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Bod-Inc: O-087

Oviedo; cathedral

Letter of indulgence in favour of the cathedral of Oviedo.


Analysis of Content

Printed side [Letter of indulgence in favour of the cathedral of Oviedo.] Incipit: ‘Dilectissimi fratris in Christo qui Deum in celo atque in terra omnia quecunque uult posse non dubitetur notum . . .’ Explicit: partus sum adiutrix


Imprint: [Zamora: Antonio de Centenera, c.1485]. Single sheet.


Collation: Single sheet, printed on one side only.

Types: Type: 71 G. Painter (see below) notes that it is 70, and suggests that shrinkage of the parchment can only be partly responsible for the discrepancy between this figure and what should be the actual type size, namely 75.

Leaves: 1 leaf.

Line number: 26 lines.

Type area: Type area: 93 ×143 mm.

Remarks: Printed side, l. 1: ‘Dilectiſſimi fr̄s in xp̄o qui deū ĩ cel ’ atq ƺ ī tr̄a oīa q̄cūqƺ uult poſſe nō dubitet'. notū ub' facim9 ƺ t's ſua mirabili potecia quã [damage to leaf] | dā . . .' (l. 3): ‘ . . . a toleto ī aſturias ad iſtā eccl ‘iā ſcī ſaluatoris loco qui dr̄ ouetū.q̄ archa ibi | dē a[per] ta extitit. . . .' (l. 23): ‘ . . . adiutrices porrigētib9 die.ſ.quo feſtū Exaltatioīs dn̄ice cruc' mēſe ſeptēbris ſexta fr̄ia occurrerīt cū quin | decī p̄cedētib9 [et] quīdecī ſubſecc̄amp;#772;ntib9 dieb9 plenā oīuƺ ſuo pccō īmort' articło indulgētiā ɂceſſit ineternum. | (lines 25-6, col. 1): ‘Demones expello peſtem | febrē tēpeſtatēqƺrepello.' (lines 25-6, col. 2): ‘In [per] iculis tutrix. In preſ | ſura partus ſū adiutrix.’


ISTC: ii00063950

Proctor: Not in Pr;

Others: not in Sheppard; Vindel, Arte, II 262: 8, probably describing and reproducing the Bodleian copy, but it is not, as stated by Vindel, E 57 = GW 102 = Haebler 571; Sheppard (see below) indicates that it is also reproduced in Francisco Vindel, Manual gráfico-descritivo del bibliófilo Hispano-Americano (1475-1850): Suplemento, tomo XII, siglo XV (Madrid, 1934), vol. 3, no. 843.

LCN: 14442047


Copy number: O-087(1)

Printed on parchment.

Binding: Stored in a modern red cloth document wallet.

Size of leaf: 109 × 161 mm.

Stored with the Indulgence are three letters addressed to Albert Ehrman from the Dept of Printed Books at the British Museum, one from L. A. Sheppard (dated 8 Sept. 1949) and two from George D. Painter (dated 17 and 23 June 1965), discussing the printer and the type.

A small red cross potent is supplied in red at the foot of the leaf.

Provenance: Francisco Vindel (1894-1960); suggestion in letter of George Painter (see above). Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); cutting from a bookseller's catalogue, bearing the number ‘377' attached to the flap of the document wallet; armorial book-plate; accession-number: ‘R774'; purchased from Maggs Brothers Ltd in 1949 for £58, see bills 5 Sept. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 95.11.

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