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Bod-Inc: M-269


Missale Romanum (ed. Petrus Arrivabenus).


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Title-page.] Edited by Petrus Arrivabenus.

[*2r] [Calendarium.] A Roman calendar with a number of Venetian feasts and recently introduced feasts.

[*8r] ‘Tabula'.

a1r [Proprium de tempore.] See Missale Romanum, 1-195, 212-99.

k8r [Ordinarium missae.] Inserted between Holy Saturday and Easter day. See Missale Romanum, 196-206.

l2v [Prefatia.]

m1r [Canon missae.] See Missale Romanum, 206-11.

q2r [Proprium de sanctis.] From ‘in vigilia sancti Andree' to ‘Sancte Katherine'. See Missale Romanum, 300-402.

v8r ‘Commune sanctorum'. See Missale Romanum, 403-46.

y7r [In dedicatione ecclesiae.] Followed by ‘In anniuersario dedicationis ecclesie'; ‘In dedicatione altaris'; ‘Missa in honore sanctorum quorum corpora habentur'. See Missale Romanum, 447-9.

y8r [Missae votivae.] See M‑267 nos 1-55.

[et]2r [Missae pro defunctis.] See Missale Romanum, 483-94.

[et]6r [Missae votivae.] See M‑267 nos 56-63; ‘In sancti Rochi'; ‘In sancti Iob'; nos 65-6.

[con]3r [Benedictiones.]

[con]4r ‘Ordo ad faciendam aquam benedictam'. See Missale Romanum, pp. xxv–xxvii.

[con]5r ‘Coniuratio malignorum spirituum in corporibus hominum existentium prout Rome in basilica ecclesie sancti Petri coniurantur'.


Imprint: Venice: Johannes Emericus, de Spira, for Lucantonio Giunta, 28 June 1498. Folio.


Collation: [*] a–z [et] [con]8.

Remarks: Gathering [*] numbered but not signed.

Types: Types: 420 G; 134 G; 134 G*.

Leaves: 208 leaves, 9-208 numbered I‑CC, with errors.

Line number: 38 lines and headline, 2 columns (a1r).

Type area: Type area: 257 (267) ×171 mm (a1r).

Illustrations: Woodcuts. Red-printed lombards, also black initials. Musical notation on red-printed staves.

Remarks: Leaf [*1r], Title: ‘(red) Miſſale ƥm vſum | ſancte Roma | ne eccleſie.' | Device [of L. A. Giunta.]; [*2r]: ‘ANnus habet menſes .xij. hebdomadas .lij. et diē vnū: et | dies. ccclxv . . .'; [*8r], col. 1: ‘Tabula dn̄icarum'; a1r: ‘Incipit ordo miſſalis ƥm con | ſuetudinē Romane curie. Do | minica prima de aduētu. Sta | tio ad ſanctam mariam maio= | rem. Ad miſſam Introitus.'; m1r: ‘(red) Inclinatus ſacerdos corā altari | iunctis manibus ſequentē dicit | canonem. (black) TE igitur cle | mentiſſime | pater . . .'; [con]8r, col. 2, colophon: ‘(red) Accipite optimi ſacerdotes | miſſale iuxta morē ſcē Romane | eccleſie expletū cū diligentia re | uiſum ac fideli ſtudio emēdatū | per fratrē Petrū Arriuabenū | ordinis ſcī Franciſci de obſer/ | uantia. Impreſſum iuſſu et im= | pēſis nobilis viri Lucc̄amp;#772; Antonij | de giūta Florentini: Arte autē | Ioānis Emerici de Spira: Ve= | netijs ducante feliciſſimo prin= | cipe Auguſtino Barbadico. | M.ccccxcviij. Quarto kal'. Iulij | Regiſtrum | (black) Kl'. abc . . . | . . .oēs ſunt terni'.


ISTC: im00713300

Hain: C 4211;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: Aimé-Georges Martimort, ‘Missels incunables d'origine franciscaine', Mélanges liturgiques offerts au R. P. Dom Bernard Botte (Louvain, 1972), 359-78, at 24; R. Salaris, ‘Gli incunaboli della biblioteca comunale di Piacenza', Bibliofilia, 18 (1916), 185-193 no. 354; Sander 4775; Sheppard 4562-4; Weale–Bohatta 945.

LCN: 15642564


Copy number: M-269(1)

Wanting l8, the leaf before the Canon, probably containing a woodcut. Leaf [*1] is backed.

The wording of the colophon does not coincide with that in Weale–Bohatta.

Binding: Eighteenth/nineteenth-century diced russia, with the arms of Michael Wodhull in gilt on upper cover, marbled pastedowns, and blue silk bookmark. Rebacked.

Size: 357 × 255 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 257 (267) × 171 mm.

On [*1r] a note in a sixteenth-century Italian hand: ‘Adi uintasette dagossto una uolta fo [ ] MC'. A few additional entries in the calendar in the same hand: ‘22 Feb. ‘et sancte Margarite v' [of Cortona †1297]; ‘2 July ‘Visitatio sancte Marie virginis'. On [con8v] is an early manuscript copy of a carol in Italian: ‘Verbum caro factum est de virgine Maria. | In questo anno gratioso | nel mondo pericoloso | nasce el signor glorioso . . . notte e giorno a tutte lore'; 31 strophes of three lines of eight syllables. A leaf containing typewritten bibliographical information by David Rogers, dated 22 Nov. 1967 and titled ‘Extraordinary Purchase' is kept inside the upper cover.

Initials on a1r and m1r coloured.

Provenance: Michael Wodhull (1740-1816); gilt armorial stamp on the upper cover. John Edmund Severne (1826-1899); sale (1886), lot 1743. Portsmouth, Roman Catholic see, Virtue and Cahill Library; cancelled book-plate with no. 8393; sale (5 July 1967), lot 146; purchased by Alan G. Thomas (1911-1992) for £90. Purchased from him on 11 Feb. 1969 for £200 less 10%, after the binding had been repaired.

SHELFMARK: Inc. c. I4.1498.4.

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