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Bod-Inc: M-258


Missale Magdeburgense (Magdeburg).


Analysis of Content

[*1v] [Advertisement.] Incipit: ‘Bonum commune priuato preferendum est . . .’ Explicit: Ocularis probatio edocet. See M‑257.

[*2r] ‘Registrum Votiuarum missarum'.

[*3r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 29 Jan. ‘Constancii ep et m'; 30 Jan. ‘Aldegundis v'; 31 Jan. ‘Iulii cf'; 8 Feb. ‘Helene regine'; 25 Feb. ‘Aduentus s Mauricii' (red); 26 Mar. ‘Ludgeri ep'; 18 Apr. ‘Eleutherii ep'; 23 Apr. Adelberti ep et m' (red); 28 Apr. Panphili cf'; 1 May ‘Benigni'; 5 May ‘Godehardi ep'; 7 May Commemoratio patronum' (red); 8 May ‘Oct. Philippi et Iacobi'; 9 May ‘Geroncii ep et m'; 11 May ‘Transl. s Andree' (red); 13 May ‘Seruacii ep Gungolfi'; 3 June ‘Erasmi m (red) Pergentini et Laurentini'; 4 July ‘Odalrici ep et cf' (red); 14 July ‘Hinrici imperatoris'; 18 July ‘Transl. Arnulfi ep et cf'; 23 July ‘Florencii Sisinnii et Appollinaris m'; 5 Aug. ‘Oswaldi regis et m'; 11 Aug. ‘Gaugerici ep'; 5 Sept. ‘Victorini ep et m'; 7 Sept. ‘Madelberte v'; 19 Sept. ‘Florencii ep et m Ianuarii et soc' (red); 28 Sept. ‘Aduentus capitis s Mauricii' (red); 3 Oct. ‘Duorum Ewaldorum mm'; 15 Oct. ‘Hedwigis ducisse' (red); 24 Oct. ‘Eracliani ep et cf'; 6 Nov. ‘Herculani ep et m'; 7 Nov. ‘Willebrordi ep et cf'; 12 Nov. ‘Liuini ep et m' (red); 25 Nov. ‘Audencii cf'; 2 Dec. ‘Oct. s Katherine'; 5 Nov. ‘Annonis ep et cf'; 13 Dec. ‘Aucberti ep et cf'; 17 Dec. ‘Adelheydis imperatricis' (red).

a1r [Proprium de tempore.] See Opfermann 280-1.

q6r ‘In dedicacione ecclesie'. Followed by: ‘In dedicacione altaris'.

2a?? [Canon missae.] See Opfermann 277-9.

r1r ‘Commune sanctorum'.

t5v [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘In vigilia Andree' to ‘Audencii cf'; see Opfermann 282-4.

A5v ‘Misse votiue'. See M‑267 nos: 1-2; ‘De charitate'; ‘De corpore Christi'; 60; 4-5; ‘Collecta de patronis'; 11; ‘Collecta pro apostolico et omni gradu ecclesiastico'; 35; ‘Collecta pro rege et populo'; 36; ‘Coll. pro regina'; ‘Coll. pro antistite'; 16; ‘Coll. pro uniuersis ordinibus'; 17; 27; 10; 18; 15; ‘Pro familiari amico'; 13; 54; ‘Pro hiis qui a demonio vexantur'; 55; 23; 20; 24; ‘Coll. pro penitente' (47?); 48-49; ‘Contra tribulationibus'; ‘Coll. pro amico tribulato'; ‘Coll. pro persequuciones pacientibus'; ‘Coll. contra aduersitates ecclesie seu tirannos'; 19; 43; 42; 29-30; 12; 31; ‘Coll. de s Maria et omnibus sanctis'; ‘Coll. missa communis'; ‘Coll. missa generalis'; 33-4; 39-40; 44-6; 50-3; 56. See also Opfermann 285-6.

D3v [Missae et collectae pro defunctis.]

D10r [Sequentiae.] Including sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, for the common of saints, and for the dedication of the church; see Opfermann 286-8.


Imprint: Magdeburg: Moritz Brandis, 30 Dec. 1493. Folio.

Remarks: The date in the colophon is sometimes read as 23 Dec. 1493 (e. g. by Pr).


Collation: [*] a–l8 m10 n–p8 q6 2a10 r–z [et] [con] A–C8 D10 E F6.

Types: Types: 314 G, Canon; 160 G, 151 G, text.

Leaves: 272 leaves, 147-67 numbered I‑XXI, 232-59 numbered I‑XXVIII. Two columns, except in the order and canon of the Mass, the advertisement, calendar, and colophon.

