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Bod-Inc: N-027

Nicolaus de Ausmo

Supplementum Summae Pisanellae, et al.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] [Nicolaus de Ausmo]: Supplementum [Summae Pisanellae.] Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam summa que Magistrutia seu Pisanella vulgariter nuncupatur . . .’ Explicit: ecclesie submitto correctioni

[O4r] [Tables.]

[O7r] Astesanus de Ast: Canones poenitentiales. Incipit: ‘[C]onsiderandum est de canonibus penitentialibus ad quorum . . .’ Explicit: dilectus et similia, etc. See N‑023.


Imprint: Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 27 June 1478. Folio.


Collation: [a–h10 i8 k10 l m8 n–q10 r6 s8 t6 v x10 y6 z8 A6 B–F10 G–O6.8.6.10].


ISTC: in00063000

Hain: HC *2157;

Goff: Goff N‑63;

BMC: BMC II 416;

Proctor: Pr 1986;

Others: BSB‑Ink N‑74; CIBN N‑37; Hillard 1428; Rhodes 1228; Sack, Freiburg, 2534; Sheppard 1448-9.

LCN: 14467397


Copy number: N-027(1)

Sheets [n4.7] and [n5.6] are bound in reverse order.

Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) half calf; marbled paper boards; red-edged leaves. Remains of a shelfmark label on the spine: ‘Vett. imp. N[]ol. 15'.

Size: 390 × 280 × 78 mm.

Size of leaf: 375 × 258 mm.

On [a2r] a 14-line southern German initial ‘Q' is supplied in grey decorated with white acanthus scrolling edged in maroon, on a gold ground edged in light and dark green, with the body of the letter decorated with black foliate pen-work on a brown ground; there is a foliate and floral extension into the lower margin in light and dark green, gold, blue, pink, grey, white, and red, with a small red squirrel sitting on one of the branches on the inner side of the margin. Other two- to five-line initials, some with extensions into the margins, and paragraph marks are supplied in red, maroon, or blue; some capital strokes in red, other capitals touched with yellow wash.

Provenance: Wrocław, Silesia, Augustinian Canons Regular, 1737; erased inscriptions on [a3r]: ‘Bibliothecae Canonicorum Regularium S. Augustini Wratislaviae ad Dominam Virginem in Arena inscriptus. 1737 die 7 Maii'; ‘Ex libris monasterii Beate Virginis Wratislaviae in Arena'. Purchased for £1. 1. 0: see Books Purchased (1859), 12.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 2.8.

Copy number: N-027(2)

Binding: Contemporary German (Rebdorf, Kyriß workshop no. 28) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards with two metal clasps and catches; four metal corner-pieces and a centre-boss lost from each cover. On both covers intersecting triple fillets form concentric frames. On the upper cover within the inner frame is a repeated foliate and floral stamp (Kyriß pl. 63, no. 3). Triple fillets form the inner rectangle, and within this further triple fillets form a lattice-work which is decorated with a repeated foliate stamp (not illustrated in Kyriß) and a flower-petal stamp (Kyriß pl. 63, no. 1); the triangular and lozenge-shaped compartments formed by the lattice-work are decorated with a repeated headed-outline tool (Kyriß pl. 63, no. 2). On the lower cover within the inner frame is a repeated foliate stamp (Kyriß pl. 63, no. 5). Triple fillets form the inner rectangle which is divided by further triple fillets into quadrilateral compartments, decorated with the flower-petal stamp (Kyriß pl. 63, no. 1), and a central rectangle, decorated with the headed-outline flower-petal stamp (Kyriß pl. 63, no. 1). At the head of the upper cover is an early manuscript label, partly erased, bearing the number ‘147'. The spine has been painted grey, and the head has the title written in a sixteenth-century(?) hand. At the tail of the spine is a lozenge-shaped label edged in black ink with the number ‘85'.

Size: 417 × 295 × 80 mm.

Size of leaf: 406 × 285 mm.

On [a2r] a 14-line initial ‘Q' is supplied in interlocked red and green, within a border of red pen-work and green, and with the body of the letter decorated with red pen-work; other principal three- and four-line initials are supplied in interlocked red and green with red pen-work decoration within the bodies of the letters, interlocked blue and green, red with green pen-work decoration, interlocked red and blue with red pen-work decoration, or red with red pen-work decoration; other two- to five-line initials are supplied in red, green, or blue, some decorated with green, some with extensions into the margins; paragraph marks, some with extensions into the margins, are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Rebdorf, Bavaria, Augustinian Canons, S. Johannes Baptista; inscription in a fifteenth-century hand on the remains of a parchment front endleaf: ‘Hic codex est monasterii sanctissimi Johannis Baptiste ordinis Canonicorum Regularium Eystetensis dyocesis et continet in se Summam Pysani Bartholomei vna cum Supplemento suo et quere materiam in ea contentam secundum ordinem alphabeti vtpote intuentibus'. Purchased for £1. 6. 6: see Books Purchased (1860), 7.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 2.9.

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