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Bod-Inc: N-059

Nicolaus de Lyra

Postilla litteralis super totam Bibliam (cum expositionibus Britonis et additionibus Pauli Burgensis et correctoriis editis a Matthia Doering).


Analysis of Content

Part I:

[1a2r] Nicolaus de Lyra: ‘Prologus primus'. PL CXIII 25-30. See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 5829 and Labrosse, ‘Œuvres', 159.

[1a2v] Nicolaus de Lyra: ‘Prologus secundus'. PL CXIII 29-34. See Labrosse, ‘Œuvres', 159.

[1a3r] Guilelmus Brito: ‘Expositio . . . in epistolas et prologum Pentatheuci. Versus introductorii'. Incipit: ‘[P]artibus expositis textus noua cura cor angit | Et fragiles humeros onus importabile frangit'; verse written in prose form. See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 2824.

[1a3v] Guilelmus Brito: [Commentary on the Letters of S. Hieronymus.] Incipit: ‘  “[F]rater Ambrosius tua mihi . . .,” etc. Ad euidentiam huius epistole quam scribit Hieronymus ad Paulinum presbyterum . . .’ Explicit: esse moriturum See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 2824.

[1b4v] Guilelmus Brito; [Nicolaus de Lyra pseudo-]: ‘Prologus in Penthateucum'. Incipit: ‘  “[D]esiderii mei”. Istam epistolam scripsit Hieronymus . . .’ Explicit: exonerando remissit See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 2825; for commentaries on the other prologues see Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 2826-72.

[1b6r] Paulus Burgensis: ‘Additiones ad postillam'. PL CXIII 35-7. See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 6329.

[1b6v] Paulus Burgensis: ‘Additio super vtrunque prologum'. PL CXIII 37-50.

[1b8v] ‘Copia cuiusdam littereque contra determinationem predicte questionis a quodam magistro in sacra pagine de ordine minorum auctori additionum fuit missa'. PL CXIII 50-1.

[1c1r] ‘Copia responsionis ad predictam epistolam'. PL CXIII 51-60.

[1c2v] Doering, Matthias: ‘Prologus in replicas defensiuas postille fratris Nicolai de Lyra ab impugnationibus domini Burgensis'. PL CXIII 59-62; for Doering's ‘Replicae' see Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 5547-8.

[1c3r] [Nicolaus de Lyra: Postilla litteralis. Gn–Ps.] Incipit: ‘  “[I]n principio creauit Deus celum et terram” [Gn 1,1]. Omissis diuissionibus curiosis, accipio illam que magis . . .’ Explicit: ibi continue laudant Deum . . .spiritus sanctus. Amen See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 5829-923; Labrosse, ‘Œuvres', 157-75, with this edition listed at 155.

[1c6r] Paulus Burgensis: [Additions to Nicolaus's Postils. Gn–Ps.] Incipit: ‘Circa expositionem litteralem huius primi capituli . . .’ Explicit: perducat Dei filius. Amen See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 6329. On the authorship see Labrosse, ‘Œuvres', 370. Burgensis's additions follow Nicolaus's ‘Postilla'.

[1d2v] Doering, Matthias: [Corrections to Paulus Burgensis's additions: Gn–Ps.] ‘Replica'. Incipit: ‘[P]ost prologum suum, Burgensis ad litteram accedens dicit . . .’ Explicit: vilium collectorum, etc. On the authorship see Labrosse, ‘Œuvres', 370. Doering's corrections occur after Burgensis's additions.

Part II:

[2a1r] [Nicolaus de Lyra: Postilla litteralis. Prv–Apc.] Incipit: ‘  “[I]ungat epistola et cetera”. Hunc prologum premittit Hieronimus tribus libris Salomonis scribens . . .’ Explicit: oratio pro omnibus fidelibus . . .cum omnibus vobis. Amen

[2l3v] Paulus Burgensis: [Additions to Nicolaus's Postils. Is–Apc.] Incipit: ‘[Q]ueritur hic quare non fecit mentionem in hac prefatione . . .’ Explicit: dignetur suauiter disponere . . .gloriam. Amen

[2l5r] Doering, Matthias: [Corrections to Paulus Burgensis's additions: Is–Hbr.] ‘Replica'. Incipit: ‘[C]irca Ysaiam prophetam et primum eius capitulum . . .’ Explicit: corruptorem efficacius exurgant

[OO9r] [Colophon also naming the authors of the various elements of the commentary.]


Imprint: Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 22 Jan. 1481. Folio.

Remarks: In two parts, although described as three by H in error.


Collation: Part I: [a–e8 f–o6 p8 q–z A–L6 M10 N6 O P8 Q–Z aa–xx6 yy10]; part II: [a b6 c8 d–z A B6 C8 D–N6 O7 P–Z aa–zz AA–NN6 OO10].

Illustrations: Woodcuts: see Schramm XVII pls 1-43.


ISTC: in00135000

Hain: HC *10369;

Goff: Goff N‑135;

BMC: BMC II 419;

Proctor: Pr 1998;

Others: BSB‑Ink N‑114; CIBN N‑76; Gosselin 408, no. 25; Oates 994; Rhodes 1237; Sack, Freiburg, 2558; Schramm XVII p. 8 and pls 1-43; Schreiber V 4843; Sheppard 1460.

LCN: 14468111


Copy number: N-059(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [OO10].

Two parts bound in three volumes: volume 1 contains part I (prologues, Gn–Ps); volume 2 Prv–Am (gatherings [2 a–O]); volume 3: Abd–Apc (gatherings [2 P–OO]).

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; yellow-edged leaves; bound for the Bodleian Library. An old paper label giving author and title pasted to the front pastedowns of all three volumes.

Size: Vol. 1: 420 × 302 × 87 mm; vol. 2: 419 × 299 × 54 mm; vol. 3: 419 × 302 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 410 × 270 mm.

Occasional marginal annotations, including comments on the text, and ‘nota' marks. Cropped early signatures in red ink. On [OO9r] in a fifteenth/sixteenth-century humanist hand: ‘Spera quotidie Domini suffragia spera | In Domino donum dilige sanus eris'.

On [1 a2r] a 20-line southern German (Nuremberg) initial ‘N' is supplied in blue with curling acanthus scrolling in white and brown on a burnished gold ground, the gilt with punch-dotting, within segmented frames of red, pale green, and grey, and with foliate extensions into the margins in red, blue, and green, with gold dotting. Other principal five- and six-line southern German initials are supplied either in blue with curling acanthus scrolling in white, or in red with curling acanthus scrolling in pink and white, both on a burnished gold ground, the gilt with punch-dotting, and with foliate extensions into the margins in red, blue, green, and pink, with gold dotting. Other two- to seven-line initials, some with extensions into the margins, are supplied in red, blue, or interlocked red and blue with pen-work decoration in maroon and green; paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Seemannshausen, Bavaria, Augustinian Hermits, S. Maria Magdalena; inscriptions on [1 a2r], [2 a1r], and on [2 P1v]: ‘Conuentus Seemanshusani ordinis Eremitarum S. P. Augustini'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Duplum' in black ink, and shelfmark in pencil ‘Inc. Typ. No. 2848', also pencil number ‘463' on [1 a1r]. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, probably in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q inf. 1.5-7.

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