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Bod-Inc: N-040

Nicolaus de Cusa

Opuscula theologica et mathematica.


Analysis of Content

Part I:

a1v ‘Prohemium'. Incipit: ‘[I]n hoc volumine continentur certi tractatus . . .’

a1v [List of contents of part I.]

a2r Nicolaus de Cusa: De docta ignorantia [dedicated to] Julianus de Caesarinis. Cusa, Opera Omnia, I 1-64; see VL VI 1093-1113.

f5r Nicolaus de Cusa: Apologia doctae ignorantiae. Cusa, Opera Omnia, II 1-36.

g6r Nicolaus de Cusa: De conjecturis [dedicated to] Julianus de Caesarinis. Cusa, Opera Omnia, III 3-183.

l6r Nicolaus de Cusa: De filiatione Dei [dedicated to] Conrardus de Wartberg. Cusa, Opera Omnia, IV 39-64.

m4v Nicolaus de Cusa: De Genesi. Cusa, Opera Omnia, IV 103-29.

n4r Nicolaus de Cusa: Ydiota. Cusa, Opera Omnia, V 3-139.

r4v [Author's colophon.]

Part II:

2a1v ‘Prohemium'. Incipit: ‘[I]n hoc volumine continentur certi tractatus . . .’

2a1v [List of contents of part II.]

2a2r Nicolaus de Cusa: De visione Dei [dedicated to] the abbot and monks at Tegernsee. Jasper Hopkins, Nicholas of Cusa's Dialectical Mysticism. Text, Translation, and Interpretative Study of the De Visione Dei (Minneapolis, 1985), 110-268.

2c5v Nicolaus de Cusa: De pace fidei. Cusa, Opera Omnia, VII 3-63.

2e3r Nicolaus de Cusa: Reparatio calendarii. Incipit: ‘[A]d laudem omnipotentis Dei vt intentio correctionis kalendarii . . .’ Explicit: transferri mereamur See Thorndike–Kibre 53. ‘Recitatus Basilee in concilio anno domini 1436'.

2f4v Nicolaus de Cusa: De mathematicis complementis [dedicated to] Nicolaus V, Pont. Max. Incipit: ‘[T]anta est potestas summi tui pontificatus . . . [T]estimonio omnium qui se ad geometrica . . .’ Explicit: triangulos equare See Thorndike–Kibre 1556.

2i1r Nicolaus de Cusa: Cribratio Alchorani [dedicated to] Pius II, Pont. Max. Cusa, Opera Omnia, VIII 3-190.

2n6r Nicolaus de Cusa: De venatione sapientiae. Cusa, Opera Omnia, XII 3-113.

2q6v Nicolaus de Cusa: De ludo globi (book 1). Incipit: ‘[C]um te videam ad sedem retractum . . .’ Explicit: in actu ponens See Thorndike–Kibre 347.

s2r Nicolaus de Cusa(?): [Verse.] Incipit: ‘[Q]ui cupis ingenium presentis nosse libelli | Redde prius mensis terque quaterque sacrum'; 66 lines of verse.

s3r Nicolaus de Cusa: De ludo globi (book 2). Incipit: ‘[T]u nosti pater me aduenisse summa fiducia . . .’

t5v Nicolaus de Cusa(?): [Verse.] Incipit: ‘[L]egisti quicunque globi studiose libellum | Quem Baiohario scripsimus ante duci'; 8 elegiac distichs.

t6r Nicolaus de Cusa: Compendium. Cusa, Opera Omnia, XI, pt 3 3-36.

v6r Nicolaus de Cusa: Trialogus de possest. Cusa, Opera Omnia, XI, pt 2 3-87; and J. Hopkins, A Concise Introduction to the Philosophy of Nicholas of Cusa, 2nd edn (Minneapolis, 1980), 62-152.

y3v Nicolaus de Cusa: Contra Bohemos, [two letters addressed to the people of Bohemia, the third to Martinus and other priests.] Incipit: ‘[N]icolaus miseratione diuina tituli sancti Petri . . .’ Explicit: anno sexto

z5v Nicolaus de Cusa: De mathematica perfectione [dedicated to] Anthonius, Cardinal priest of S. Chrysogonus. Incipit: ‘[S]ollicita est nobis mens vestra . . .’ Explicit: hac via requiritur See Thorndike–Kibre 1518.

A4v Nicolaus de Cusa: De beryllo. Cusa, Opera Omnia, XI, pt 1 3-85.

D1r Nicolaus de Cusa: De dato patris luminum [dedicated to] Gerardus ‘episcopus Solonensis(?)' [not identified]. Cusa, Opera Omnia, IV 67-87.

D5v Nicolaus de Cusa: De quaerendo Deum. Cusa, Opera Omnia, IV 13-35.

E4v Nicolaus de Cusa: De apice theoriae. Cusa, Opera Omnia, XII 117-36.


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Martin Flach, c.1500.] Folio.

Remarks: A copy is said to have the manuscript date ‘1489' (ZfB (1941), 332, note; this appears to be the copy in Tübingen UB; see R. Klibansky in Nicolaus de Cusa, Die belehrte Unwissenheit, III, ed. H. G. Senger (Hamburg, 1977), 227.


Collation: Part I: a8 b–r6; part II: 2a–f6 g h8 i–z A6 B C4 D6 E8.

Illustrations: Woodcut diagrams.


ISTC: in00095800

Hain: HC *5893;

Goff: Goff N‑97;

BMC: BMC I 157, 158;

Proctor: Pr 727-8;

Others: BSB‑Ink N‑95; CIBN N‑48; Hillard 1436; Oates 262-3; Rhodes 1232; Schramm XX p. 28; Schreiber V 4838; Sheppard 529-30.

LCN: 14466615


Copy number: N-040(1)

Wanting the blank leaf E8.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blue paper boards; yellow-edged leaves and parchment index tabs on a1 and2 a1. ‘1079' in ink on a square paper label at the head of upper cover.

Size: 280 × 210 × 50 mm.

Size of leaf: 283 × 205 mm.

A few marginal notes, mainly ‘nota' marks and extraction of key words, in an early hand. Bibliographical note by the astronomer John Louis Emil Dreyer (1852-1926) on a slip pasted onto front pastedown, with an added note by Arthur Alcock Rambaut (1859-1923), Radcliffe Observer (1897).

Provenance: Stephen Peter Rigaud (1774-1839). Purchased in 1839 by the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford; stamp. Transferred to the Bodleian in 1935.

SHELFMARK: Rigaud d. 128.

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