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Bod-Inc: M-283


Missale speciale. Liber Missarum specialis.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Title-page.] According to Weale, the Missale speciale is a missal with selected liturgy in use in Germany and Switzerland, where there were many chapels in which Mass was said only on Sundays and on principal festivals, so it was found convenient to have smaller volumes containing only the text of the Masses for those days; see W. H. James Weale, ‘The Newly Discovered “Missale speciale”  ’, Library, 2nd ser., 1 (1899-1900), 62-7, at 65.

[*1v] [Table of contents.]

[*2v] ‘Exorcismus salis et aque'.

[*4r] [Calendarium.] It includes: 8 Jan. ‘Erhardi ep'; 1 Feb. ‘Oct. s Pauli'; 6 Mar. ‘Fridolini ab'; 1 May ‘Sigismundi regis'; 2 May ‘Walperti cf'; 5 May ‘Gothardi ep'; 8 May ‘Reuelatio s Michaelis'; 11 May ‘Gangolfi m'; 16 May ‘Brandani ab'; 22 May ‘Helene regine electe'; 3 June ‘Erasmi ep'; 11 June ‘Onofrii cf'; 14 June ‘Basilii ep'; 20 June ‘Deodati ep'; 25 June ‘Transl. festi s Fridolini ab'; 1 July ‘Oct. Iohannis Baptiste, Theobaldi ep'; 4 July ‘Udalrici ep'; 7 July ‘Wilibaldi cf'; 13 July ‘Heynrici imperatoris cf'; 15 July ‘Margarethe v' (red); 21 July ‘Arbogasti ep' (red); 5 Aug. ‘Oswaldi regis'; 7 Aug. ‘Afre m'; 29 Aug. ‘Adelfi ep' (red); 1 Sept. ‘Verene v'; 9 Sept. ‘Kunnegundis'; 22 Sept. ‘Hermerammi m et ep'; 28 Sept. ‘Wentzeslai m'; 30 Sept. ‘Ursi et soc. eius'; 12 Oct. ‘Allatio capitis s Panthali primi Basiliensis ep'; 26 Oct. ‘Amandi ep'; 31 Oct. ‘Wolfgangi ep'; 12 Nov. ‘Hymerii cf'; 26 Nov. ‘Conradi ep'; 2 Dec. ‘Oct. s Katherine'; 13 Dec. ‘Iodoci cf';20 Dec. ‘Ursicini cf'.

a1r [Proprium de tempore.] The liturgical use, as given by the list of Alleluia verses of the Sundays after Pentecost, is that of Basel.

k4r [Ordinarium missae.]

[**2r] [Canon missae.]

l1r [Proprium de sanctis.] From S. Andreas to S. Conradus ep.

m4r ‘Commune sanctorum de tempore pascali'. Inserted in the proper of saints, between the feast of S. Ambrosius and that of S. Georgius.

A1r ‘Commune sanctorum'.

C7v ‘In anniuersario dedicationis ecclesie'. Followed by ‘In anniuersario dedicationis altaris'.

D1v ‘Misse speciales'. See M‑267 nos: 1; 41; 5; 2; 44; 3-4; ‘De Passione domini'; ‘De Compassione BVM'; 15; ‘Pro Peccatorum remissione' (20?); 27; ‘Pro Salute unius viuentis'; 10; ‘Tempore Synodi vel colloquii'; ‘Pro cuncto populo'; 56; 49; ‘Missa propria iter agentis' (12?); ‘Contra tribulationes vel aduersitates'; 13; ‘Pro febricitantibus cum intercessione s Sigismundi'; ‘Contra pestilentia'(54?); ‘Contra subitaneam mortem'; 52; 30; 29; 31; ‘Contra paganos et christiani nominis inimicos'.

F6r [Collectae.] See M‑267 nos: 11; ‘Pro episcopo vel alio prelato et sibi commissis'; 16; ‘Pro imperatore siue rege'(35 or 36?); ‘Pro principibus christianis'; ‘Pro familiaribus'; ‘Pro muliere pregnante cum intercessione beate Margarethe'; 51; ‘Pro captiuis' (50?); 48; 18; 44; 43; ‘Pro deuotione'; 24; ‘Contra tribulationes vel aduersitates ecclesie'; ‘Contra hostes ecclesie'; 46; 53; ‘Oratio communis'; ‘Oratio generalis'; ‘Pro salute viuorum et mortuorum' (32?); 7; ‘De sanctis quorum reliquie hic continentur'; 23; 55.

