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Bod-Inc: P-350

Plautus, Titus Maccius



Analysis of Content

a1r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Amphitryo. Pl. Am.

b7r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Asinaria. Pl. As. The ‘argumentum' appears between the prologue and the beginning of Act I.

d4v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Aulularia. Pl. Aul.

e8v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Captivi. Pl. Capt.

h3r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Curculio. Pl. Cur.

i5r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Casina. Pl. Cas. The ‘argumentum' follows the prologue.

l1r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Cistellaria. Pl. Cist.

l7v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Epidicus. Pl. Epid.


Imprint: [Ferrara: Printer of Datus, ‘Elegantiolae' (H 5994) (Statius Gallicus), c.1480]. Folio and 4o.

Remarks: As dated by Sheppard.


Collation: a10 b–e8 f g6 h–m8.

Types: Type: 116 R. Capital spaces with guide-letters.

Leaves: 94 leaves.

Line number: 36 lines (a4r).

Type area: Type area: 207 ×119 mm (a4r).

Remarks: Leaf a1r: ‘Plauti comici clariſſ. Amphitryo. || Argumentum. || [I]N faciem uerſus amphitryonis iupiter | . . .'; m8v, l. 7: ‘Grex: || hIc is homo eſt qui libertatem malitia inuenit ſua | Plaudite. Valete. lumbos exurgite: atq ƺ extollite.’


ISTC: ip00779500

Hain: C 4769;

Proctor: Pr 7401;

Others: Sheppard 4786-7.

LCN: 14015028


Copy number: P-350(1)

Gathering d, sheets i2.7 and i3.6, sheets m1.8, m2.7, and m4.5 are quarto, the rest folio. Owing to errors of imposition, the text of e1v has changed places with that of e8r, i2v with i7r, and l3v with l6r.

Binding: Eighteenth/nineteenth-century half calf; marbled paper boards.

Size: 317 × 216 × 23 mm.

Size of leaf: 305 × 210 mm.

Marginal and interlinear annotations, including corrections to the text, extraction of key words, ‘nota' marks, and pointing hands, also crossing out in and corrections to the text.

Some three- to five-line initials and running headings are supplied in a sixteenth-century hand in black ink.

Provenance: Purchased for £14. 14. 0; see Books Purchased (1838), 25.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q 3.5.

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