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Bod-Inc: M-255


Missale Halberstadiense (Halberstadt).


Analysis of Content

[*1v] Ernestus [von Sachsen], Archbishop of Magdeburg: [Mandate for publication in the form of a letter addressed to] all churchmen in the city and diocese of Halberstadt. Incipit: ‘[E]rnestus dei et apostolice . . . Id nobis pro pastorali officio . . .’

[*2r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 28 Jan. ‘Karoli imperatoris'; 30 Jan. ‘Constanty m'; 3 Mar. ‘Kunegundis'; 10 Mar. ‘Transl. s Viti'; 23 Apr. ‘Adalberti'; 6 May ‘Iuuenalis cf'; 8 May ‘Oct. Philippi et Iacobi'; 9 May ‘Aduentus reliquiarum s Stephani'; 11 May ‘Transl. s Andree ap'; 13 May ‘Seruatii ep et cf Gangolfi m'; 19 May ‘Yuonis cf'; 31 May ‘Canciani Cancianille Cantii mm'; 3 June ‘Erasmi m'; 15 June ‘Viti m'; 4 July ‘Transl. s Thome, Udalrici ep'; 7 July ‘Thome ep et m'; 24 July ‘Brigitte v'; 5 Aug. ‘Oswaldi regis'; 13 Aug. ‘Wiglberti cf'; 16 Aug. ‘Arnolphi'; 27 Aug. ‘Festum patronorum ecclesie'; 9 Sept. ‘Dedicatio ecclesie b Marie' (red); 24 Sept. ‘Conceptio s Iohannis Baptiste'; 28 Sept. ‘Wentzeslai m'; 3 Oct. ‘Duorum Ewaldorum'; 11 Oct. ‘Iusti et Arthemii mm'; 24 Oct. ‘Dedicatio Kunegundi'; 5 Nov. ‘Dedicatio scripte'; 6 Nov. ‘Transl. b Marie Magdalene'; 7 Nov. ‘Uuillebrordi ep et cf'; 12 Nov. ‘Liuini ep et m'; 20 Nov. ‘Bernardi ep et cf'.

[*8r] [Tabulae.]

[**1r] ‘Informationes et cautele obseruande presbytero uolenti diuina celebrare.’ Missale Sarum, 647-51.

[**2r] ‘Quid agendum sit circa defectus uel casus qui oriri possint in missa'. Missale Sarum, 651-6.

[**4r] ‘Notabilia'. It includes: ‘De gloria in excelsis'; ‘De collectis'; ‘De alleluia'; ‘De credo'; ‘De prefatione'; ‘De ite missa est'; ‘Oratio ante missam multum deuota'; ‘Gratiarum actio post missam a sacerdote dicenda'; ‘Post missam pro viuis et defunctis oratio'.

[**7r] ‘Exorcismus salis'.

a1r [Proprium de tempore.]

[11r] [Toni communes.] Intonations for ‘Kyrie'; ‘Gloria in excelsis deo'; ‘Sactus'; ‘Agnus dei'; ‘Ite missa est'.

[12r] [Ordinarium missae.]

[21r] [Intonations for lessons.]

[31r] [Praefatia.]

[51v] [Woodcut: Crucifixion.]

[52r] [Canon missae.]

r1r ‘Commune sanctorum'.

t1r [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘In vigilia s. Andree' to ‘Katherine'.

B6v ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'. Followed by ‘In dedicatione altaris'.

B7v ‘Festum compassionis siue transfixionis BVM'.

B8r ‘Misse votiue'. See M‑267 nos 1-2; ‘De charitate'; ‘De corpore Christi'; 3-4.

C3v [Missae pro defunctis.]

