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Bod-Inc: O-006

‘Odofredus' Beneventanus

Super utraque censura, et al. (ed. Petrus Milbotus, Petrus Tepe, Johannes Pabeyranus).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Roffredus Beneventanus: Super utraque censura. ‘Prohemium'. Incipit: ‘[S]i considerarem ingenium et scientie mee proprie facultatem non essem . . .’

a2r ‘Materia omnium rubricarum'.

a2r Roffredus Beneventanus: Super utraque censura. Edited by Petrus Milbotus, Petrus Tepe, Johannes Pabeyranus, as stated in the colophon. ‘Rubrica. Quid sit iudicium.’ Incipit: ‘[I]udicium est actus trium personarum . . .’

x7v [List of rubrics.]

A1r Roffredus Beneventanus: Super utraque censura. ‘Super iure pontificio'. Incipit: ‘[S]uper actionibus omnibus . . .’

F9v [List of rubrics.]

G1r Roffredus Beneventanus: Sabbatinae quaestiones. Edited by Petrus Milbotus, Petrus Tepe, Johannes Pabeyranus, as stated in the colophon. Incipit: ‘[C]um essem Aretii ibique in cathedra residerem post transmigrationem Bononie . . .’ See Savigny III 541-2 and 553.

I10r [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Mortalem celis animam dum linquet amictum | Castigantis opus suscipe summe deus'; 2 lines of verse.

I10r [Colophon, naming the editors and the publisher.]


Imprint: Avignon: [Pierre Rohault] for Dominicus Anselmus, 28 Feb. 1500/1. Folio.


Collation: a–t8 v6 x8 A–E8 F10 G H8 I10.

Types: Types: 80 G, text (variant, for which see BMC VIII p. 412); 136 G, title (Pr describes as a ‘moderately large type'). For device see BMC VIII p. 412.

Leaves: 242 leaves. 2 columns.

Line number: 78 lines, plus headline (a2v).

Type area: Type area: 300 (306) ×196 mm (a2v).

Remarks: Leaf a1v, title (red): ‘Solēnis atqƺ aureus tractatus | libellorum Domini Rofredi be= | neuentani ſuper vtraqƺ cenſura | cum ſuis fructuoſiſſimis queſtio | nibus ſabbatinis.'; a2r, l. 1 (red): ‘Inſigne acpeculiare opus De ordine iudicio ab illovtraqƺ | cenſura . . .'; l. 7 (black): ‘[S] I cōſiderarē ingeniū [et] ſciētie mee pro | prie facultatē nō eſſem . . .'; G1r, l. 1 (red): ‘¶Fructuoſiſſime ſabbatine q̄ſtiōes ab illo eminētiſſimo im[per] a | torij iuris . . .'; l. 3 (black): ‘[C]Vm eſſem Aretij ibiqƺ in cathedra refiderē | poſt trāſmigratiōeƺ Bononie . . .'; I10r, col. 2, l. 2 (black): ‘ . . . si plures.¶.ſi arrogator.' | (red) ‘Finis' || (black) ‘Mortalem celis animam . . .'; l. 6, colophon (red): ‘Excelſi [et] vtraqƺ cenſura ſumme diſciplinati . . .'; l. 22: ‘ . . . generoſi ac īſignis viri dominici anſelmi aue | nionen̄.Anno a natali chriſtiano.M.CCCCC. vltimo kalen | das marcias. | (black) Sumptibus hoc clarus propriis ſtruxit dominicus. | Anſelmus:clara quem tulit auenio.' | [Device].


ISTC: io00027000

Hain: HR 11967 = H 11965;

Goff: Goff O‑27;

Proctor: Pr 8799;

Others: BSB‑Ink R‑216; Oates 3287; Rhodes 1519; Sheppard 6839.

LCN: 14112411


Copy number: O-006(1)

Binding: Sixteenth-century English blind-tooled calf; two ties lost. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at the head and tail of the upper cover. Triple fillets form a quadruple frame. Within the outer frame is a repeated fleuron, and the stamped initials ‘I.[ohn] B.[etts]'; see Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings, 49 note 3. Within the following two frames is a decorated roll; see Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings, p. xlvi, roll no. 761. The inner rectangle is decorated with the fleuron.

Size: 470 × 285 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 403 × 267 mm.

Marginal note, extracting key words, on g8v, in an early French(?) hand.

Provenance: John Betts (†1598); evidence from binding (see above). Donated in 1600 by Merton College, Oxford; inscription on a1r: ‘Liber Vniversitatis Oxon: ex dono Collegii Merton.'; see also Benefactors' Register I 13 and James, Catalogus (1605), 256.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: R 3.2 [Jur.] (James (1605)); R 6.1 Jur.


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