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Bod-Inc: P-423

Politianus, Angelus

Opera, et al. (ed. Alexander Sartius).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.] The volume is edited by Alexander Sartius Bononiensis, as stated in Manutius' letter to Sanutus; see P‑422.

a1v Manutius, Aldus: [Letter addressed to] Marinus Sanutus. See P‑422.

a2r ‘Index eorum quae hoc uolumine continentur'.

a3r Politianus, Angelus: Epistulae [dedicated to] Petrus de' Medici. See P‑422.

m4v Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Marsilius Ficinus. Incipit: ‘[Q]uanta me uoluptate, quantoque putas affici gaudio . . .’ Not in Maïer, here the last letter of book X.

o3r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Johannes Picus de Mirandula. Incipit: ‘[U]incebar abste prius doctrina . . .’ Not in Maïer, here letter 6 of book XII. See P‑422.

s1r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Laurentius de' Medici. See P‑422.

s1v Epictetus: Enchiridion. Translated from the Greek by Angelus Politianus. See P‑422.

s6r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Bartholomaeus Scala. Dated Fiesole, 1 Aug. 1479. See P‑422.

t2v Alexander [Aphrodisiensis pseudo-]: Problemata. Translated from the Greek by Angelus Politianus. See P‑422.

x2r Crinitus, Petrus: [Letter addressed to] Johannes Franciscus Picus de Mirandula. Dated Florence, 1 Apr. 1497. See P‑422.

x2v Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Pandulphus Collenucius. Dated Fiesole, 5 Aug. 1478. See P‑422.

x3r Plutarchus [pseudo-]: Amatoriae narrationes. Translated from the Greek by Angelus Politianus. See P‑422.

y1r Politianus, Angelus: De ira [addressed to] Laurentius de' Medici. ‘Quod ira in pueris optimae saepe indolis est argumentum'. See P‑422.

y2v Politianus, Angelus: Oratio in expositione Homeri. See P‑422.

z1v Politianus, Angelus: Oratio super Fabio Quintiliano et Statii Silvis. See P‑422.

z4v Politianus, Angelus: Praefatio in Suetonium. See P‑422.

A2r Politianus, Angelus: Oratio pro oratoribus Senensium [addressed to] Alexander VI, Pont. Max. See P‑422.

A3r Politianus, Angelus: Oratio pro oratoribus Florentinorum [addressed to] Alphonsus [II] King of Sicily. See P‑422.

A4r Politianus, Angelus: Oratio pro praetore Florentino ad dominos ineuntes summum magistratum. Dated Fiesole [15 Oct.] 1493. See P‑422.

A4r Athanasius [Alexandrinus pseudo-]: Opusculum in psalmos or Stilus et character psalmorum. Translated from the Greek by Angelus Politianus. Extracted from Epistola ad Marcellinum, PG XXVII 14-26. See P‑422.

A6v Politianus, Angelus: Dialectica. See P‑422.

B6r Politianus, Angelus: Praelectio de Dialectica. See P‑422.

C1r Politianus, Angelus: Praelectio in Persium. See P‑422.

C3r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Cardinal Antoniottus Pallavicinus. See P‑422.

C3v Politianus, Angelus: Silva cui titulus Nutricia. See P‑422.

D6r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Jacobus Salviatus. See P‑422.

D6r Politianus, Angelus: Silva cui titulus Rusticus. See P‑422.

E6r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Laurentius Petri Francisci de' Medici. Dated Florence, 2 Nov. 1482. See P‑422.

E6v Politianus, Angelus: Silva cui titulus Manto. See P‑422.

F5r Politianus, Angelus: [Letter addressed to] Laurentius Tornabonus. Dated Florence, 4 Nov. 1485. See P‑422.

F5r Politianus, Angelus: Silva cui titulus Ambra. See P‑422.

G6r Politianus, Angelus: Epicedion in Albiere Albiciae immaturum exitum [addressed to] Sigismundus Stupha, her husband to be. See P‑422.

H3r Politianus, Angelus: [Liber epigrammatum latinorum.] ‘Epigrammaton'. See P‑422..

L3v Acciaiuolus, Zenobius: [Letter addressed to] the readers. Dated Florence, 1 Dec. 1495. See P‑422.

L3v Politianus, Angelus: Liber epigrammatum graecorum. Edited by Zenobius Acciaiuolus. See P‑422.

M3v Politianus, Angelus: ‘Monodia in Laurentium Medicem'. Incipit: ‘Quis dabit capiti meo | Aquam? quis oculis meis'; 30 lines of verse. See P‑422.


Imprint: [Brescia: Bernardinus de Misintis], 10 Aug. 1499. Folio.


Collation: a8 b–q6 r8 s–u6 x4 y8 z6 A–L6 M4.


ISTC: ip00887000

Hain: HC 13219;

Goff: Goff P‑887;


Proctor: Pr 6421; = 7046;

Others: BSB‑Ink P‑664; CIBN P‑540; Oates 2639; Rhodes 1455; Sheppard 5817; Veneziani, Brescia, 259.

LCN: 14086466


Copy number: P-423(1)

Binding: Seventeenth-century(?) parchment, with manuscript title across the head of the spine and ‘45' at tail. Dark blue-edged leaves, marbled pastedowns, and green silk bookmark. ‘3806' in black ink on a paper bookmark.

Size: 313 × 220 × 38 mm.

Size of leaf: 307 × 205 mm.

Some marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, providing corrections to and commenting on the text, quoting different passages, in a sixteenth-century humanist hand.

Provenance: William Pickering. Purchased via Charles J. Stewart at Pickering's sale (London: Sotheby's, 30 Oct. 1854), lot 2732, for £0. 10. 6; see Library Bills (1851-5), 418; Books Purchased (1855), 48.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 5.50.

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