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Bod-Inc: P-063

Paulus Venetus

Logica parva.


Analysis of Content

a2r Paulus Venetus: Logica [parva]. ‘Logica Pauli Veneti'. Incipit: ‘[C]onspiciens in circuitu librorum . . .’ See P‑062.


Imprint: [Gaeta: Andreas Freitag, c.1487]. 4°.

Remarks: Sheppard notes that the ascription to the Gaeta press is uncertain.


Collation: a–h8 i k10.

Types: Type: 86 G. Capital spaces, mostly with guide-letters.

Leaves: 84 leaves, the first blank.

Line number: 36 lines, 2 columns (a2r).

Type area: Type area: 155 ×96 mm (a2r).

Remarks: a2r: ‘¶ Logica pauli veneti. || [C]Onſpiciens in circui | tu libro quorundā | magnitudinē. tediū | conſtituentē in animo ſtudē | tiū . . .' 84r, col. 2, l. 15: ‘ . . . [et] in ɂſequente pars | cōſequentis alteri[us] conditio | nalis quare ⁊c. || Finis'.


ISTC: ip00226700

Proctor: Not in Pr;

Others: Sheppard 6058.

LCN: 14467290


Copy number: P-063(1)

Leaf a2 signed ai.

Binding: Eighteenth-century(?) parchment over pasteboards.

Size: 216 × 148 × 20 mm.

Size of leaf: 209 × 137 mm.

Manuscript notes, probably in the hand of Franciscus a Sancto Joanne ad Piram, on a1v to a4r commenting on the text, on the rear endleaves consisting of mnemonic verses in the type of syllogism: ‘Vbi est humilitas ibi est sapientia. Sunt quedam nomina . . .’

Provenance: Franciscus a Sancto Joanne ad Pira[m?] (sixteenth/seventeenth century). Luca Ciccullo (fl. 1640). Camerota, near Salerno, Capuchins; inscriptions on a1r: ‘Codex Patris Francisci a Sancto Joanne ad Pira[m?]. Lasciato in questo luogo de Camerota'. ‘Donata dal sig. D. Luca Ciccullo 1640'; ‘c. d. c.' (Capuccini di Camerota?); ‘Logica ad uso del P. Francisco da san Gio[vanni] et mi l'ha donata d. Luca di Camerota' on a2r; ‘Capuccini di Camerota' on a3r; ‘Loci Camerote' on b4r. Purchased from Menno Hertzberger in 1963; see ‘Notable Accessions: Printed Books', BLR 7,6 (1967), 335.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. I99.7.

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