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Bod-Inc: M-260


Missale Monasteriense (Münster).


Analysis of Content

[a1r] ‘Quatuordecim consilia doctorum pro periculis que in missa contingere possunt'. Incipit: ‘[S]ciendum etiam summopere quod secundum scripta sanctorum doctorum Thome, Alberti . . .’ Explicit: tamen consecrat See Missale Monasteriense 1300-1900. Katalog, Texte und vergleichende Studien, ed. E. J. Lengelin, B. Kranemann, and K. Richter, Liturgiewissenschaftliche Quellen und Forschungen, 76 (Münster, 1995), 150-3.

[a2r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 23 Jan. ‘Macharii m'; 29 Jan. ‘Valerii ep et cf'; 30 Jan. ‘Aldegundis v'; 25 Feb. ‘Vualburgis v'; 26 Mar. ‘Ludgeri ep'; 24 Apr. ‘Ludgeri ep' (red); 1 May ‘Vualburgis v'; 4 May ‘Floriani m'; 13 May ‘Seruacii ep et cf'; 15 May ‘Festum pentecostes' (red); 22 May ‘Festum trinitatis' (red); 26 May ‘Festum venerabilis sacramenti' (red); 5 June ‘Bonifacii ep et m' (red); 12 June ‘Adulphi cf'; 13 July ‘Margarete v' (red); 18 July ‘Arnulphi ep et cf'; 23 July ‘Liborii ep Brigitte vidue'; 4 Aug. ‘Aduentus s Vualburgis v'; 5 Aug. ‘Osualdi regis'; 20 Aug. ‘Malachi ep et cf'; 26 Aug. ‘Herenei et Habundi mm'; 28 Aug. ‘Hereme m'; 5 Sept. ‘Victorini m'; 7 Sept. ‘Regine v et m Magdalberte v'; 28 Sept. Vuenceslai m'; 3 Oct. ‘Transl. s Ludgeri ep Duorum evualdorum'; 10 Oct. ‘Victoris et soc. eius' (red); 15 Oct. ‘Ss maurorum mm'; 16 Oct. ‘Galli ab'; 21 Oct. Undecim milium virginum' (red); 22 Oct. ‘Seueri ep'; 23 Oct. ‘Seuerini ep'; 26 Oct. ‘Amandi ep et cf'; 29 Oct. ‘Aduentus duorum euualdorum, Narcisci ep'; 3 Nov. ‘Huperti ep et cf'; 7 Nov. ‘Vuillibrordi ep et cf'; 12 Nov. ‘Cuuiberti(!) ep'; 29 Dec. ‘Thome ep Cantuariensis et m' (red).

[b1r] [Proprium de tempore.] Missale Monasteriense, 177-600.

[x1r] [Toni communes.] Intonations for ‘Ite missa est'; ‘Gloria in excelsis deo'; ‘Benedicamus domino'.

[x1v] [Ordinarium missae.] Inserted between the vigil of Pentecost and Pentecost.

[x2r] [Prefatia.]

[z1r] [Canon missae.]

[G3r] ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'. With collecta and prefatia ‘de trinitate' and ‘de resurrectione'. Followed by ‘De dedicatione altaris'; ‘In consecratione ecclesie'.

[G5v] [Missae votivae.] See M‑267 nos: 10; 13; ‘Contra mortalitatem siue pestilentiam'; ‘Festum lancee et clauo'; ‘In transfiguratione domini'; 60.

[H2v] ‘Exorcismus salis et aque'.

[H4r] [Commune sanctorum.]

[O7r] [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘De vigilia s Andree apostoli' to ‘Lini pp'.

[aa3r] ‘Sequentie'. Including sequences for the main feasts of the proper of tempore, saints, and for the common of saints.


Imprint: Cologne: Ludwig von Renchen, 10 Jan. 1489. Folio.


Collation: [a–q8 r6 s t8 v6 x–z A–Z aa8 bb6].

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: im00675500

Hain: C 4166;

Proctor: Pr 1264;

Others: Meyer-Baer 91; Sheppard 956; Voulliéme, Köln, 808; Weale–Bohatta 641.

LCN: 14514532


Copy number: M-260(1)

Wanting [x2], [z7-8], and [H5, 6].

Some leaves in gatherings [z] and [H] have been repaired.

Binding: Late eighteenth/early nineteenth-century half calf, the spine gold-tooled, over original wooden boards, bevelled inwards, covered with blue paper. Two brass catches and clasps, probably from the original binding. Red-edged leaves. Scars of index tabs.

Size: 328 × 230 × 75 mm.

Size of leaf: 310 × 200 mm.

Musical notation in brown ink. Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key words and providing corrections to the text, in an early German hand. On [v6v] prayers for the Ordinarium missae have been added in the same hand: ‘Suscipe sancte pater omnipotens eterne deus hanc immaculatam hostiam . . . Deus qui humane substancie dignitatem et mirabiliter condidisti . . . Offerimus tibi domine calicem salutaris . . . Suscipe sancta trinitas hanc oblacionem . . . (Bernarde Botte and Christine Mohrmann, L'Ordinaire de la Messe, Études Liturgiques, 2 (Paris and Louvain, 1953), 68 and 72). On [x2r] an addition in a sixteenth/seventeenth-century hand: ‘Aue sanctissima virgo maris Maria, O praestantissima regina coeli via, Aue purissima, aue castissima, Aue flos, Aue ros, te rogamus, audi nos et salua miseros. Maria domina, Maris Maria stella, per tua nomina, pro nobis interpella, virtutum speculum, duc nos per seculum. Lucida, fulgida, nocte pharas horrida mentes illumina'. In the lower margin of [z6v] the Mass for S. Hupertus (3 Nov.), present in the calendar but not in the sanctoral, has been added in the same early German hand. On [bb6v] four rhymed stanzas each of four verses added in German in another sixteenth/seventeenth-century hand: ‘Schonster herr Jesu hercher aller herren | gottes und Mariae Sohn . . . jetz und auch letzten end'. Bibliographical notes by William Henry James Weale on the back of a postcard addressed to E. W. B. Nicholson, Bodley's Librarian, dated 1889, now pasted on the verso of the front endleaf.

On [b1r] a six-line initial ‘A' is supplied in interlocked red and blue with reserved white decoration and red and blue pen-work decoration with extension into the margin. On [s1r] and [z1r] five- to six-line initials are supplied in blue with reserved white and red pen-work decoration. Other initials are supplied in red or blue, some with reserved white decoration (Cologne). Capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Melchior ab Haitzfelt(?) (fl. 1542); inscription on [a1r]: ‘Iste liber per dominum Melchiorem ab Haitzfelt Canonicum Seniorem et Thesaurarium nostre Ecclesie donatus est Anno Domini M.D.Lxxxxij'. Joseph Niesert (1766-1841), 1823; inscription on [a1r]: ‘Bibliothecae J. Niesert pastoris in Velen 1823'; sale (1843), lot 271. Purchased at Niesert's sale for £1. 6. 0; see Books Purchased (1843), 34.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q inf. 1.16.

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