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Bod-Inc: M-331


Hero et Leander [Greek with Latin translation].


Analysis of Content

b1r [Title-page.] ‘ Μουσαίου ποιημάτιον το καθ ’ Ἥρω καὶ Λέανδρον ὃδὴ καὶ εἰς τὴν ῥωμαὶων διάλεκτον αὐτολεξεὶ μετωχετούθη .’ ‘Musaei opusculum de Herone et Leandro, quod et in latinam linguam ad verbum tralatum est.’

b1v [List of errata.]

b1v [Epitaph.] ‘ Εἰς Μουσαι̂ον ἐπιτάφιον ‘ Incipit: ‘ Εὐμόλπου Φίλον υἱον ἔχει τὸ Φαληρικὸν οὐ̂δαν | Μουσαι̂ον φθίμενον σω̂μ ’ ὑπο τῳ̂δε τάφῳ .’

b1v ‘In Musaeum epitaphium’ Incipit: ‘Eumolpi carum filium tenet Phalericum solum | Musaeum corruptum corpore sub hoc tumulo.’

b1v [Note about the author.] ‘Sed cum quatuor fuisse Musaeos a Suda tradatur, unusne ex iis an alius quispiam hic noster fuerit, quaerendum.’

Α1r [Manutius Romanus, Aldus Pius: Letter in Greek addressed to the reader.] Aldo Manuzio editore I, 5.

Α1v Musurus, Marcus: [Greek verses about the work]. ‘ Μάρκου Μουσούρου του̂ Κρητὸς ’. Botfield 182-3.

Α1v Musurus, Marcus: [Greek verses about the author]. ‘ Του̂ αὐτου̂ εἰς Μουσαι̂ον .’ Botfield 183.

b2r Musurus, Marcus: [Translation of the Greek verses about the work]. ‘Marci Musuri Cretensis'. Botfield 183. The Latin translation, although presented as verse, does not scan.

b2r Musurus, Marcus: [Translation of the Greek verses about the author]. ‘Eiusdem in Musaeum'. Botfield 183-4. The Latin translation, although presented as verse, does not scan.

b2v Musaeus: Hero et Leander [Latin]. Translated by Aldus Manutius. ‘Musaei de Herone et Leandro’ ‘Sic dea occultorum testem lucernam amorum | Et nocturnum natatorem per mare uectarum nuptiarum'. The Latin translation, although presented as verse, does not scan. On the work see Martin Sicherl, ‘Die Musaios-Ausgabe des Aldus Manutius und ihre lateinische Übersetzung', Italia medioevale e umanistica, 19 (1976), 257-76, for the use of Sélestat, Bibliothèque Humaniste, MS. 336 at 275-6; Martin Sicherl, Griechische Erstausgaben des Aldus Manutius: Druckvorlagen, Stellenwert, kultureller Hintergrund, Studien zur Geschichte und Kultur des Altertums, Neue Folge, 1 Reihe: Monographien, 10 (Paderborn, 1997), 11-30. BSB‑Ink attributes the translation to Marcus Musurus.

Α2r Musaeus: [Hero et Leander.] ‘ Μουσαίου τὰ καθ ’ Ἥρω καὶ Λέανδρον .’ E. Livrea and P. Eleuteri, Hero et Leander (Leipzig, 1982).

b6v Antipater [Thessalonicensis: Epigram.] Incipit: ‘ Οὑ̂τος ὁ Λειάνδροιο διάπλοος οὑ̂τος ὁ πόντου | Πορθμὸς ὁ μὴμουνῳ̂ τῳ̂ Φιλέοντι βαρύς ‘; 3 distichs.

Α6r Antipater [Thessalonicensis: Translation of the epigram.] Incipit: ‘Hic est Leandri tranatus hoc est ponti | Fretum non soli amanti graue'.

Α6r [Martialis, Marcus Valerius: Epigramma.] Mart. 14. 181.


Imprint: Venice: Aldus Manutius, Romanus, [the Greek text after Sept. 1495, before Nov. 1495; the Latin text 1497]. 4°.

Remarks: The Greek and Latin texts were printed in separate gatherings which were then folded so that the texts appear in parallel. Dated according to Scapecchi, ‘Annali', 3, following P. Eleuteri, Storia della tradizione manoscritta di Museo (Pisa, 1981), 160-1.


Collation: α10 b12, interleaved.

Remarks: Leaf b1 not signed; leaf b2 signed b.

Illustrations: Woodcuts and woodcut initials.


ISTC: im00880000

Hain: HC *11653;

Goff: Goff M‑880;

BMC: BMC V 552, XII 39;

Proctor: Pr 5545, 5564A;

Others: BSB‑Ink M‑592; C. F. Bühler, ‘Aldo Manutius and his First Edition of the Greek Musaeus', Bibliofilia, 52 (1950), 123-7; CIBN M‑558; Essling 1296; Hillard 1418; Sander 4912; Scapecchi, ‘Annali', 3; Sheppard 4609-10.

LCN: 14514234, 14514321


Copy number: M-331(1)

Binding: Early nineteenth-century gold-tooled red morocco, enclosed in a gold-tooled green case. Red-edged leaves; yellow pastedowns, and green silk bookmark.

Size: 192 × 140 × 12 mm.

Size of leaf: 185 × 130 mm.

On a6 r ‘Clamabat . . . dum redeo', repeating the printed distich, in a seventeenth-/eighteenth-century hand.

Provenance: Guillaume de Bure (1734-1820); inscription on the verso of the first front endleaf: ‘Empt. Parisiis e museo Gul. de Bure, mense Augusto AD 1817. const: xxv Aureis Gallicis'. Purchased from de Bure for £21. 0. 0; see Books Purchased (1817), 6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1R 5.13.

Copy number: M-331(2)

Gathering Αonly, containing the Greek text.

Binding: Nineteenth/twentieth-century half brown morocco over marbled pasteboards, stamped with the initials ‘I. B.'. Gilt upper edge.

Size: 208 × 144 × 7 mm.

Size of leaf: 205 × 138 mm.

Provenance: Johannes Sambucus (1531-1584); name on Α1r: ‘J. Sambuci. P.' Ingram Bywater (1840-1914); initials on binding; Elenchus, no. 2239a. Bequeathed in 1914.

SHELFMARK: Byw. Q 3.6.

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