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Bod-Inc: P-355

Plautus, Titus Maccius

Comoediae (comm. Hermolaus Barbarus, Georgius Merula, Philippus Beroaldus, Angelus Politianus; ed. Georgius Merula, rev. Sebastianus Ducius and Georgius Galbiatus).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Merula, Georgius: ‘De uita comoediisque Plauti ex auctoribus grauissimis.’ Incipit: ‘[P]lautus linguae Latinae pater et cuius sermone ut Varro . . .’ Explicit: antiquitatis causa Ennium; different ending

a2v [Table of contents.] ‘Fabularum nomina.’

a3v [Citation of Plautus in classical authors.] Incipit: ‘Cornicularia. Militaueram nam in furtis celebrascit . . .’

a4v [Note about the death of Plautus.] Incipit: ‘Mortuus est Plautus Publio Claudio et Lucio Portio consulibus auctore Marco Tullio in eo qui est de claris oratoribus.’

b1r Barbarus, Hermolaus; Merula, Georgius; Beroaldus, Philippus; Politianus, Angelus: [Commentary on Comoediae.] Incipit: ‘"[I]n faciem uorsus.” Pro uersus nam u pro o poni antiquorum est sicuti . . .’ The authorship of this commentary is indicated on the title-page and in the editors' colophon. There is an extensive (but unascribed) commentary, with corrections and alternative readings, in Am. and As.; in the remaining plays, however, there are occasional sections of commentary (ascribed to Barbarus, Beroaldus, and Merula) only, plus alternative readings.

b1r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Amphitryo. Edited, along with the other items in this edition, by Georgius Merula, and revised by Sebastianus Ducius and Georgius Galbiatus. Pl. Am.

e5v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Asinaria. Pl. As. The ‘argumentum' appears between the prologue and the beginning of Act I.

h2r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Aulularia. Pl. Aul.

i4r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Captivi. Pl. Capt.

l1v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Curculio. Pl. Cur.

m3v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Casina. Pl. Cas. The ‘argumentum' follows the prologue.

n6v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Cistellaria. Pl. Cist.

o4r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Epidicus. Pl. Epid.

p3r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Bacchides. Pl. Bac. 35-1211.

q7r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Mostellaria. Pl. Mos.

s2v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Menaechmi. Pl. Men.

u1r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Miles Gloriosus. Pl. Mil.

x8r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Mercator. Pl. Mer.

z2v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Pseudolus. Pl. Ps. In this edition an additional ‘argumentum' is printed first, with incipit, ‘Sutedete(!) hodie mihi bona in scenam affero | Nam bona bonis ferri . . .', followed by the prologue, followed by the first ‘argumentum'; the second ‘argumentum' is omitted.

[con4v] Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Poenulus. Pl. Poen.

A2v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Persa. Pl. Per.

B5r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Rudens. Pl. Rud.

D2v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Stichus. Pl. St.

E2r Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Trinummus. Pl. Trin.

F5v Plautus, [Titus Maccius]: Comoediae: Truculentus. Pl. Truc.

H3v [Editors' colophon, naming the editors, and Merula and Politianus as authors of additional material.] Incipit: ‘Plautinas uiginti comoedias Georgius Merulla Alexandrinus uir doctissimus . . .’ Explicit: facile poterit cognoscere For the actual contributions of the named scholars see V. Fera, ‘Tra Poliziano e Beroaldo: l'ultimo scritto filologico di Giorgio Merula', Studi umanistici, 2 (1991), 7-41, at 13 n.1.

H3v [Description of cottabus.] Incipit: ‘Cottabus genus ludi conuiuialis tale erectum stabat lignum in loco . . .’ Explicit: talis esse iudicabatur Translated from Greek.


Imprint: [Milan: Uldericus Scinzenzeler, c.1495]. Folio.

Remarks: As dated by Sheppard.


Collation: a4 b–g6 h i8 k–m6 n–r8 s6 t–y8 z &6 [con] 8 A6 B–E8 F G6 H4.

Illustrations: Woodcut on H3v: see Sander.


ISTC: ip00783000

Hain: H *13085;

Goff: Goff P‑783;

BMC: BMC VI 773;

Proctor: Pr 6031;

Others: BSB‑Ink P‑575; Sander 5746; Sheppard 5006.

LCN: 14015036


Copy number: P-355(1)

The last line of the register reads in error: ‘Sum nec', not ‘Facta' as in BMC. Leaf G1 is correctly signed ‘G', not ‘Fiiii’ as BMC.

Binding: Nineteenth-century quarter leather over original wooden boards; three clasps and catches lost.

Size: 327 × 225 × 56 mm.

Size of leaf: 315 × 207 mm.

Occasional early marginal and interlinear annotations, including corrections to the text and extraction of key words.

Provenance: Joseph Baer & Co., Catalogue 235, no. 1000(?). Purchased for 60 Marks; see Library Bills, 18 Jan. 1889.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P inf. 2.16.

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