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Bod-Inc: P-160

Petrarca, Francesco

Trionfi (comm. Bernardo da Siena) e Canzoniere (comm. Franciscus Philelphus and Hieronymus Squarzaficus, rev. Girolamo Centone) [Italian].


Analysis of Content

Part I.

aa2r [Table of contents.]

aa6v Bernardo Da Siena: [Prologue addressed to] Borso d'Este, Duke of Modena. Incipit: ‘[P]ublio Cornelio Scipione illustrissimo .P. Nisuna magiore uictoria o piu singulare triumpho . . .’

a1r Bernardo Da Siena: [Commentary]. Incipit: ‘[D]escrive Misser Francesco il sensitiuo dominio fingendo cupidine triumphare . . .’ See P‑154.

a1r Petrarca, Francesco: Trionfi. ed. Pacca and Paolino, 47-90 (T Cupidinis I), 135-76 (T Cupidinis III, with 4 extra lines at the end), 183-220 (T Cupidinis IV), 97-128 (T Cupidinis II), 227-64 (T Pudicitie), 543-6 (T Mortis Ia), 271-300 (T Mortis I, without first three lines), 309-46 (T Mortis II), 555-84 (T Fame Ia), 353-88 (T Fame I), 393-428 (T Fame II), 433-70 (T Fame III, ends with extra line: ‘E poi riuolsi gliocchi in altra parte'), 477-504 (T Temporis), 511-38 (T Eternitatis). See Wilkins 392-3 D.XVIII.

c6r Petrarca, Francesco: [Triumphus Cupidinis III, end]. Incipit: ‘Suoi costumi et lor sospiri e canti | El parlar rotto, et il subito silentio . . . col assentio'; 4 more lines of verse. ed. Dutschke 276.

q8r [Register.]

Part II.

A1r [Subject index for the Canzoniere.]

A1v Philelphus, Franciscus: ‘Prohemio' [addressed to] Filippo Maria Angelo Visconti, Duke of Milan. Incipit: ‘[S]iano forse alchuni o illustrissimo principe . . .’

A2r Petrarca, Francesco: Canzoniere. Revised by Girolamo Centone, as stated in the colophon. ed. Santagata, nos 1, 3, 2, 4-79, 81-2, 80, 83-336, 350, 355, 337-47, 356-65, 351-2, 354, 353, 348-9, 366. See also P‑151.

A2r Philelphus, Franciscus; Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: [Commentary]. Incipit: ‘  “[V]oi chascoltate”. Quantunque il presente sonetto fusse da misser Francescho Petrarcha . . .’ Philelphus' commentary covers sonnets 1-136; Squarzaficus' sonnets 136-366. See P‑154.

N5r Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: [Editorial note addressed to] Mattheus Baroccius. Incipit: ‘Magna et excellente cosa sono Mathio dignissimo questi fragmenti dil Petrarcha . . .’


Imprint: Venice: Petrus de Plasiis Cremonensis, 1490. Folio.

Remarks: In two parts: (I) undated; (II) dated 22 Apr. 1490.


Collation: Part I: aa a–q8; part II: A–M8 N6.

Illustrations: Full-page woodcut at the beginning of each trionfo. Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ip00386000

Hain: HCR 12771;

Goff: Goff P‑386;

BMC: BMC V 270;

Proctor: Pr 4481;

Others: CIBN P‑188; Essling 77; Fiske, pp. 80-1; Oates 1793; Rhodes 1357; Sander 5600; Sheppard 3614.

LCN: 14493301, 14494286


Copy number: P-160(1)

Wanting gathering aa, also the blank leaf N6.

Binding: Nineteenth-century quarter gold-tooled mottled calf with marbled paper boards; turquoise-edged leaves and pink silk bookmark.

Size: 310 × 220 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 304 × 196 mm.

Some interlinear notes, mainly correcting the text, in an early hand, also marginal notes, commenting on the text with a reference to Propertius on A3r and A5v, in a humanist hand; for this copy see Dondi, ‘Censimento di incunaboli', 684 no. 8.

Provenance: On p7v ‘GBS‑S: 1724' in brown ink. Purchased for £0. 12. 0; see Books Purchased (1833), 19.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 2.31.

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