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Bod-Inc: M-257


Missale Magdeburgense.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Advertisement.] Incipit: ‘Bonum commune priuato preferendum est . . .’ Explicit: Ocularis probatio edocet.’ See B. Opfermann, ‘Das Magdeburger Missale des späten Mittelalters', in Beiträge zur Geschichte des Erzbistums Magdeburg, ed. F. Schrader, Studien zur katholischen Bistums-und Klostergeschichte, 11 (Leipzig, 1969), 276-89.

[*1r] ‘Registrum super missas votiuas'.

[*2r] ‘Registrum quinternorum'.

[**1r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 29 Jan. ‘Constancii ep et m'; 30 Jan. ‘Aldegundis v'; 31 Jan. ‘Iulii cf'; 8 Feb. ‘Helene regine'; 25 Feb. ‘Aduentus s Mauricii' (red); 26 Mar. ‘Lindgeri ep'; 18 Apr. ‘Eleutherii ep'; 23 Apr. Adelberti ep et m' (red); 28 Apr. Panphili cf'; 1 May ‘Benigni'; 5 May ‘Godehardi ep'; 7 May ‘Commemoratio patronorum' (red); 8 May ‘Oct. Philippi et Iacobi'; 9 May ‘Geroncii ep et m'; 11 May ‘Transl. s Andree' (red); 13 May ‘Seruacii ep Gingulfi'; 3 June ‘Pergentini et Laurentini'; 4 July ‘Odolrici ep et cf' (red); 14 July ‘Hinrici imperatoris' (red); 18 July ‘Transl. Arnulfi ep et cf'; 23 July ‘Florencii Sisinnii et Appollinaris m'; 5 Aug. ‘Oswaldi regis et m'; 11 Aug. ‘Gaugerici ep'; 5 Sept. ‘Victorini ep et m'; 7 Sept. ‘Madelberte v'; 19 Sept. ‘Florencii ep et m Ianuarii et soc' (red); 28 Sept. ‘Aduentus capitis s Mauricii' (red); 3 Oct. ‘Duorum Ewaldorum mm'; 15 Oct. ‘Hediwigis ducisse' (red); 24 Oct. ‘Eracliani ep et cf'; 25 Oct. ‘Mimiater m'; 6 Nov. ‘Herculani ep et m'; 7 Nov. ‘Willibrordi ep et cf'; 12 Nov. ‘Liuini ep et m' (red); 25 Nov. ‘Audencii cf'; 2 Dec. ‘Oct. s Katherine'; 5 Nov. ‘Annonis ep et cf' (red); 13 Dec. ‘Aucberti ep et cf'; 17 Dec. ‘Adelheydis imperatricis' (red).

[a1r] [Proprium de tempore.] See Opfermann 280-1.

[o11v] ‘In dedicacione ecclesie'.

[p1r] [Ordinarium missae.]

[p5r] [Canon missae.] See Opfermann 277-9.

[q1r] ‘Commune sanctorum'.

[s1r] [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘In vigilia Andree' to ‘Audentij cf'; see Opfermann 282-4.

[B1r] ‘Misse votiue'. See M‑267 nos: 1-2; ‘De charitate'; ‘De corpore Christi'; 60; 4-5; ‘Collecta de patronis'; 11; ‘Collecta pro apostolico et omni gradu ecclesiastico'; 35; ‘Collecta pro rege et populo'; 36; ‘Coll. pro regina'; ‘Coll. pro antistite'; 16; ‘Coll. pro uniuersis ordinibus'; 17; 27; 10; 18; 15; ‘Pro familiari amico'; 13; 54; ‘Pro hiis qui a demonio vexantur'; 55; 23; 20; 24; ‘Coll. pro penitente' (47?); 48-49; ‘Contra tribulationibus'; ‘Coll. pro amico tribulato'; ‘Coll. pro persequuciones pacientibus'; ‘Coll. contra aduersitates ecclesie seu tirannos'; 19; 43; 42; 29-30; 12; 31; ‘Coll. de s Maria et omnibus sanctis'; ‘Coll. missa communis'; ‘Coll. missa generalis'; 33-4; 39-40; 44-6; 50-3; 56. See also Opfermann 285-6.

[D4v] [Missae et collectae pro defunctis.]

[D11v] [Colophon.]

[E1r] [Sequentiae.] Including sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, for the common of saints, and for the dedication of the church; see Opfermann 286-8.


Imprint: [Magdeburg]: Bartholomaeus Ghotan and Lucas Brandis, 1480. Folio.


Collation: [*2 **6 a–k10 l8 m n10 o12 p q10 r12 s–z A–C10 D12 E F8].


ISTC: im00671000

Hain: HC 11321;

Goff: Goff M‑671;

BMC: BMC II 594;

Proctor: Pr 2752;

Others: Meyer-Baer 16; Oates 1225; not in Sheppard; Weale 93; Weale–Bohatta 569.

LCN: 10886158


Copy number: M-257(1)

Wanting everything before [c1]; [c3,8], [i9]; [k6-10]; [l1-2]; [o11]; gathering [p] containing the order and canon of the Mass; [q1-2] containing the opening of the common of saints; [D3] and [D12]; [E F8] containing the sequentiae.

Binding: Partially rebound, and stored in a modern document case, made in the Bodleian Library. Scars of index tabs.

Size: 416 × 298 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 413 × 287 mm.

Some early folio numbering in the middle of the lower margin of the rectos. Two paper fragments containing manuscript additions to the text of the Missal in a contemporary German hand were found between fols 220 and 221 and fols 223 and 224; they are now kept separately within the case.

On [B1r] a five-line initial ‘L' is supplied in azure with green foliate extensions into the margin and the area defined by the letter in red. Other initials are supplied in red or blue; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Purchased in Oct. 1993 for £8,500 from Sokol Books, Catalogue 21, no. 76, through the German Friends of the Bodleian; see ledger (1993/4), no. 146; BLR 14,6 (1994), 524-5.

SHELFMARK: Inc. b. G22.1480.1.

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