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Bod-Inc: M-284


Missale. Canon Missae.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Canon missae.] Incipit: ‘[G]loria in excelsis Deo . . .’ Bernarde Botte and Christine Mohrmann, L'Ordinaire de la Messe, Études Liturgiques, 2 (Paris and Louvain, 1953), 62-92; A. Tronnier, ‘Die Anschlußbuchstaben, Setzer und Drucker im Fust-Schöfferschen Canon Missae des Jahres 1458', Gb Jb (1944/9), 66-79, at 66; Irvin Masson, The Mainz Psalter and Canon Missae 1457-1459 (London, 1954).


Imprint: [Mainz: Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, 1458]. Folio.


Collation: [a12].

Types: Types: 234 G ([a1r]); 280 G ([a3r]).

Leaves: 12 leaves.

Line number: 23 lines ([a1r]); 19 lines ([a3r]).

Type area: Type area: 283 ×200 mm ([a1r]); 280 ×212 mm ([a3r]).

Illustrations: Two- and six-line initials of two colours, the letter being of one colour, the ornament of the other, the colours being used alternately. Lombards in red.

Remarks: Leaf [a1r]: (red and blue) ‘G (black) Loria in excelſis (red) Cant' angelic' quotidian' | (black) deo, Et in terra pax . . .'; [a1v], l. 3: ‘[C]Redo in vnū deum . . .'; [a2r], l. 13: ‘[S]Vſcipe ſācta trinitas hāc oblationē . . .'; [a2v], l. 5: ‘(red)S (black)urſū corda, | (red)G (black)racias agamus domino deo noſtro, | (blue and red)V (black)Ere dignū et iuſtum eſt . . .'; [a6r], l. 14: ‘(red and blue)S (black)Anctus, Sanctus, Sanctus dn̄s | deus ſabaoth . . .'; [a6v], blank. [a7r]: (red and blue) ‘T (black)E igi clemētiſſime pr̄ | . . .'; [a9v], l. 15: (red) ‘O (black)remus, (red)P (black)receptis ſalutarib[us] | moniti . . .'; [a12r], l. 14: (red and blue) P (black)Laceat tibi sācta trinitas obsequiū | ſ[er]uitutis mee . . .'; [a12v], l. 19: ‘ . . . ut cūcta nr̄a o[per] a= | cō a te s[per] incipiat - [et] [per] te incepta finia, P.’


ISTC: im00736000

Goff: Goff M‑736;

Proctor: Pr 68;

Others: de Ricci, Mayence, 61; Sheppard 23-5; F. Falk and H. Wallau, ‘Der Canon Missae vom Jahre 1458 der Bibliotheca Bodleiana zu Oxford', Veröffentlichungen der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 3 (1904), 37-51. Microfiche: Unit 1: Mainz to 1480.

LCN: 14453496


Copy number: M-284(1)

Formerly bound between a fragment of the Psalterium. Mainz: J. Schöffer, 1516, and an imperfect copy of the Missale Moguntinum. Peter Schoeffer, 3 Apr. 1493 (Bod-inc. M‑259). Printed on parchment. Leaf [a1v], l. 3: ‘Symbolus,' is printed upside down in red.

Binding: Nineteenth-century parchment, with scars of leather index tabs. A faded note regarding the rebinding of this item in 1887 at the head of the front pastedown.

Size: 415 × 292 × 15 mm.

Size of leaf: 404 × 283 mm.

Marginal notes, mainly extracting key words and supplementing the text, in two early German hands, one of which has also annotated Bod-inc. M‑259.

The second initial ‘G' on [a1r], ‘C' on [a1v], ‘S' on [a2r] are supplied by hand. On [a6v] is stitched a woodcut of the Crucifixion, coloured by hand; reproduced by M. Schmidt, Die frühesten u. seltensten Denkmale des Holz- u. Metallschnittes aus dem vierzehnten und fünfzehnten Jahrhundert, 3 vols (Nuremberg, [1875?]), no. 81; Schreiber no. 2339 (not 2338 as stated). The cut is surrounded by a border of conventional linked clouds, the symbols of the Evangelists in the corners. Schreiber no. 2338, deuxième état; see XYL‑9.

Provenance: Francis Douce (1757-1834). Bequeathed in 1834.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Douce 280*.

SHELFMARK: Arch. G b.4.

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