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Bod-Inc: P-232

Petrus Lombardus

Sententiarum libri IV, et al.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Petrus Lombardus: ‘Prologus.’ See P‑221.

a2r Henricus de Gorichen: [Commentary on Prologue.] Incipit: ‘[I]ste liber dictus est Sententiarum, eo quod sententias antiquorum . . .’ Explicit: prohemii in principali See Stegmüller, Repertorium commentariorum, 321.

a2v ‘Rubrice libri primi.’ See Stegmüller, Repertorium commentariorum, 1.

a4r Petrus Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV. See P‑221. Books 2–4 are preceded by the Tituli (as listed in Stegmüller, Repertorium commentariorum, 1). The prologue for book 3 is added on to the end of the text of book 2.

a5v Henricus de Gorichen: [Commentary on Sententiarum libri.] ‘Conclusiones.’ Incipit: ‘Ista est secunda pars principalis huius libri in qua magister determinatio prohemio . . .’ Explicit: est causa a qua omnia . . .seculorum. Amen See Stegmüller, Repertorium commentariorum, 321.

P8r [Colophon.]

Q1r Tempier, Stephen: [Rescript of 1277 condemning various propositions and threatening excommunication.] ‘Prefatio.’ See A‑459; this edition is not listed in Thijssen, ‘What really happened on 7 March 1277?’

Q1r [List of contents.]

Q1v [Errors condemned in England.] See A‑459.

Q1v [Errors against the true faith.] See A‑459.

Q1v ‘Assertiones opposite erroribus.’ Incipit: ‘[F]irmiter credendum est et nullatenus dubitandum quod Deus in sua substantia . . .’ Explicit: et Pauli publice retractauit

Q2r [Errors condemned by Stephen, Bishop of Paris.] See A‑459.

Q2r [219 errors condemned by Stephen, Bishop of Paris.] See A‑459.

Q5r Articuli condemnati Parisius. See A‑459.

Q5r [Articles retracted at Paris by Brother Johannes Guion (Jean Guyon OFM).] See A‑459.

Q5r ‘Errores Johannis de Mericuria' (Johannes de Mirecourt). See A‑459.

Q5v ‘Articuli . . . condemnati per magistrum Nicolaum de Ultricuria' (Nicolaus d'Autrecourt). See A‑459.

R1r [Articles condemned by the Bishop of Paris and the masters of theology.] Incipit: ‘Item quod diuina essentia in se nec ab homine nec ab angelo videbitur . . .’ Explicit: statu innocentie; not found in Chart. Univ. Paris.

R1r [Document of retraction of Brother] Dionysius Foulechat (Dionysius de Foullechat). See A‑459.

R2r [Retraction of the articles by Brother] Dionysius Foulechat. See A‑459.

R2r ‘Reuocatio magistri Johannis de Calore.’ See A‑459.

R2r [Note about the burning of followers of Almaricus.] Incipit: ‘Fuerunt Parisius quidam discipuli cuiusdam Almarici nomine studentes . . .’ Explicit: dispersa et merito

R2r ‘Articuli Ludouici reuocati.’ See A‑459.

R2v ‘Forma et modus reuocationis facta Parisius.’ Chartularium Universitatis Parisiensis, III, 21-3, no. 1218.

R3r ‘Reuocatio.’ See A‑459.

R3v [Articles where Petrus Lombardus and other scholars hold different opinions.] Incipit: ‘[I]sti sunt articuli in quibus magister Sententiarum non tenetur communiter ab omnibus et primo primi libri . . .’ not found in Chart. Univ. Paris.

R4r ‘Determinatio Parisius facta per almam facultatem theologicam.’ Incipit: ‘[U]niversis orthodoxe fidei zelatoribus cancellarius ecclesie Parisiensis et facultas theologie in alma vniuersitate Parisiensi . . . Ex antiquis latebris emergens nouiter errorum . . .’ Explicit: duximus appondendum Made in 1318.

R5r [Aliaco, Petrus De: Preface to ‘Excerpta principalium articulorum tractatus cuiusdam contra errores fratris Johannis de Montesono ordinis predicatorum Parisius condemnatos.’ See P‑228.

R5r ‘Excerpta principalium articulorum tractatus cuiusdam contra errores fratris Johannis de Montesono ordinis predicatorum Parisius condemnatos.’ Incipit: ‘Circa primum principale est hec diuisio premittenda . . .’ Explicit: superabundanter expleuisse; not found in Chart. Univ. Paris.

S1r ‘Tabula distinctionum.’ ‘Registrum breue et vtile omnes fere sententias, questiones et conclusiones in quattuor Sententiarum libris tactas continens . . .’


Imprint: [Lyons]: Jean Pivard, 10 Sept. 1499. Folio.


Collation: a–z A–N6 O–R6.8 S10.

Types: Types: An unidentified large type used for running headings, first line of text, and title; 90 G, rubrics; 76 G, text (Lombardus, tituli); 66/7 G, text (Gorichen, tabula distinctionum). 2 columns. Capital spaces with guide-letters.

Leaves: 254 leaves.

Line number: 55 lines, plus headlines (text, a3r); 64 lines, plus headlines (commentary only, a5v).

Type area: Type area: 212 (221) × 133 mm (a5v). Below the end of the table on S10r five lines of type from the incipit on S1r (here used as bearers) have been inked in error.


ISTC: ip00497000

Hain: HC 10199; C 2749;

Goff: Goff P‑497;

Proctor: Pr 8669;

Others: CIBN P‑244; Pellechet MS. 9356 (9184); Sheppard 6735.

LCN: 14489120


Copy number: P-232(1)

Binding: Contemporary English (Cambridge, ‘Unicorn binder') blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; two clasps and catches lost. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at the head of the upper cover. On both covers triple fillets form the outer border within which is an ‘IHS' scroll stamp, a foliate stamp, a lozenge-shaped rosette stamp. Intersecting triple fillets form a frame within which is the foliate stamp, repeated to resemble a roll, a small square dragon stamp, and a small lozenge-shaped unicorn stamp. Further intersecting triple fillets form the inner rectangle which is divided by double fillets into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments, decorated with a fleuron. For the stamps see Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings, pl. xi, nos 48, 50, 63, 66, 72, 73; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 296 × 216 × 54 mm.

Size of leaf: 281 × 195 mm.

Parchment pastedowns from a thirteenth-century manuscript. Front pastedown: Liber Extra, with glossa ordinaria; col. ‘a' contains Extra 4.4.4-5 (De sponsa duorum c. Tua fraternitatis and c. Tuas dudum), col. ‘b' Extra 4.5.1-3 (De conditionibus appositis, etc. c. Quicunque sub conditionis, c. Cum sit proprium and c. De illis); the glossing begins halfway through gloss ‘Poteris irritare' to Extra 4.4.4 and goes as far as Extra 4.4.5. Rear pastedown: Liber Extra, with glossa ordinaria; col. ‘a' contains all but the beginning of Extra 4.11.1 (De cognatione spirituali c. Utrum autem) and goes as far as the address clause of Extra 4.11.3 (c. Super eo); col. ‘b' contains Extra 4.11.4 (c. Martinus); the glossing begins in the middle of gloss ‘nisi consuetudo' to Extra 4.11.1; the first ‘lemma' to survive is ‘Si vir. institutum' to Extra 4.11.2.

Provenance: Acquired by 1605; see James, Catalogus (1605), 91.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: L 10. 9 Th. (1605); L 1. 9 Th.; H 5. 12 Th. (`12' in black ink on the fore-edge).

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 3.8.

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