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Bod-Inc: P-032

Parker, Henry

Dives and Pauper.


Analysis of Content

a2r [List of contents.]

2a2r Parker, Henry: Dives and Pauper. ‘Of holy pouertie. The firste chaptre.’ Dives et Pauper, ed. P. H. Barnum, EETS, Original Ser., 275 and 280 (Oxford, 1976 and 1980). For the use of Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. th. d. 36 as printer's copy see Margery M. Morgan, ‘Pynson's Manuscript of Dives and Pauper’, Library, 5th ser., 8 (1953), 217-28.


Imprint: London: Richard Pynson, 5 July 1493. Folio.


Collation: a b6 2a–v A–I8.

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ip00117000

Hain: HC 6109;

Goff: Goff P‑117;


Proctor: Pr 9782;

Others: Duff 339; Oates 4194-6; Rhodes 1313; Sheppard 7531-3; STC 19212. Facsimile: English Experience, no. 882 (Amsterdam, 1977).


Copy number: P-032(1)

Binding: Contemporary English blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, with metal catches and remains of a leather clasp. Rebacked. On both covers, triple fillets form a frame. Within the frame, diagonal triple fillets divide the inner rectangle into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments, each decorated with a circular dragon stamp set within a rectangle (not shown by Oldham nor Weale-Taylor). Fragments of a Prognosticatio pro anno 1498(?) [London: Richard Pynson, 1497?] (P‑476), removed from this binding, now Inc. c. E7.1(11).

Size: 308 × 215 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 298 × 205 mm.

Marginal notes, mainly extracting key words and summarizing key points, in English and Latin, in an early English humanist hand, brown ink.

Provenance: John Adeson (sixteenth century); name on a2r and I7v. Thomas Adam (sixteenth century); inscription on a1r: ‘Mr Duncombe I pray returne my books again within a month. Julii 22. Tuus Thomas Adam'; below, in the same hand, a verse: ‘I told you erst as I rememember(!) thus | that Cropp was plac't' in roome of Irga[ ]a[ ] | but now I hear the carter Charles hath tan | these Bishopps both Croppe[ ] and yoakt them to his wayne | and armed all if that they yeile them not | will driv his cartes ‘gainst the rebellious Scott | ffor much it is against the mynde of the Starrs | that Subiects gainst their soueraigne should make warrs'; below, a note in the same hand: ‘Certayne Limpimeters or haltinge Rymes | Upon the most omnipact' [ ] [ ]tiferous | Gellipp[ ]ggo[ ]rottiferous Naggs in Norfolke | Cropps of Martyn'. Shelfmark ‘No 1590' on a1r. ‘Mr Baker (struck through: above, ‘Millisent') oweth this boke. witnes Thomas Farrant . . . date the 10 of July Anno Dominis 1619'. Robert Millisent (seventeenth century); Thomas Millisent; these names on a3r and q8v in a seventeenth-century hand(?). Date of acquisition unknown; no indication from the shelfmark.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. QQ sup. 2.6.

SHELFMARK: Arch. G d.23.

Copy number: P-032(2)

Wanting the blank leaves a1 and I8.

Binding: Sixteenth-century English (Oxford) blind-tooled calf; two ties lost; yellow-edged leaves. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at head of upper cover. Triple fillets form a triple frame; a decorative stamp at each corner of the second and third frames and a centrepiece within the inner rectangle; see Ker, Pastedowns, centrepiece, pl. x no. vi(a); ornament, pl. xiv no. 58.

Size: 270 × 215 × 53 mm.

Size of leaf: 264 × 190 mm.

Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, in two different early hands. In the upper margin of a3r a note probably in Brokesby's hand: ‘To ye right honorable John Fortescue one of her majesty privye counsill and chancelor of ye Exchequer [ ]'.

Provenance: Bartholomeus Brokesby (fl. 1565); inscription on a2r, b6v, and I7v: ‘Bartholomeus Brokesby 1565'. Date of acquisition unknown; no indication from the shelfmark; not identified in James, Catalogus (1620) or in Hyde, Catalogus (1674).

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: M 12. 9 Th.; M 9. 3 Th. (`3' in black ink at head of the fore-edge and in white at head of the spine); Auct. QQ sup. 2.7.

SHELFMARK: Arch. G d.24.

Copy number: P-032(3)

Wanting a6 supplied in type-facsimile, and I8 containing Pynson's device 1. Also wanting leaves a1 and2 a1, both blank. Gathering B bound after H.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled dark blue morocco, the spine gold-tooled; gauffered and gilt-edged leaves and brown silk bookmark; bound for John Bellingham Inglis (ex informatione Andrew Honey).

Size: 297 × 218 × 43 mm.

Size of leaf: 287 × 200 mm.

Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, but also ‘nota' marks and pointing hands, in an eighteenth-century(?) hand.

Provenance: John Bellingham Inglis (1780-1870); binding evidence (see above); sale, 9 June 1826, lot 606. Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 236.

Copy number: P-032(4)

Binding: Bound as fols 1-3 in a modern guard-book.

A fragment consisting of leaf m2 and sheet e3.6.

Size of leaves: 265/283 × 184/209 mm.

Provenance: John de Monins Johnson (1882-1953). Transferred to the Bodleian in 1968.

SHELFMARK: Johnson c. 371(2).

Copy number: P-032(5)

Binding: Bound as fols 4-5 in a modern guard-book.

A fragment consisting of leaves e3 and e6, separated.

Size of leaves: 293 × 215 mm.

Provenance: See item 4 above.

SHELFMARK: Johnson c. 371(2).

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