C7v ‘Misse precarie'. See M‑267 nos: ‘Missa salutis'; 5; ‘De patronis'; 11; ‘Collecta pro apostolico et omni gradu ecclesiastico'; 35; ‘Pro rege et populo'; 36; ‘Coll. pro regina'; ‘Coll. pro antistite'; 16; ‘Coll. pro uniuersis ordinibus'; 17-18; 15; 26; 13; 55; 23; 20; 24; 47-9; ‘Contra tribulationes'; ‘Coll. pro amico tribulato'; ‘Coll. pro persecutiones patientibus'; ‘Coll. contra aduersitates ecclesie seu tyrannos'; ‘Coll. contra hostes'; 19; 43; 42; 29-30; 12; 31; 8; 32; ‘Coll. pro rectoribus et pace'; 33-4; 39-40; 44-6; 50-3; 56; 41; ‘Missa de vigintiquattuor senioribus'; ‘Missa de quattuordecim sanctis in necessitate et angustiis succurrentibus'; ‘De s Ioseph officium contra infamiam malorum hominum'; ‘Officium s veronice hoc est de facie Iesu Christi' (59); ‘De corona domini'; 60; ‘Off. de septem gaudijs Marie v'; ‘Off. de compassione BVM'; ‘Missa in honore precordialis tribulationis BMV'; ‘De lancea domini'; 54; ‘Pro pugnantibus contra hereticos'; 10.

G1r [Sequentiae.] It includes sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, for the common of saints, and for the dedication of the church.


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Johann (Reinhard) Grüninger, after 1500]. Folio.

Remarks: Preface and Canon printed in [Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, c.1493-1500]; see K. Haebler, Johann Grüninger der Drucker der Missale mit dem Kanon Peter Schoeffers, Beiträge zur Inkunabelkunde, 4 (Uppsala, 1911); Reimar Walther Fuchs, ‘Die Mainzer Frühdrucke mit Buchholzschnitten 1480-1500', Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens, 2 (1958), 1-129, at p. 7 no. 26, and pp. 25-31. Excluded from BMC, but BSB‑Ink dates [c.1498].


Collation: [* **] a–p8 q6 [14 = Toni communes and Ordinarium missae; 22 = Intonations for lessons; 3–46 = Praefatia; 58 = Canon] r8 s6 t–z A–G8 H6.

Illustrations: Woodcut.


ISTC: im00663000

Goff: Goff M‑663;

Proctor: Pr 145;

Others: BSB‑Ink M‑434; de Ricci, Mayence, 70; Geldner, Drach, 187 no. 5; Heitz, Kanonbilder, 36; Meyer-Baer 74; More Books: the Bulletin of the Boston Public Library (May 1936), 17079; Schramm XIV p. 9; Schreiber V 4703; not in Sheppard; Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in the German-speaking Countries and German Books Printed in Other Countries from 1455 to 1600 now in the British Museum (London, 1962), p. 513; Adolph Tronnier, ‘Die Missaldrucke Peter Schöffers und seines Sohnes Johann', Veröffentlichungen der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 5-7 (1908), 28-220, at 148-9, 195; Weale–Bohatta 418.

LCN: 14005780


Copy number: M-255(1)

Wanting [*1], also the blank leaf [**8] and H6, probably blank. From the Mainz edition wanting gatherings [3] and [4], containing Praefatia, and the leaf [51], containing the woodcut of the Crucifixion (for which a leaf signed aiii from another edition has been substituted [160 G, 36 lines, with text beginning ‘angeli. adorant dominationes tremunt . . .' and ending ‘ . . . in nomine domini Oſanna in exelſis.']). Gathering [2], containing the intonations for lessons, is bound at the end.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library; marbled pastedowns and leather index tabs in the shape of spherical knots, dyed in red and blue.

Size: 409 × 290 × 65 mm.

Size of leaf: 335 × 270 mm.

The Crucifixion woodcut is coloured. On [52r] a six-line initial ‘T' (Te igitur) is supplied in pink with white pen-work decoration on a gold, silver, and green ground. Large initials are supplied in blue.

Provenance: Joseph Niesert (1766-1841), 1837; inscription on front endleaf: ‘Bibliothecae J. Niesert pastoris in Velen 1837'; sale (1843), lot 282. Purchased at Niesert's sale for £2. 0. 0; see Books Purchased 1843), 34.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 1.23.

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