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Bod-Inc: P-152

Petrarca, Francesco

Canzoniere e Trionfi [Italian].


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Alphabetical list of first lines for the Canzoniere.] Francesco Petrarca, Rerum vulgarium fragmenta. Anastatica dell'edizione Valdezoco Padova 1472, ed. G. Belloni (Venice, 2001), lxiii-lxv.

[*8r] [List of capitoli of the Trionfi.]

[*8v] Petrarca, Francesco: [Memorabilia de Laura.] Incipit: ‘[L]aura propriis virtutibus illustris . . .’ P. de Nolhac, Pétrarque et l'humanisme, 2 vols (Paris, 1907, repr. Turin, 1959), II 286-7.

[a1r] Petrarca, Francesco: Canzoniere. ed. Santagata, nos 1-336, 350, 355, 337-49, 356-65, 351-2, 354, 353, 366; see Wilkins 385 C.III. See also P‑151.

[p1r] Petrarca, Francesco: Trionfi. ed. Pacca and Paolino, 47-90 (T Cupidinis I), 135-76 (T Cupidinis III, with 4 extra lines at the end), 183-220 (T Cupidinis IV), 97-128 (T Cupidinis II), 227-64 (T Pudicitie), 543-6 (T Mortis Ia), 271-300 (T Mortis I), 309-46 (T Mortis II), 555-84 (T Fame Ia), 353-88 (T Fame I), 393-428 (T Fame II), 433-70 (T Fame III, ends with extra line: ‘Qui basti et piu di lui non scriuo auante'), 477-504 (T Temporis), 511-38 (T Eternitatis).

[p7r] Petrarca, Francesco: [Triumphus Cupidinis III, end]. Incipit: ‘Et so i costumi et lor sospiri et canti | El parlar rotto, el subito silentio . . . con lassentio'; 4 more lines of verse. ed. Dutschke 276.

[t1r] [Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus: Life of Petrarca.] Incipit: ‘[F]rancesco Petrarcha homo di grande ingegno et non di men uirtu . . .’ A. Solerti, Le vite di Dante, Petrarca e Boccaccio scritte fino al secolo decimosesto (Milan, [1904]), 288-92; L. Bruni, Le vite di Dante e di Petrarca, ed. A. Lanza (Rome, 1987).

[t4v] [Sonnet.] Incipit: ‘Si drento dil mio cor depinto porto | L'altero glorioso e bel poema'; 14 lines of verse.

[t4v] [Sonnet.] Incipit: ‘O felice auctor secunda fama | Di lopere uulgar che tuo bei giorni'; 14 lines of verse. Belloni suggests that the author of the two sonnets may have been a ‘Petrarchist' poet involved in the production of this edition, probably as corrector, the name of Niccolò Lelio Cosmico is suggested; see Belloni xlv-xlix.

[t5r] [Colophon.] Aknowledging the use of Vatican Library, MS. Vat. lat. 3195, at this time still in Padua, as the basis of this edition; see Belloni xiii–liv.


Imprint: Padua: Bartholomaeus de Valdezoccho and Martinus de Septem Arboribus, 6 Nov. 1472. Folio.


Collation: [*8 a–n10 o8 p–r10 s8 t6].


ISTC: ip00373000

Hain: HR 12755;

Goff: Goff P‑373;


Proctor: Pr 6759;

Others: CIBN P‑176; Fiske, p. 72; Sheppard 5558.

LCN: 14494243


Copy number: P-152(1)

Wanting the blank leaves [s8] and [t6].

Binding: Nineteenth-century gold-tooled green morocco; gilt-edged leaves.

Size: 285 × 215 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 273 × 192 mm.

Occasional washed marginal and interlinear notes, mainly correcting the text, in a humanist hand; on this copy see C. Dondi, ‘Per un censimento di incunaboli e cinquecentine postillati dei Rerum vulgarium fragmenta e dei Triumphi VIII. Oxford: Bodleian Library', Aevum, 74 (2000), 675-707, at 680 no. 1.

Provenance: Purchased for £15. 15. 0; see Books Purchased (1836), 26.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 4.30.

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