Oct. ‘Amandi ep'; 8 Nov. ‘Oct. omnium ss'; 12 Nov. ‘Himerii cf'; 16 Nov. ‘Othmari cf'; 26 Nov. ‘Conradi ep' (red); 2 Dec. ‘Oct. s Katherine'; 8 Dec. ‘Eucharij ep'; 13 Dec. ‘Iodoci cf'; 16 Dec. ‘Adelheidis imperatricis'; 20 Dec. ‘Ursicini cf'.

[*9r] ‘Benedictio salis et aque'.

a1r [Proprium de tempore.]

F2r [Ordinarium missae.]

[†1v] [Woodcut: Crucifixion.]

[†2r] [Canon missae.]

I1r ‘Proprium sanctorum'. From the vigil of S. Andreas to S. Conradus ep.

L7v ‘Commune sanctorum de tempore pascali'. Inserted in the proper of saints, between the feast of S. Ambrosius and that of S. Maria Egyptiaca.

aa1r ‘Commune sanctorum'.

dd1r ‘In anniuersario dedicationis ecclesie'. Followed by ‘In anniuersario dedicationis altaris'.

dd7r ‘Misse speciales'. See M‑267 nos 1; 41; 2; 5; ‘De Caritate' (44?); 3-4; 20';15; 27; ‘Pro Salute unius viui'; 10; 29-30; ‘Contra fulgura et tempestates'; ‘De passione domini'; ‘Contra pestem'; 13; ‘Beati Sigismundi regis ac martiris pro febricitantibus'; 55; 38; 40; ‘In tribulatione'; ‘Contra persecutores ecclesie'; ‘Pro amico in necessitate siue periculo constituto'; 54; ‘Contra subitaneam mortem'; 12; 17; 56; 11; ‘Pro episcopis et abbatibus et prelatis'; ‘Contra episcopos male agentes'; ‘Pro predicatoribus'; 16; ‘In tempore synodi vel colloquii'; 36; ‘Pro imperatore siue rege populoque subiecto cum pugnant'; ‘Pro principibus'; ‘Pro familiaribus'; 49; 25; ‘Pro femina'; 48; ‘Contra hostes ecclesie'; 39; 18; ‘Pro castitate'; ‘Pro caritate'; 23; ‘Pro humilitate'; ‘Pro deuotione'; 24; 51; ‘Pro captiuis'; ‘Missa propria ipsius iter agentis'; 26; 28; 47; 45; 17; 33; 46; 53; 7; ‘De omnibus sanctis'; ‘Oratio communis'; ‘De sanctis quorum reliquie ibi continentur'; 8; ‘Oratio generalis pro viuis et defunctis'; ‘Missa generalis'.

hh5r [Missae pro defunctis.]

ll1r [Sequentiae.] It includes sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, for the common of saints, and for the dedication of the church.

nn5v [Table of contents.]


Imprint: [Basel: Michael Wenssler, not after 1481]. Folio.

Remarks: Stevenson records a copy with an ownership date of 1481; Sheppard dates [c.1485].


Collation: [*]10 a–z A–G8 H10 [†]14 I–R8 S T6 aa–ii8 kk6 ll–nn10. Gathering [†] is numbered but not signed.

Types: Types: 158 G, 158* G, 304 G (Canon).

Leaves: 466 leaves, 1, 260, 274, 358, and 466 blank. 11-259 numbered I‑CCXLVIIII, 275-357 numbered CCL–CCCXXXII; 359-462 numbered I‑XCIII (for CIII).

Line number: 28 lines and headline (numeration), 2 columns (a3r).

Type area: Type area: 220 (229) ×135 mm (a3r).

Illustrations: Red-printed lombards, also capital spaces with guide-letters. Woodcut of the Crucifixion on [†]1v; see Heitz, Kanonbilder, 47 and Schramm.

Remarks: Leaf [*2r]: ‘(red) KL Ianuarius habet dies .xxxj. Luna .xxx. | . . .'; [*9r]: ‘In dn̄icis dieb9 bn̄dictio | ſal' et aq̄ . . .'; a1r (fol. I): ‘Incipit ordo miſſalis per | circulum anni Domini= | ca prima de Aduentu'; [†1v]: woodcut]; [†2r]: ‘[T]E igitur clemen | tiſſime pater per | iheſum chriſtuƺ | . . .'; I1r (fol. CCL): ‘(red) Incipit offm̄ priū ſancto | rum In vigilia ſcī andree'; aa1r (fol. I): ‘Commune ſanctorum'; dd1r (fol. XXV): ‘In anniuerſario dedi= | catōis eccleſie Introitus'; ll1r (fol. LXXIX): ‘In natiuitate dn̄i in pri | mo gallicantu ſequētia'; nn5v (fol. XCIII): ‘Sequun nūc regiſtra di= | rectoria ad facile inueniē= | dum omīa ī hoc toto libro | miſſali numer' deſignata.'; nn9r, col. 2, l. 29: ‘(red)V (black)irgine maria xxxiiij'.


ISTC: im00648000

Hain: C 4087 = 4180;

Goff: Goff M‑648 = M‑735;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: Meyer-Baer 44; Schramm XXI p. 25; Schreiber V 4671; Sheppard 2345-8; A. Stevenson, The Problem of the Missale Speciale (London, 1967), 209; Weale 37; Weale–Bohatta 153 = 844.

LCN: 14454983


Copy number: M-252(1)

Wanting [†1] containing the Canon woodcut, I7-8, and the blank leaf [†14]. Leaf K1 is slightly mutilated.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with two metal clasps and catches. Stamped title at the head of the upper cover: 'Missale'. Two strips from an early thirteenth-century manuscript, apparently the customary of a monastic order on parchment visible in the binding (ex informatione Nigel Palmer). Leather index tabs in the shape of spherical knots, dyed in red, green, and blue. Intersecting triple fillets form a double frame. Within the inner frame a repeated foliate staff stamp and a rosette at each corner. The inner rectangle is decorated with merrythought panels made up from headed-outline tools, each containing a fleuron.

Size: 323 × 230 × 93 mm.

Size of leaf: 309 × 233 mm.

Some marginal notes, mainly providing corrections to the biblical readings, in an early hand.

On a1r a six-line initial ‘A' is supplied in violet with white pen-work decoration, within an orange, gold, and red ground. On [†2r] a five-line initial ‘T' is supplied in pink with white pen-work decoration, within a blue, gold, and red ground. Some other initials are supplied in blue.

Provenance: Count Johannes a Waldeck (fl. 1575); signature ‘Iohannes Comes a Waldek [15]75' on front pastedown. Edmund Waterton (1830-1887); signature on front pastedown: ‘Edmund Waterton 1872'. Portsmouth, Roman Catholic see, Virtue and Cahill Library; cancelled book-plate with no. 8401; sale (5 July 1967), lot 153; purchased by Alan G. Thomas for £48. Purchased from him on 2 Aug. 1967 for £75 less 10%.

SHELFMARK: Inc. c. GS2.2.

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