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Bod-Inc: P-091


Sermones de tempore et de sanctis.


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.]

A2r [Table of contents in alphabetical order.] ‘Tabula alphabeti'.

A7v [Table of contents in order of sermons.] ‘Tabula sermonum . . . secundum ordinem alphabeti'.

A8v [Note about the omission of the letter ‘D' in the signatures of the book.] Incipit: ‘Nota quamuis D littera ex negligentia commissi siue diuissionis . . .’

A8v ‘Tabula quatternorum'.

B1r Peregrinus: Sermones de tempore. Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, [Dominica prima in adventu (different sermon)], [Dominica secunda (different sermon)], T3 [with variations], T4 [with variations], [In vigilia natalis Domini (different sermon)], [In nativitate Domini (different sermon)], [In nativitate Christi], [Dominica infra octavam nativitatis (different sermon)], [In epiphania Domini (different sermon)], [Dominica infra octavam epiphanie], T12-20, T21 [with different ending], T22 [with different ending], [Dominica in passione Domini (different sermon)], [Sermo in die Palmarum (different sermon)], [In cena Domini (different sermon)], [De corpore Christi], [In die Pasche], [Dominica in octava Pasche (different sermon)], [Dominica prima post octavam Pasche (different sermon)], [Dominica secunda, tertia, quarta (all different sermons)], [In ascensione Domini (different sermon)], [Dominica infra octavam ascensionis (different sermon)], [In die sancto Penthecostes (different sermon)], [De sancto spiritu], [De Trinitate], [De corpore Christi], [Dominica prima post octavam Penthecoste (different sermon)], T42 [with variations], T43-50, T51 [ending imperfectly], T52, T53 [with different ending], T54, T55 [ending imperfectly], T56 [with variations], T57 [with variations], T58, T59 [with variations], T60, T61 [with variations], T62 [with variations], [Dominica xxiii (different sermon)], T64 [with variations], T65 [with variations], [Sermo de extremo iudicio]. For this edition see Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, p. lvi. There are considerable variations in the text from that of the modern edition: see Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, p. lvii.

P1r Peregrinus: Sermones de sanctis. Peregrini, Sermones, ed. Tatarzyński, S1, S3, S7, [S. Thomas], S8, T6, [Nativitas Domini, second sermon], S9, [S. Johannes Evangelista (different sermon)], S11 [ending imperfectly], T8 [with variations and ending imperfectly], T10, S17, S18 [ending imperfectly], S19 [with different ending], S21 [with different ending], S22 [with different ending], S23 [ending imperfectly], S24, [In capite ieiunii cinerum], [De testamento], T19, T20 [with different ending], T21 [ending imperfectly], T22, S25-6, S28 [ending imperfectly], T23 [with different ending], T24, [In cena Domini (different sermon)], T28 [with variations], [Nota de resurrectione], T28/2, [Feria tertia in Pasche (different sermon)], [In octava Pasche], S29 [with different ending], S30, S32 [ending imperfectly], S33, T36-7, T39, T39/2, T40, S44 [ending imperfectly], S46, S46/2, S47, S49, S50 [ending imperfectly], [Ad vincula Petri (different sermon)], S56, S59, S61, S63 [ending imperfectly], S64 [with different ending], S65, S66 [ending imperfectly], [S. Matthaeus (different sermon)], S70, S75, S77-8, S79 [with different ending], S80 [ending imperfectly], S81-3, S84 [ending imperfectly], S85, [De dedicatione sermo].


Imprint: [Strasbourg: Johann (Reinhard) Grüninger], 4 Sept. 1495. 4°.


Collation: A–C8 E4 F8 G–M8.4 N8 O6 P8 Q4 R–Y8.4 Z4 AA–DD8.4 EE4 FF6.

Remarks: Collation as BSB‑Ink, Oates, and Sheppard, not as Polain (` . . . O6 P–R8  . . .', etc.); the letter ‘D' has been omitted from the signatures: see the note printed after the tables of contents (above).


ISTC: ip00269000

Hain: H *12586;

Goff: Goff P‑269;

Proctor: Pr 466;

Others: BSB‑Ink P‑187; Oates 188; Polain 3044; Sack, Freiburg, 2712-13; Sheppard 371.

LCN: 14496208


Copy number: P-091(1)

Bound with A‑597; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 202 × 130 mm.

Some early marginal notes, including comments on the text, and ‘nota' marks, also some corrections to and underlining in the text in black ink. In the lower margin of P7r is some musical notation in red ink. On the blank leaf FF6r-v are Exempla moralia in a sixteenth-century hand, with incipit, ‘Die quadam humilitatis causa sanctus abbas Bernhardus sibi iussit . . .', and explicit, ‘ . . . detractoribus cxiii damnationis ostendit'; for the incipit see Catalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France, 39: Reims II (Paris, 1904), p. 553 (Bibliothèque municipale, MS 1400, fol. 1).

Partial rubrication in gatherings P and Q and R1r, and EE3v –FF2r: on P1r a six-line initial ‘V' is supplied in blue edged in red; other three-line initials, some with extensions into the margins, are supplied in red or blue; paragraph marks, capital strokes, and underlining are supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Douce 116(2).

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