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Bod-Inc: M-259


Missale Moguntinum (Mainz).


Analysis of Content

[*2r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 8 Jan. ‘Erhardi cf'; 29 Jan. ‘Valerii ep'; 30 Jan. ‘Aldegundis v'; 6 Mar. ‘Fridolini cf'; 3 Apr. ‘Florentii ep'; 20 Apr. ‘Adelarii ep'; 23 Apr. ‘Adelberti ep'; 24 Apr. Wendalini cf'; 2 May ‘Walperti ep'; 4 May ‘Floriani m'; 5 May ‘Godehardi cf'; 13 May ‘Seruatii ep et Gingolfi m'; 3 June ‘Morandi cf'; 6 June ‘Claudi archiep'; 13 June ‘Onofrii cf'; 16 June ‘Aurei et Iustine mm (red)'; 20 June ‘Deodati ep'; 21 June ‘Albani m (red)'; 4 July ‘Udalrici ep (red)'; 6 July Goaris cf'; 7 July ‘Willibaldi ep'; 3 Sept. ‘Mansueti et Remaculi cff'; 3 Oct. ‘Duorum Eualdorum mm'; 12 Oct. ‘Panthali ep'; 13 Oct. ‘Lubencii cf'; 15 Oct. ‘Maurorum mm'; 28 Oct. ‘Ferrucci m'; 30 Oct. ‘Theonesti m'; 3 Nov. ‘Pirmini ep Huperti ep'; 27 Nov. ‘Wilhildis abbatisse'; 8 Dec. ‘Eucharii ep'; 16 Dec. ‘Ananie Azarie Misaelis, Adelheidis imperatricis'; 20 Dec. ‘Ursinici cf'; 30 Dec. ‘Dauidis regis'. See H. Reifenberg, Misse und Missalien im Bistum Mainz seit dem Zeitalter der Gotik, Liturgiewissenschaftliche Quellen und Forschungen, 37 (Münster, 1960).

[*7r] ‘Ordo qualiter se sacerdos ad celebrandam missam preparare debeat'.

[***1r] ‘Pro missis huius voluminis de tempore et sanctis inueniendis . . . tabula'.

[***6r] [Informationes et Cautelae.] Missale Sarum, 647-51.

[a1r] [Proprium de tempore.]

[11r] [Ordinarium Missae.] The Ordinarium is inserted between the vigil of Easter and Easter day.

[21r] Canon Missae.

[p8r] ‘Commune sanctorum'.

[s7r] [Proprium de sanctis. Pars hyemalis. Rubrica.]

[s8r] [Proprium de sanctis. Pars hyemalis.] From ‘In vigilia Andree apostoli' to ‘De annunciatione BVM'.

[x2v] [Proprium de sanctis. Pars aestivalis. Rubrica.]

[x3r] [Proprium de sanctis. Pars aestivalis.] From ‘Ambrosii cf' to ‘Wilhilde abbatisse'.

[D8r] ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'. Followed by ‘In dedicatione altaris'.

[E1v] [Missae pro defunctis.]

[E6v] ‘Misse speciales'. See M‑267 nos: 1; 5; 2; 20; ‘De corpore Christi'; 3; ‘De passione domini'; 4; ‘Missa de tribulatione beate virginis'; ‘Missa de quinque doloribus BVM'; ‘Missa de eterna sapientia' (41?); ‘De transfiguratione domini'; 59-60; ‘De lancea et clauis'; ‘De spinea corona'; ‘Missa de misericordia dei'; ‘De qutuordecim(!) adiutoribus sanctis'; ‘Missa pro pestilentia'; 11; 35-6; ‘Pro antistite'; 16; 15; ‘Missa sacerdotis ut eum dominus conseruat'; ‘De caritate' (44?); 27; 10; 17; ‘Pro fratribus'; ‘Pro tribulatione'; 54; 13; 55; ‘Pro febricitantibus'; 47; 18; 26; 48; 39; ‘Pro pace impetranda'; 23; 30; 29; ‘Pro obedientia'; 12; 51-2; 49; ‘Missa pro demoniaco'; 56; ‘De victoria'; Pro sapientia postulanda'(41).

[I1r] ‘Collecte speciales'.

[K2r] [Sequentiae.] Including sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, and for the common of saints.

[K12r] [Colophon.] Commissioned by Berthold von Henneberg, Archbishop of Mainz.


Imprint: Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 3 Apr. 1493. Folio.


Collation: [*8 **4 *** a–i8 k 110 28 l–z A–F8 G–H6 I8 K12].

Illustrations: Woodcut of the Crucifixion on [110v].


ISTC: im00674500

Hain: HC 11332 = C 4164;

Proctor: Pr 131;

Others: BSB‑Ink M‑440; CIBN M‑434; de Ricci, Mayence, 68-9; Reimar Walther Fuchs, ‘Die Mainzer Frühdrucke mit Buchholzschnitten 1480-1500', Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens, 2 (1958), 1-129, at p. 6 no. 21, pp. 18-19; Heitz, Kanonbilder, 28; Meyer-Baer 89; Schramm XIV p. 9; Schreiber V 4733; Sheppard 88; Adolph Tronnier, ‘Die Missaldrucke Peter Schöffers und seines Sohnes Johann', Veröffentlichen der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 5-7 (1908), 28-220, at 110-27, 180-8; Weale–Bohatta 626.

LCN: 14514491


Copy number: M-259(1)

Bound with:
1. Psalterium. Mainz: J. Schöffer, 1516 (a fragment of seven leaves).

The volume formerly contained the copy of the Canon Missae [1458] (M‑284), which was rebound separately on 26 Jan. 1887 and pressmarked Douce 280*, now Arch. G b.4.

Wanting all before fol. lxxxiii: from gatherings [*] to [2].

Printed marginal corrections (in a different type) on [E7v], [H2v], and [I8v]; printed interlinear correction on a strip of paper pasted onto the line to be corrected on [H4v].

Binding: Nineteenth-century calf, with a gold-tooled floral and foliate roll on both covers, and gold-tooled spine. Scars of index tabs. Rebacked.

Size: 417 × 295 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 405 × 266 mm.

Marginal notes, mainly extracting key words and providing corrections to the text, in an early German hand.

Initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue with reserved white decoration on a square ground made of red pen-work decoration with extensions into the margins, and in red or blue.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 280(2).

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