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Bod-Inc: P-387


De liberis educandis (trans. Guarinus Veronensis), et al.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Guarinus Veronensis: ‘Praefacio' [addressed to] Angelus [Corbinellus]. Guarinus Veronensis, Epistolario, ed. Remigio Sabbadini, 3 vols, Miscellanea di storia Veneta, Serie 3, t. 8-11-14 (Venice, 1915-19), I 15-16.

[a2r] Plutarchus [pseudo-]: De liberis educandis. [Translated by Guarinus Veronensis.] Incipit: ‘[Q]uidnam est quod de ingenuorum educatione liberorum dicere . . .’ Explicit: confici constat ingenio. Finis Guarinus records his role as translator in his letter (see above). See I‑045.

[c6r] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: De officiis liberorum erga parentes admonitio (ep. 11). [Also known as De honorandis parentibus.] PL XXX 145-7. On the authorship see CPL 633.

[d1r] [Brunus] Aretinus, Leonardus: [Preface addressed to] Coluccius [Salutatus]. See B‑130.

[d2r] Basilius [Magnus: De legendis antiquorum libris [Homil. 22; also known as De liberalibus studiis et ingenuis moribus]. Translated by Leonardus Brunus Aretinus.] Incipit: ‘[M]ulta sunt filii quae hortantur me ad ea uobis consulenda . . .’ Explicit: recta consilia aspernantes See B‑130. Schucan, Das Nachleben von Basilius Magnus, 62-72.

[e7r] [Verse colophon, with date.] Incipit: ‘Eia quibus restat pueri spes unica patrum | Discite nam facilis nunc uia monstrat iter'; 2 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Parma: Andreas Portilia, 23 Sept. 1472. 8°.

Remarks: The format is 8° in divided quarter-sheets: see Giorgio Montecchi, Il libro nel Rinascimento (Milan, 1994), 157-65.


Collation: [a–e8].

Types: Type: 108 R. A page from this edition is reproduced in GfT 1831, where it is erroneously identified as 110 R: P.2; BMC VII p. 936 records a 110 R: P.2, but with several different features, and notes that this edition is actually 106 R: P.1, following Pr.

Leaves: 40 leaves, the last blank.

Line number: 26 lines ([a1v]).

Type area: Type area: 143 ×84 mm ([a1v]).

Remarks: Leaf a1r: ‘GVARINI VERONENSIS | IN PLVTARCVM DE LIBERIS EDu | CANDIS PRAEFACIO | [M]AIORES noſtros Angele mi | ſuauiſſime non admirari: & | maximis proſequi laudibus | nō poſſum . . .'; [c8v], l. 17 ff: ‘TRADVCTIO | EST | DE OFFI | CIIS ITEM LIB | BERORVM ERGA PA | RENTES Ex | HIERONy | MO'. [d1r], l. 1: ‘LEONARDI ARE | . . .' [d1r], l. 5: ‘ . . . Coluci . . .| . . . græcia . . . e | ius moī . . .’


ISTC: ip00822000

Hain: HR 13147;

Goff: Goff P‑822;

Proctor: Pr 6838;

Others: Sheppard 5641-2.

LCN: 14016163


Copy number: P-387(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [e8].

Binding: Nineteenth-century half russia with brown cloth over paper boards.

Size: 211 × 147 × 10 mm.

Size of leaf: 205 × 138 mm.

Early marginal notes, including comments on the text, ‘nota' marks, and pointing hands. Manuscript catchphrase on [c8v] in a fifteenth-century hand. On [e7v] is a manuscript index in an eighteenth-century hand.

On [a1r] a six-line north Italian epigraphic initial ‘M' is supplied in gold, surrounded by white vine-stems defined in maroon, blue, and green; see Pächt and Alexander II, 115 no. pr. 143; on [d1r] a two-line initial ‘E' is supplied in red with blue pen-work decoration extending into the margins; other one- to four-line epigraphic initials are supplied in red or blue, paragraph marks in red.

Provenance: Purchased for £0. 8. 6; see Books Purchased (1852), 73.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q 5.57.

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