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Bod-Inc: P-411

Poggius Florentinus

Facetiae, et al.


Analysis of Content

[*1v] ‘Tabula'.

[a2r] Poggius Florentinus: Facetiae. Poggio Bracciolini, Facezie, ed. Pittaluga, 2-296 nos 1-273; see also Sozzi 438 no. 12 and Hellinga 98 ‘Soufflet Vert’ which follows ‘Rome B’ (= Pr 3404; P‑410).

[k1r] Valla, Laurentius: ‘Prologus epistolaris' [addressed to] Arnaldus Fonolleda. See A‑048.

[k1v] Aesopus: ‘Facetie morales'. [Also known as XXXIII fabulae [Latin]]. Translated from the Greek by Laurentius Valla. See A‑048.

[k9v] Petrarca, Franciscus: ‘Prologus'. F. Simone, ‘La fortuna del Petrarca in Francia nella prima metà del cinquecento', in Il Rinascimento Francese, Biblioteca di studi francesi, 1 (Turin, 1961), 141-222, at 168-9.

[k10v] Petrarca, Franciscus: [Extracts from book II of Rerum memorandarum libri.] ‘De salibus virorum illustrium'. Francesco Petrarca, Rerum memorandarum libri, ed. G. Billanovich, Edizione nazionale delle opere di Francesco Petrarca, 5 (Florence, 1943), 69-103.


Imprint: Paris: Au Soufflet Vert (Louis Symonel et socii), [about 1475]. 4°.


Collation: [*10 a12 b10 c12 d–k10 l6].

Remarks: GW collates [a10 b6], Aesop only.


ISTC: ip00857000

GW: GW 316;

Hain: HC 13185 (part);

Goff: Goff P‑857;

BMC: BMC VIII 16 (part);

Proctor: Pr 7903 (part);

Others: CIBN P‑520; IGI 65; Polain 3227; Sheppard 6111.

LCN: 14333655


Copy number: P-411(1)

Bound with M‑190(1); see there for details of binding, decoration, and provenance.

Size of leaf: 204 × 136 mm.

The copy of Valla's ‘Aesop' in the British Library begins with Poggio's Facetiae, in an edition printed in Paris ‘sub signo follis viridis'. It appears in BMC with ‘Poggius Florentinus' as the main heading; the ISTC also records it under that heading. The Bodleian's volume contains Poggio, but this is the edition from Louvain, by Johannes de Westfalia. IGI 65 refers only to Valla and Petrarch.

Wanting Poggio Bracciolini, Facetiae.

SHELFMARK: Douce 104(3).

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