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Bod-Inc: P-088


Sermones de tempore et de sanctis.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] [Introduction.] Incipit: ‘Gloriosus doctor Augustinus dicit et habetur in canone i. q. i “Interrogo, vos fratres et sorores, dicite mihi . . .”  ‘ Explicit: sanctis ordine tali

[a2r] [Table of contents.]

[a3r] Peregrinus: Sermones de tempore. Peregrini de Opole, Sermones de tempore et de sanctis, ed. R. Tatarzyński, Studia ‘Przeglądu Tomistycznego', 1 (Warsaw, 1997), [Dominica prima in adventu (different sermon)], [Dominica secunda (different sermon)], T3 [with variations], T4 [with variations], [In vigilia natalis Domini (different sermon)], [In nativitate Domini (different sermon)], [De nativitate Domini nota], [Dominica infra octavam nativitatis (different sermon)], [In epiphania Domini (different sermon)], [Dominica in octavam epiphanie], T12-20, T21 [with different ending], T22 [with different ending], [Dominica in passione Domini (different sermon)], [Sermo in die Palmarum (different sermon)], [In cena Domini (different sermon)], [De corpore Christi], [In die Pasche], [Dominica in octava Pasche], [Dominica prima post octavam Pasche (different sermon)], [Dominica secunda, tertia, quarta (different sermons)], [In ascensione Domini (different sermon)], [Dominica infra octavam ascensionis (different sermon)], [In die sancto Penthecostes (different sermon)], [De sancto spiritu], [De Trinitate], [De corpore Christi], [Dominica prima post octavam Penthecoste (different sermon)], T42 [with variations], T43-6, T47 [with variations and different ending], T48 [ending imperfectly], T49 [ending imperfectly], T50, T51 [ending imperfectly], T52, T53 [with different ending], T54, T55 [ending imperfectly], T56 [with variations], T57 [with variations], T58 [with different ending], T59 [with variations], T60, T61 [with variations], T62 [with variations], [Dominica xxiii (different sermon)], T64 [with variations], T65 [with variations], [Sermo de extremo iudicio]. For this edition see Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, p. lvi. There are considerable variations in the text from that of the modern edition: see Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, p. lvii.

[m1r] Peregrinus: Sermones de sanctis. Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, S1, S3, S7, [S. Thomas], S8, T6, [Nativitas Domini, second sermon], S9, [S. Johannes Evangelista (different sermon)], S11 [ending imperfectly], T8 [with variations and ending imperfectly], T10, S17, S18 [ending imperfectly], S19 [with different ending], S21 [with different ending], S22 [with different ending], S23 [ending imperfectly], S24, [In capite ieiunii cinerum], [Cinerum notabile], [De testamento], T19-20, T21 [ending imperfectly], T22, S25-6, S28 [ending imperfectly], T23 [with different ending], T24, [In cena Domini (different sermon)], T28 [with variations], [Nota de resurrectione], T28/2, T28/3 [ending imperfectly], S29 [with different ending], S30, S32 [ending imperfectly], [S. Jacobus], S33, T36-7, T39, T39/2, T40, S44 [ending imperfectly], S46 [ending imperfectly], S46/2 [ending imperfectly], S47 [ending imperfectly], S49 [ending imperfectly], S50, S56 [with different ending], S59 [ending imperfectly], S61, [Decollatione S. Johannis Baptiste (different sermon)], S65 [with variations and different ending], S66 [ending imperfectly], S67 [ending imperfectly], S70 [with variations and ending imperfectly], S75 [ending imperfectly], S77, S78 [ending imperfectly], S79 [ending imperfectly], S80 [ending imperfectly], [S. Martinus (different sermon)], [S. Catherina (different sermon)], [De dedicatione sermo].


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Printer of Henricus Ariminensis, c.1474-7]. Folio.

Remarks: As dated by Sheppard; H dates [1482], BSB‑Ink [c.1474-9], Sack, Freiburg [c.1477].


Collation: [a–k8 l10 m–r8 s6 t–y8].

Types: Type: Printed in type 2 of the editions ascribed by Ohly to Georg Reyser.


ISTC: ip00263000

Hain: HC *12580;

Goff: Goff P‑263;

BMC: BMC I 80;

Proctor: Pr 327;

Others: BSB‑Ink P‑182; Ohly, ‘Reyser', 29; Sack, Freiburg, 2709-10; Sheppard 250-1.

LCN: 14496260


Copy number: P-088(1)

Leaf [y8] has been pasted down onto the lower cover.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled leather over wooden boards, with a metal clasp and catch. On both covers intersecting double fillets form a frame. The inner rectangle is divided by triple fillets into triangular compartments. Remains of early manuscript title at the head of the spine. Paper ‘Dupl' label on the spine.

Size: 277 × 202 × 57 mm.

Size of leaf: 264 × 193 mm.

Early manuscript title on [a1r]. Some marginal annotations, including pointing hands, and ‘nota' marks are supplied in red, in the same ink used for the rubrication.

Three- to six-line initials, some with extensions into the margins, including human faces, are supplied in blue or red; capital strokes and underlining are supplied in red.

Provenance: Johannes Bolle de Pfullendorff (fl. 1479); inscription on [y7r] in red ink, apparently the same as that used for the rubrication: ‘Frater Johannes Bolle de Pfullendorff anno domini MCCCC79 professus conventus Salem ibi coronatus'. Hilbrand Brandenburg (1442-1514). Buxheim, Bavaria, Carthusians, BVM, from Brandenburg; inscription on [a1r]: ‘Liber Cartusiensium in Buchshaim prope Memmingen proueniens a confratre nostro domino Hilprando Brandenburg de Bibraco donato sacerdote continens sermones fratris Peregrini de tempore et sanctis. Oretur pro eo et pro quibus desiderauit'; on [a1r] Brandenburg's coloured book-plate (Warnecke 245), with, on the reverse, a portion of a woodcut headed ‘Dauid Rex et propheta'; stamp on [a2r]. Graf von Ostein, 1803. Sold in 1883 by Graf Hugo von Waldbott-Bassenheim (1820-1895); Buxheim sale, lot 3089. Purchased by Falconer Madan for the Bodleian in 1884 for 5 Marks; see Library Bills,19 Feb. 1884; unsigned note by Madan on [a1r]; see also Honemann, ‘Buxheim Collection', Bod28.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 4.18.

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