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Bod-Inc: M-254


Missale Constantiense (Constance).


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 8 Jan. ‘Erhardi ep'; 29 Jan. ‘Valerii ep'; 30 Jan. ‘Adelgundis v'; 1 Feb. ‘Oct. s Pauli'; 11 Feb. ‘Desiderij ep'; 26 Feb. ‘Fortunati ep'; 6 Mar. ‘Fridolini ab'; 3 Apr. ‘Florencii ep'; 6 Apr. ‘Celestini pp'; 1 May ‘Sigismundi regis'; 2 May ‘Valperti cf'; 5 May ‘Gothardi ep'; 8 May ‘Reuelatio s Michaelis'; 11 May ‘Gangolfi m'; 16 May ‘Brandani ab'; 3 June ‘Herasmi ep Morandi cf'; 6 June ‘Claudii archiep'; 11 June ‘Onofrii cf'; 14 June ‘Basilii ep'; 19 June ‘Festum sanguinis'; 20 June ‘Deodati ep'; 25 June ‘Transl. s Fridolini ab'; 1 July ‘Oct. Iohannis Baptiste, Theobaldi ep'; 4 July ‘Udalrici ep' (red); 7 July ‘Vilibaldi cf'; 13 July ‘Heinrici imperatoris cf' (red); 15 July ‘Margarethe v'; 18 July ‘Materni ep'; 21 July ‘Arbogasti ep'; 29 July ‘Lupi ep'; 5 Aug. ‘Osualdi regis'; 7 Aug. ‘Afre m'; 16 Aug. ‘Theodoli ep'; 27 Aug. ‘Gebhardi ep' (red); 28 Aug. ‘Pelagii m' (red); 29 Aug. ‘Adelphi ep'; 1 Sept. ‘Verene v'; 9 Sept. ‘Kunigundis imperatricis'; 10 Sept. ‘Dedicatio ecclesie Constantiensis' (red); 22 Sept. ‘Hemmerami m et ep'; 28 Sept. ‘Venceslai m'; 30 Sept. ‘Ursi et soc. eius'; 11 Oct. ‘Burkardi ep'; 12 Oct. ‘Panthali primi ep Basiliensis'; ‘16 Oct. ‘Galli ab' (red); 26 Oct. ‘Amandi et Vedasti cff'; 30 Oct. ‘Volfgangi ep'; 3 Nov. ‘Priminii ep'; 7 Nov. ‘Vilibrordi ep'; 8 Nov. ‘Oct. omnium ss'; 12 Nov. ‘Himerii cf'; 16 Nov. ‘Othmari cf'; 26 Nov. ‘Conradi ep' (red); 2 Dec. ‘Oct. s Katherine'; 8 Dec. ‘Eucharii ep'; 13 Dec. ‘Iodoci cf'; 16 Dec. ‘Adelheidis imperatricis'; 20 Dec. ‘Ursicini cf'.

a1v [Preface.] Stating that the work has been ordered by Otto IV von Sonnenberg, Bishop of Constance (1475-91). Dated [14]84.

a2r [Proprium de tempore.]

p2v [Ordinarium missae.]

[**1v] [Woodcut: Crucifixion.]

[**2r] [Canon missae.]

q1r [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘de s. Andrea' to ‘s. Conradus ep.’

[***1r] ‘Commune sanctorum'.

[****6r] ‘In anniuersario dedicationis ecclesie'. Followed by ‘In anniuersario dedicationis altaris'.

[****7v] ‘Misse speciales seu votiue'. See M‑267 nos 1; 41; 2; 5; ‘De Caritate'; 3-4; ‘De passione domini'; ‘De spinea corona'; ‘De lancea et clauis'; ‘De compassione BVM'; 15; 22; 27; ‘Pro Salute unius viuentis seu amico familiari'; ‘Pro gratia predicandi'; 47; 45; 17; 10; ‘Tempore sinodi vel colloquii'; ‘Pro cuncto populo katholico'; ‘56; 49; 12; ‘Contra tribulationes vel aduersitates'; 13; ‘Pro febricitantibus cum intercessione sancti Sigismundi'; 54; ‘Contra subitaneam mortem'; 52; 30; 29; 31; 33; 11; ‘Pro apostolico et omni gradu ecclesiastico'; 35; 36; ‘Pro domina seu femina quacunque'; ‘Pro episcopo abbate vel alio prelato et sibi commissis'; 16; ‘Pro principibus christianis'; ‘Pro muliere pregnante cu[m] intercessione beate Margarethe'; 51; 50; 55; 48; 18; 44; 19; 43; ‘Pro deuotione'; 23; 24; ‘Contra tribulationes vel aduersitates ecclesie'; 34; 40; ‘Pro his qui a demonio vexantur'; ‘Contra hostes ecclesie'; 39; ‘Pro persecutiones pacientibus'; ‘Pro amico tribulato'; ‘Contra tribulationes'; 46; 53; 7; ‘De sancta Maria et omnibus sanctis'; ‘De patronis vel sanctis quorum reliquie ibi continentur'; 8; ‘Oratio generalis'; 32.

B10v [Missae pro defunctis.]

C7r [Sequentiae.] It includes sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, for the common of saints, and for the dedication of the church.

E10v [Verse colophon.] Incipit: ‘[A]ccipe hos diua cleri caterua | libros nonminus raros quam comodissimos are'; hexameters(?).


Imprint: Basel: Peter Kollicker, 29 May 1485. Folio.


Collation: [*6] a–n10 o p [**8] q–v10 x6 y8 [***10 ****8] A–C10 D6 E10.


ISTC: im00657000

Hain: HCR 11283;

Goff: Goff M‑657;


Proctor: Pr 7653;

Others: Meyer-Baer 65; Sack, Freiburg, 2467; Schramm XXI p. 28; Schreiber V 4687; Sheppard 2467; Weale 58; Weale–Bohatta 307.

LCN: 14548659


Copy number: M-254(1)

Wanting the Canon woodcut, of which there is a reproduction in Heitz, Kanonbilder, 12.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with leather index tabs dyed red. Two clasps and catches lost. Quadruple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Within the outer frame, a scroll bearing the name of the binder ‘iocob' (Weale–Taylor no. 255 ‘Basel'), a circular lamb and flag and a rosette stamp. The inner rectangle is decorated with merrythought panels, made up from headed-outline tools, each containing a fleuron. A small floral stamp at the intersection of the fillets.

Size: 407 × 290 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 393 × 274 mm.

Marginal notes, mainly supplementing the text, and musical notation in a contemporary hand. Contemporary manuscript foliation in red ink in the upper margin of the rectos: ‘i–cclxii'.

Large initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue. Other initials are supplied in red or blue. Capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label. London, British Museum; shelfmark ‘IC.37569' at the tail of the spine and on the front endleaf. Transferred to the Bodleian in Oct. 1913; see ‘List of Duplicate Incunabula' (Library Records c. 1054), no. 10.

SHELFMARK: Inc. b. GS2.1485.1.

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