G3r [Missae pro defunctis.]

H4v [Sequentiae.]


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Johann Prüss, c.1500]. Folio.

Remarks: Weale dates [c.1503].


Collation: [*8+1] a–k8 [**6] l–p A–F8 G6 H8.

Illustrations: Woodcut.


ISTC: im00733000

Hain: H *11248;

Goff: Goff M‑733;

Others: BSB‑Ink (M‑491); Heitz, Kanonbilder, 39; Polain 2741; Sack, Freiburg, 2475; Schramm XX p. 27; Schreiber V 4761 and 4761a (var.); Sheppard 444-5; Weale p. 191; Weale–Bohatta 1471.

LCN: 14515954


Copy number: M-283(1)

Wanting k8, probably blank, [**1, 3.4], and H4.5.

The text of the Canon begins on [**2r], not on [**1v] as Polain.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with remains of metal clasps and catches. Leather index tabs dyed red. Quadruple fillets form a double frame. Within the outer frame a foliate roll. Vertical quadruple fillets divide the inner rectangle into three rectangular compartments, decorated, the two at the side with the foliate roll, the middle one with merrythought panels made up from headed-outline tools, each containing a fleuron. The spine, which has been repaired, is decorated with fillets.

Size: 315 × 225 × 50 mm.

Size of leaf: 298 × 215 mm.

Marginal notes, mainly supplementing the text, in an early sixteenth-century German hand, probably that of Stephan Zengreff. In particular the office for S. Eucharius, 2nd Bishop of Treves, on l2v, and that for S. Donatus (7 or 8 Aug.) on o2r. On H8v the following sequences have been added: for the Holy Cross: ‘Dulce lignum adoremus dulces clauos . . .' (Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 4869; AH 54 no. 124); for Ascension day: ‘O quam mira sunt deus tua portentia . . .' (Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 13529); for Pentecost: ‘Veni sancte spiritus et emitte celitus . . .' (Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 21242; AH 54 no. 153). The following offices have been added in a gathering of six leaves bound with the book: ‘De s Iohanne ante portam latinam'; ‘De s Kiliano cum sociis suis'; ‘In diuisione apostolorum'; ‘In octaua s Kiliani'; ‘Stephani pape et martiris'; ‘In inuentione s Stephani'; ‘Ciriaci et sociorum eius'; ‘De s Elizabeth'.

An initial ‘T' (crucifixion) on [**2r] is coloured.

Provenance: Würzburg, Bavaria, Augustinian Hermits, S. Georgius; inscription, mostly erased, on [*1r] in a humanist hand: ‘Monasterii sancti Augustini Herbipoli'. Stephan Zengreff de Laudenberg, Baden-Württemberg (sixteenth century); inscriptions on [*1r]: ‘Presens missale pertinet Stephano Zengreff de Laudenbergk possessor(!) huius libri'; and on the rear pastedown: ‘Steffanus Zengreff de Laudenbergk est possessor huius libri missarum specialis'. Nicolaus Lutz (seventeenth century); ‘Nicolaus Lutz Ceruicornensis dono dedit Andree Candido. Nicolaus Lutz Ceruicornanus quum codicem hunc donasset Andree Candido, nunc (inquit) operi precium est te (Candidum appellando), etiam sacerdotali beneficio donare. Habe igitur (inquit) receptum beneficium parochie quam hactenus possedi in Schimederwag (hec est vilissimus pagus situs otto[ ] miliare ab Ceruicornia distans) quam tibi hinc(?) manibus meis in conspectu horum testium (aderant n. complures Heidelberge contubernales nostris) libere et syncere absque vlla symonia dolous malo trado Querentique Candido (nouerat enim vilem pagum), do prouentibus istius parochie plus quam mille Rndis(?) . . .' On the front pastedown is a list of books in the same hand: ‘1. Prima seu superior Bibliotheca habet codices xxii. 2. Media tenet xxvii. 3. Ima habet in vniuersa cum subpositis xxviiii. Restant apud me v preter philosophicos'. Andreas Weiss (seventeenth century). Friedrich Georg Hermann Culemann (fl. 1870); cutting from his sale catalogue, lot 536, pasted inside the lower cover. Portsmouth, Roman Catholic see, Virtue and Cahill Library; cancelled book-plate with no. 8399; sale (5 July 1967), lot 150; purchased by Alan G. Thomas (1911-1992) for £38. Purchased from him in 1969 for £60 less 10%, after the binding had been repaired.

SHELFMARK: Inc. c. G7.1.

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