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Bod-Inc: N-080

Nider, Johannes

Manuale confessorum.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Nider, Johannes: Manuale confessorum. Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam iuxta beati Gregorii in suo Pastorali sententiam regimen animarum est ars artium . . .’ Explicit: in sentencia et scripto. Et tantum de confessorum . . .sufficit See N‑078.

[c6v] [Author's colophon.]

[c7r] [List of contents.]


Imprint: [Paris: Ulrich Gering, Martin Crantz, Michael Friburger, about Nov. 1474.] Folio.

Remarks: Printed on the same paper as the Nider, Praeceptorium, of 9 Nov. 1474 (with which it is commonly bound) in one of the Paris BnF copies; a different setting from the edition of 1 Mar. 1473/4 (CIBN).


Collation: [a b10 c8].

Types: Type: 90 G.

Leaves: 28 leaves, the last blank.

Line number: 45 lines, two columns ([a1r]).

Type area: Type area: 203 ×146 mm. ([a1r]).

Remarks: Capital spaces. Leaf [a1r]: ‘Eximij ſacre theologie profeſſoris fra | tris iohannis nyder ordinis p̄dicatorū | manuale confeſſo / ad inſtructionē ſpi- | ritualiū paſtorū! feliciter incipit. || [Q]Voniam iuxta beati grego | rij in ſuo paſtorali ſnīam . . .'; [c6v], colophon: ‘Eximij ſacre theologie feſſoris / fra | tris iohānis nyder ordinis p̄dicato | manuale ɂfeſſo ad ſpiritualiū pa- | ſtorum inſtructionē! feliciter finit.'; [c7r]: ‘Capitula huius libri . . .'; [c7v], col. 1, l. 27: ‘Finis felix'.


ISTC: in00179500

Hain: H 11839;

Proctor: Pr 7838;

Others: CIBN N‑127 (II); Sheppard 6084-5.

LCN: 14468675


Copy number: N-080(1)

Bound with:
1. Johannes Nider, Praeceptorium divinae legis, sive Expositio decalogi. Paris: Ulrich Gering, Martin Crantz, Michael Friburger, 9 Nov. 1474 (N‑092).

Binding: Contemporary English blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, with two metal catches on the lower board and remains of clasps hanging from the upper board. ‘7' across the head of the fore-edge and manuscript title along the fore-edge. Triple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Within the outer frame a repeated square double-headed eagle stamp. The inner rectangle is decorated with a repeated lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lis stamp. Rebacked.

Size: 330 × 245 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 327 × 232 mm.

Two inscriptions in English in a sixteenth-century hand on [c8r]: ‘Large volumes greate matters doth it containe. The greatest head they saye hath littell witt. Yett I may saye great heads have mickell brayne . . . Great heades exell them both in witt and skill'; 6 lines, and on [c8v]: ‘This moothe doth make me to laffe, for then I think of it a dry stick or a staffe . . . a boy with a drie stick will never have done'; 16 lines. Early running chapter headings.

Provenance: Old shelfmarks ‘L‑Z‑11' and ‘M‑E‑10' crossed out, and ‘G‑S(?)-16' in brown ink on front parchment endleaf. Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 293(2).

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