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Bod-Inc: M-263


Missale Ratisponense (Regensburg).


Analysis of Content

[a2r] [Calendarium.] See M‑262.

[a8r] Henricus Iv de Abensberg, Bishop of Regensburg: [Mandate for publication in the form of a letter addressed to] all churchmen of the city and diocese of Regensburg. Incipit: ‘Heinricus dei et apostolice sedis gratia Episcopus . . . Sacrorum canonum instituta . . .’ Dated Regensburg, 20 Jan. 1492. See M‑262.

[b1r] [Proprium de tempore.]

[v3v] ‘In dedicatione ecclesie'. Followed by ‘De dedicatione altaris'.

[v5r] [Ordinarium missae.]

[v6v] ‘Sequuntur prefationes'.

[y8v] [Toni communes.] Intonations for ‘Kyrieleyson', ‘Gloria in excelsis deo'; ‘Ite missa est', and ‘Benedicamus domino'.

[z1v] [Canon missae.]

[A1r] [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘In vigilia s. Andree' to ‘Virgilii cf'.

[L1r] ‘Commune sanctorum'.

[M10v] ‘[Missae] pro defunctis'.

[N6r] [Missa de s. Maria.]

[O4r] ‘Misse votiue'. See M‑267 nos: 1-2; 5; ‘De corpore Christi'; 50; 3; 60; 4; 20; 27; 15; 13; 29-30; 12; 10; ‘Contra pestilentia'.

[P4v] ‘Orationes uotiuales'. See M‑267 nos: 49; ‘Pro tribulato'; ‘Pro peccatis'; 8; 33; ‘Contra Thurcos et hereticos'.

[P8r] ‘Informationes et cautele obseruande presbitero uolenti diuina celebrare.’ Missale Sarum, 647-51.

[P9r] ‘Cautele seruande quid agendum sit circa defectus uel casus qui oriri possint in missa'. Missale Sarum, 651-6.


Imprint: [Bamberg]: Heinrich Petzensteiner and Johann Pfeyl, [after 20 Jan. 1492]. Folio.


Collation: [a8 b–t10 v8 x–z A–M10 N6 O8 P10].

Types: Types: 400 G, Canon; 196 G, 156 G (leaded except in preliminary and supplementary matter).

Illustrations: Red-printed initials and lombards. Woodcut initial ‘T' (sacrifice of Isaac) in Canon. Musical notes on red-printed four-line stave. Crucifixion cut in Canon; see Heitz, Kanonbilder, 8.


ISTC: im00686600

Hain: HC *11357;

Proctor: Pr 793;

Others: BSB‑Ink M‑454; Geldner, Bamberg, 36; Sheppard 589; Weale–Bohatta 807.

LCN: 14514471


Copy number: M-263(1)

Wanting [a1], presumably blank.

The gathering containing the Canon is on parchment.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library; leather index tabs.

Size: 416 × 285 × 90 mm.

Size of leaf: 405 × 270 mm.

