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Bod-Inc: P-102

Perottus, Nicolaus

Cornucopiae linguae latinae (ed. Pyrrhus Perottus; rev. Ludovicus Odaxius), et al.


Analysis of Content

a1r Philomusus Pisaurensis, Johannes Franciscus: Tetrastichon in Cornu Copiae Perottaei laudem. Incipit: ‘Varronis Nigidique olim monumenta latinam | Ditarunt linguam Romuleosque patres'; 2 elegiac distichs. Charlet, ‘Observations', 84.

a1r Constantius Fanensis, Antonius: [Verse addressed to the reader.] Incipit: ‘Non cornu aetolum non hic bona copia cretum | Diua nouum fundit candida Χρυσοκέρας ‘; 2 elegiac distichs. Charlet, ‘Observations', 85.

a1r Constantius Fanensis, Antonius: [Verse addressed to the reader.] Incipit: ‘Quisquis amas lepidi sensus haurire poetae | Quem tulit arguto Bilbilis ingenio'; 3 elegiac distichs. Charlet, ‘Observations', 85.

a1r Philoxenus, Marcellus: [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Fluminis euicti sacrato diuite cornu | Ornarunt famam Naiades Herculeam'; 5 elegiac distichs. Besutti–Serra I 211; Charlet, ‘Observations', 85.

a1r Ponticus Tarvisanus, L[udovicus]: [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Praemia debentur solerti magna Perotto | Dum pandit nodos Bilbilitane tuos'; 3 elegiac distichs. Charlet, ‘Observations', 85. The author of the verse is Ludovicus ‘Ponticus' de Strazarolis, de Avianus, from Treviso, and not, as Charlet assumes, Ludovicus Ponticus Virunius; see A. Serena, La cultura umanistica a Treviso nel secolo decimoquinto, Miscellanea di storia veneta, ser. III, 3 (Venice, 1912), 116-22.

a1r Caietanus, Daniel: [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Hactenus quisquis sibi comparauit | Copiae cornu. Laterem lauasse'; 4 sapphic strophes. Charlet, ‘Observations', 88.

a1v [Tabula.]

b9r Odaxius, Ludovicus: [Dedicatory letter addressed to] Guidubaldus de Montefeltro. CTC IV 267-8.

b9v Perottus, Pyrrhus: ‘Prooemium' [addressed to] Federicus de Montefeltro. CTC IV 268-9.

b10v ‘Brevis commemoratio vitae M. Valerii Martialis.’ Incipit: ‘[V]alerius Martialis in Hispania Bilbili . . .’ See CTC IV 269.

c1r Perottus, Nicolaus: Cornucopiae linguae latinae [dedicated to] Federicus de Montefeltro. Edited by Pyrrhus Perottus. Revised by Ludovicus Odaxius. See P‑100; on this edition see Charlet, ‘Observations' 84; Milde, ‘Zur Druckhäufigkeit', 35 no. 5.

R5v Perottus, Nicolaus: [Epilogue addressed to] Federicus de Montefeltro. See CTC IV 269-70.

R5v Perottus, Nicolaus: Commentariolus in prohemium Historiae naturalis Plinii [here addressed to] Antonius Moretus, [but originally to Franciscus Guarnerius]. Incipit: ‘[S]olebam nuper aetati nostre gratulari . . .’ The letter was first printed in HR 12708; see P‑099; in this edition the dedicatee has been altered by the editor Antonius Moretus, so as to be addressed to him rather than Guarnerius; see Monfasani, ‘First Call', 15 and 24.


Imprint: Venice: Philippus Pincius, 27 Mar. 1494. Folio.


Collation: a8 b10 c–z A–Q8 R6 S4.

Types: Types: 81 R; 80 Gka.

Leaves: 324 leaves, 19-324 numbered I–CCCVI, with errors.

Line number: 61 lines and headline (c2r).

Type area: Type area: 246 (253) ×136 (with marginalia 160) mm (c2r).

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ip00292000

Hain: H *12701;

Goff: Goff P‑292;

Proctor: Pr 5302;

Others: BSB‑Ink P‑219; Sheppard 4392.

LCN: 14495878


Copy number: P-102(1)

Wanting gathering a, in place of which is bound a copy of gathering a of Bertochus' edition of 12 May 1494 (Pr 5281; Bod-inc P‑103).

Binding: Nineteenth-century gold-tooled (fillets only) mottled calf, the spine gold-tooled; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. Manuscript title across the head of the fore-edge.

Size: 326 × 225 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 316 × 203 mm.

Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key words and providing corrections to the folio numbering, in an early hand. On b10v an annotation in German in a fifteenth/sixteenth-century hand about a drunken monk, beginning ‘Du blaůwer munch . . .', and subscribed ‘Doctor gaißer'.

Provenance: Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); reference to Panzer on recto of the front endleaf apparently in his hand; sale (1835), lot 3083; purchased for £0. 8. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 21.

SHELFMARK: Auct. O inf. 2.11.

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