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Bod-Inc: P-455


Opera, et al. (ed. Benedictus Brognolus).


Analysis of Content

a2r Priscianus Caesariensis: [Institutiones grammaticae (Institutiones I–XVI).] ‘De octo partibus orationis'. Keil, Grammatici latini, II–III 1-105.

&8v Priscianus Caesariensis: [Institutiones grammaticae (Institutiones XVII–XVIII).] ‘Liber Prisciani Minoris'; ‘De constructione' (in explicit). Keil, Grammatici latini, III 106-377.

gg8v Priscianus Caesariensis: Partitiones XII versuum Aeneidos principalium. ‘De duodecim carminibus'. Keil, Grammatici latini, III 459-515; Priscianus, Opuscula, ed. Passalacqua, II 43-128.

kk8v Priscianus Caesariensis [pseudo-]: De accentibus. Keil, Grammatici latini, III 519-28.

ll5r Priscianus Caesariensis: De figuris numerorum. ‘De ponderibus et mensuris'. Keil, Grammatici latini, III 404-17; Passalacqua I 4-18.

mm1r Priscianus Caesariensis [pseudo-; Remmius Flavianus: Carmen de ponderibus et mensuris.] Incipit: ‘[P]ondera Praeoriis(!) ueterum memorata libellis | Nosse iuuat pondus rebus natura locauit'; hexameters. Riese no. 486; on authorship see also Parks and Cranz, ‘Dionysius Periegetes', CTC III 31.

mm3r [Colophon.]

mm3v Hermogenes [pseudo-]: Praeexercitamina. Translated from Greek by Priscianus. ‘De preexercitamentis rhetoricae'. Keil, Grammatici latini, III 430-40; Passalacqua I 33-49.

mm8v Priscianus Caesariensis: De metris fabularum Terentii. ‘De versibus comicis ratio'. Keil, Grammatici latini, III 418-29; Passalacqua I 19-32.

nn4r Rufinus [Antiochensis]: Commentarium in metra Terentiana. ‘Commentarium de metris comicis'. Keil, Grammatici latini, VI 554-65.

nn7r Rufinus [Antiochensis]: De compositione et metris oratorum. Keil, Grammatici latini, VI 565-578.

oo4r Priscianus Caesariensis: [Institutio de nomine et pronomine et verbo.] Keil, Grammatici latini, III 440-56; Passalacqua II 3-41; see also Jeudy, ‘L'Institutio de nomine', 73-144.

pp3r Dionysius [Periegetes]: De situ orbis or Periegesis. A shorter paraphrase of the text translated from Greek by Priscianus. ‘De orbis situ'. ‘[N]ature genitor quae mundum continet omnem | Annue rex caeli positum telluris et undae'; hexameters. See P‑449. The volume was edited by Benedictus Brognolus, as acknowledged in the edition by Hannibal Foxius, Venice 1485 (Pr 5007), the structure of which is exactly like this one and ultimately goes back to Vindelinus de Spira's 1470 Venice edition (Pr 4025). See P‑449.


Imprint: Venice: For Michael Manzolus, 15 Dec. 1481. Folio.


Collation: a10 b–g8.6 h i6 k–ſ s8.6 t v u–y8 z & [con] aa–dd6.8 ee8 ff6 gg–pp8 qq10.


ISTC: ip00966000

Hain: HC 13359;

Goff: Goff P‑966;

BMC: BMC V 315;

Proctor: Pr 4752;

Others: Rhodes 1467; Sack, Freiburg, 2956; Sheppard 3809.

LCN: 14086821


Copy number: P-455(1)

Wanting the blank leaf a1.

Binding: Eighteenth-century tree calf, the spine gold-tooled, with red-edged leaves and marbled pastedowns; see also Bod-inc. A‑415.

Size: 300 × 210 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 293 × 193 mm.

On a2r a historiated initial ‘C' is supplied in gold and colours; it pictures a scholar in his study reading a book; by a follower of the ‘Master of the Morgan Aristotle'; see Pächt and Alexander II, 112 no. pr. 98 (Venice) and pl. lxxxviii.

Provenance: In the lower margin of a2r an unidentified circular device, damaged, within a laurel wreath: on a blue ground a hand holding up a green hoop or ring or wreath. R W[ilkinson] († by Apr. 1797); engraved monogram; Howe, Book Plates, 32796; sale (London: Leigh and Sotheby, 3 Apr. 1797), lot 1213; see Rogers, ‘Wilkinson', no. 16; marked down to Richard Heber (1773-1833) for £0. 4. 4, but not found in Heber's sale catalogue. Purchased for £2. 12. 6; see Books Purchased (1819), 6.

SHELFMARK: Auct. O 4.1.

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