In the calendar the following entries have been added in the lower margin by a late fifteenth/early sixteenth-century German hand: Feb.: ‘Anniuersarius Barbare Sschraierin peragitur singulis annis feria tertia post letare in exteriori hospitali de quo habet cappellanus altaris S.Barbare iiii d.'; Mar.: ‘Anniuersarius Barbare Altarfferin peragitur quinta aut sexta feria post inuocauit de missa in interiori hospitali iiii d.'; ‘Anniuersarius N. Müllgers peragitur in ecclesia S. Petri cum missa . . . de quo habet capellanus altaris S.Barbare iiii d.'; Apr.: ‘Anniuersarius Anndre Schweic(?) peragitur . . . de vigilijs et missa habetur cappellanus S.Barbare viii d.'; ‘Ann. Vdalrici Prügkl peragitur . . . cappellanus S.Barbare viii d. ratis[ponensis?] singulis annis anno domini 1504'; ‘Ann. Viti Fierecklmosmüller peragitur secunda feria post cantare in ecclesia sancti Iacobi cum missa de quo habetur cappellanus altaris S.Barbare iiii d. ratis[ponensis?] anno domini 1506 singulis annis'; May: ‘Ann. domini Walthausero Eckers peragitur in die Sophie v [15 May; added in the calendar by the same hand] in vigiliis ad sanctum iacobum de quo habetur iiii d.'; June: ‘Ann. domini Ade Altstil peragitur singulis annis in ecclesia S.Iacobi in secundis vigiliis Iohannis Baptiste de communis(?) . . .S.Barbare viii d. r[atisponensis]'; July: ‘Item von der mettum die Hanns Frayner hat gestifft jarlich da von iiii d. in die Anne ad S.Iacobum'; (now partly erased and cancelled:) ‘Ann. Georgiy Etinger(?) peragitur sequenti die post diuisione apostolorum in S. Petro [ ] de quo habet cappellanus S. Barbare x [ ] in anniuersario 1506'; Aug.: ‘Ann. Iohannis Zeyhlen primi cappellani misse altaris S.Barbare interioris hospitalis et peragitur in singulis annis . . . et funditus anno domini 1505 de quo habet cappellanus S.Barbare xviii d. rat. et littere huius anniuersarii inueniuntur cum fraternitate sacerdotum (on erasure) copie vero in hospitali interiori'; ‘Ann. Vrbani Krestofferolim theolonarius peragitur in monasterio carmelitarum augustini inter esse habet vt superattendens cappellanus Vraslin altare S. Barbare cum missa de qua habet 14 rat. d. et littera sunt in fraternitate sacerdotum et fratres solent notum facere anniuersarium huic capitulo'; Sept.: ‘Ann. domini Laurentii Weinz(?)rellus peragitur in interiori hospitali in secundis vesperis Michaelis de vigiliis et missa habet cappellanus S.Barbare viii d.'; ‘Ann. Regine Vranslii genita de nüsperg peragitur . . . de quo habet cappellanus S.Barbare viii d. rat. anno domini 1498 ex fundatrix misse S. Barbare, et littere sunt in fraternitate sacerdotum'; Oct.: ‘Ann. Leonhardi Haydlfinger peragitur in exteriori hospitali post remigii de quo habet cappellanus s.Barbare viii d. rat.'; ‘Ann. Andree öxel . . . habet cappellanus S.Barbare xii d. rat. anno domini 1502'; Nov.: ‘Ann. Agnetis Reichlin . . . viii d.'; ‘Ann. Iohannis Suess olim plebanus in Aytterhofen peragitur ibidem Martini [ ] esse habet capelanus Vraslin altare sancte Barbare cum missa [ ] de qua habet 14 rat. d. vt solicitate(?) vel superattendens et littere sunt reposite in fraternitate sacerdotum, et vitrici eiusdem ecclesie debent notum facere in capitulo quando peragitur anniuersario'. On [v6r] marginal notes, providing direction for the liturgical function, in red ink in a late fifteenth/early sixteenth-century German hand. Occasional marginal notes, mainly providing corrections to the text, in a contemporary German hand, in brown and red ink.

Episcopal arms on [a8v], Canon woodcut on [z1v], initial ‘T' on [z2r], and circular woodcut of the lamb and flag on [z7v] are coloured by hand. On [b1r] a six-line woodcut initial ‘A' is coloured in blue edged in black, on a green ground with some yellow pen-work decoration, with foliate and floral extensions into the margin to form a border, in green, pink, blue, grey, and gold (Strasbourg style?). Other six-line woodcut initials are coloured in blue, green, or burgundy with white and black or yellow pen-work decoration and foliate and floral extensions into the margin in blue, pink, and green. Capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Regensburg, Bavaria, Hospital of S. Barbara(?); calendar entries (see above). Purchased, together with other editions of Missale Ratisponense (Bamberg: Johann Pfeyl, 15 Dec. 1500 (M‑265); Regensburg: Johann Sensenschmidt and Johann Beckenhub, [after 5 Mar. 1485] (M‑262); [Bamberg:] Johann Pfeyl, 1518), for £8. 5. 0; see Books Purchased (1848), 29.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 2.5.

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