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Bod-Inc: N-093

Nider, Johannes

Praeceptorium divinae legis, sive Expositio decalogi.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Tabula alphabetica.]

[c8r] [List of contents.]

[d1r] Nider, Johannes: Praeceptorium divinae legis, sive Expositio decalogi. ‘Prologus'.’ Incipit: ‘[D]ecalogi legem sacratissimam primum diuinitus prothoplastorum . . .’

[d1r] Nider, Johannes: Praeceptorium divinae legis, sive Expositio decalogi. Incipit: ‘[S]unt igitur tria principaliter prenotanda preceptorum preambula . . .’ Explicit: donec intrem in gaudium domini, qui es . . .amen’ See N‑090.


Imprint: Augsburg: Anton Sorg, c.24 May 1475. Folio.

Remarks: The colophon reads ‘circiter. ix. kalendas Iunias'.


Collation: [a b10 c8+1 d–h10 i8+1 k–t10 v8 x–z10 A8 B–G10 H10+1].


ISTC: in00199000

Hain: H *11789;

Goff: Goff N‑199;

BMC: BMC II 342;

Proctor: Pr 1642;

Others: BSB‑Ink N‑162; Oates 910; Sack, Freiburg, 2585; Sheppard 1220.

LCN: 14465001


Copy number: N-093(1)

Binding: Contemporary German (Rebdorf, Kyriß workshop no. 28) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. Two catches, clasps, circular metal bosses, and centre-piece lost. Manuscript title on rectangular paper labels at the head of the upper cover and on the spine. Index tabs consist of long strips of parchment pasted into the gutter. Strips from a fourteenth-century manuscript on parchment visible in the binding. On the upper cover triple fillets form a quadruple frame. No stamps within the outer frame. Within the following frame a headed-outline tool. No stamps within the following frame. The inner rectangle is decorated with lozenge-shaped unicorn stamps. A six-petalled floral stamp at the intersection of the fillets; see Kyriß pl. 63, nos 1, 2, 6. On the lower cover triple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Diagonal triple fillets divide the inner rectangle into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments, with the floral stamp at the intersection of the fillets.

Size: 293 × 215 × 75 mm.

Size of leaf: 284 × 200 mm.

A visible impression of a tenth-century(?) manuscript leaf used as the rear pastedown and now lost.

Early manuscript signatures partly visible on the upper left-hand corners of the rectos. Occasional marginal notes, mainly structuring and correcting the text, and ‘nota' marks in red and brown ink, in the rubricator's hand.

Initials, paragraph marks, chapter headings, rubrics, and underlining of chapter headings are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Erhardus Schauer (fifteenth/sixteenth? century). Rebdorf, Bavaria, Augustinian Canons, S. Johannes Baptista; inscription on [a1r]: ‘Istum codicem vna cum pluribus aliis uenerandus pater et dominus Erhardus Schauer Canonicus Eystetensis puro dei intuitu superuiuens donauit patribus de Rebdorff missis ad Schainhauppt cuius memoria in benedictione requiescat'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Inc. Typ. N. 2111' and ‘Duplum' in brown ink on [a1r]; ‘2214' in pencil on [H11v]. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, probably in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 4.12.

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