Line number: 37 lines (a3r).

Type area: Type area: 295 ×188 mm (a3r).

Illustrations: Woodcut and printed lombard initials; also spaces. Reproduction of the Canon woodcut of the Crucifixion in Heitz, Kanonbilder, 27 and Schramm XII no. 376.

Remarks: Leaf [*1v], advertisement: ‘¶ Bonū cōmune priuato p̄ferendū eſt . . .'; [*2r]: ‘Regiſtrū Votiuarū miſſarū'; [*3r]: (red) ‘Ianuarius habet dies .xxxi. Luna .xxx. || . . .'; a1r: (red) ‘Domīca prima aduētus dn̄i | (black) [A]d te leua= | ui animā | meā deus | me9  . . .'; r1r: (red) ‘Incipit cōmune ſanctorū . . .'; t5v (proprium de sanctis): (red) ‘In vigilia Andree Introitus | . . .'; A5v: (red) ‘Incipiūt miſſe votīe. De Tildean | cta trinitate . . .'; D3v: (red) ‘Miſſa aīa In | [R](black)Equiem eternā dona eis dn̄e | . . .'; D10r: (red) ‘In primo gallicantu Sequentia. | E(black)ya recolamus | laudibus pijs | . . .'; F6r, colophon: (red) ‘Cunctis et dominis et preſbiteris cuiuſuis dioceſis famulare in preſidiū inſi= | gne hoc opus [et] p̄clarū. poſt exactam diligentemqƺ emēdationem Auctore deo | ē [per] fectū . . . | . . . Quāto vero Tildetudeo [et] acuratione. caſtigatū. emendatū. [et] ordi= | natū Tildeit Hij iudicēt. qui illud alijs Tildeimilib[us] Tildeibi Tildeiue manu Tildecriptis. Tildeiue ere im= | preſſis litteris contulerint. Cōſumatū Opulenta in vrbe Magdeborch Arte | et īgenio Mauricij Brādis Anno immacl'ate ṽginis marie poſt partū vltra | Milleſimū terqƺ cēteſimū nonogeſimotercio Die vero lune eiuſdē penultīmo'; F6v blank.


ISTC: im00672500

Hain: C 4159;

Proctor: Pr 2637 = 2759A;

Others: Meyer-Baer 16; Schreiber V 4723; Sheppard 1998-2000; Weale–Bohatta 572 = 572A.

LCN: 14514503


Copy number: M-258(1)

Wanting the gathering2 a containing the Canon; also sheet z4.5.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with two metal catches, one clasp and remains of another, and leather index tabs, some in the shape of spherical knots. Manuscript title in a nineteenth-century hand on a rectangular paper label pasted on the head of the spine. On the upper cover triple fillets form a double frame. Within the inner frame, a rosette and an eagle stamp. The inner rectangle is decorated with merrythought panels made up from headed-outline tools, each containing a rosette stamp and with a small rosette stamp at each intersection. On the lower cover triple fillets form a frame. The inner rectangle is decorated with merrythought panels, made up from headed-outline tools, each containing a rosette stamp.

Size: 425 × 295 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 410 × 277 mm.

Front pastedown consists of a leaf from a fourteenth-century German antiphonar.

In the calendar, the following entries have been added in an early sixteenth-century German hand: ‘27 July Christofferi m'; 29 July ‘Oct. Magdalene'; ‘30 July ‘Marthe v'; 8 Nov. ‘Oct. omnium sanctorum'. The following entries have been added in a different sixteenth-century hand: 16 Aug. ‘Rochij cf'; 2 Sept. ‘Joachini cf'. Other marginal notes, mainly supplementing and providing corrections to the text, in the early sixteenth-century German hand. On D4r a marginal note in the same hand: ‘In anniuersario Ottonis imperatoris et in anniuersario et in translatione Edith imperatricis'.

On a1r an eight-line initial ‘A' of green acathus leaves within a ground made of pink acanthus leaves is supplied. Some six- to eight-line initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue with reserved white decoration, within a ground consisting of pen-flourishing in red or olive-green ink. Some four-line initials are supplied in blue with reserved white decoration within a ground consisting of pen-flourishing in red ink. Other initials are supplied in red or blue. A few additional manuscript rubrics in the ‘Proprium sanctorum'.

Provenance: Johannes Golt (fifteenth/sixteenth century); name on [*1r]. Joseph Niesert (1766-1841), 1837; inscription on [*1r]: ‘Bibliothecae J. Niesert pastoris in Velen 1837'; sale (1843), no. 280. Purchased at Niesert's sale for £1. 6. 6; see Books Purchased (1843), 34.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q inf. 2.23.

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